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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 65 > Articles > What Makes a Neopian?

What Makes a Neopian?

by bookyalex

PET CENTRAL - Most people refer to a Neopian as someone who has a Neopets account and plays Neopets. But why? Shouldn't a Neopian be someone who actually makes a difference in Neopia? I'm not talking about someone who is rich. There are plenty of rich people. What about the average person, like myself, who has maybe 30k or so? Are they good Neopians? Maybe. Because if you're like me, you probably spent the other 60k on food, books, and toys for your pet. Personally, I consider myself a real Neopian. Unlike most people, I actually have toys in my Safety Deposit Box and use them to play with my pet. I also don't feed my pets just so they can battle. Although some people stick their pets in cockroach towers so they don't have to pay for them, and they do get fed, it's COCKROACH TOWERS people! I can't stress this enough, Neopets are your friends!

I asked some people this on the chatboard: What do you think makes a good Neopian?

They responded:

Person A: I dunno.
Person B: I don't think there r any...nope

This says something about the average Neopian--actually, the average user--most don't care about their pet(s), and any that do aren't well known.

Allison said:

I remember how much fun I used to have with my pets. I used to feel that they were my special friends, but now they seem more like some pictures on the screen that belong only to the people who drew them.

So, is a Neopian some rich person who buys their pet a faerie paintbrush, then reads them a ton of books so they get an award? An easy way to tell would be to see their pet(s):

1) Happiness
2) Hunger

A user who simply has a pet as a display item will often not feed them, as they, and I quote, "Never die." So? The point of Neopets IS TO CARE FOR YOUR PETS. Not to get rich, not to have a big guild with a ton of people there because you promised them faeries, not to get trophies or have the best lookup or the best NeoHome, but to take care of your pets.

Oddly, I think people who battle with their pets might take better care of them, if not only so they can fight. At least then, the pet is always 'Not hungry'. I also think that people who are dedicated to the Battledome are more likely to be better users, simply because they are on more. They would know all the updates, all the new stuff they could get, how to get it, sell it, make a profit, and get better items for their cute little Draik so it doesn't get beaten every time with that Lost Desert Dagger. In my opinion, making sure your pet doesn't get beat up is a good example of caring. Unless, of course, it's just so you don't LOSE.

People who let their pets starve most likely don't play Neopets, and if they do, don't care about their pets, simply about being rich, so they can get a cool item. But then what? After you're rich, what do you do? Quit playing? Buy more stuff? It doesn't matter what you have. Who cares if you have a gallery but your pet(s) starve(s) because you're too lazy to feed it (them)?

But what if you put them in the Neolodge all the time?
I think that depends where they put them and why. If they're just putting their pets in Cockroach Towers with no upgrades so they don't have to feed them, I think they're just as bad as the people who don't feed them at all. At least the people who put them in the Faerie Palace with three or four upgrades actually care enough about where their pets stay. They are the people who could be changed to take their pets out and give them nice food, not omelettes EVERY SINGLE DAY. Which is another thing.

I only feed my pets omelettes Is that bad?
That depends on whether you do that because it's economical and you're poor, or if you couldn't care less if your pet ate a brain, as long as it was five NP. This is like with half-eaten berries. My Shoyru will eat it, but I don't give it to her because it's gross! Who knows what ate the other half? She could get meningitis or die! Give your pet some variety. It's fine if they mainly eat omelettes, as long as you give them some variety every so often. Buy them a carrot or a cookie now and then.

I'm rich and I like pets, but mine are all great. What do I do?
Donate to the painted pet guilds! There are a TON, and they basically adopt, say, a mutant Grundo, paint it a more attractive colour (Rainbow, silver, starry, or even red), and either put it back in the pound in hopes someone else will find it, or put the picture on the guild home page with an 'Adopt me!' sign and display the stats and name and everything, and someone in the guild adopts or finds someone to adopt that pet. The downside to this is that paintbrushes are VERY expensive now (rainbows are 80 GRAND), and they can't afford that many p/bs. If you assume there were 250 guild members, and each donated 1000 NP, that'd be 250 thousand, only enough to buy three rainbows and maybe one Christmas if you can find a good deal. That's only four pets getting adopted from 250,000 NP. So if you're rich and you find a checkered p/b, donate it to the guild, or adopt, paint, and find a home for that pet yourself! Of course, if you already have four pets you'd be better off finding a painted pet guild with a lot of members who can support the fact that they do use donations for the pets, and give them paintbrushes. If you'd rather leave them to buy the p/Bs, because you just stink with finding bargains, donate, say, 100,000 every week or month. (If you buy and sell hidden tower items, this should be no problem, considering you can make millions in a day.)

So, what makes a Neopian? I hope you can come to your own decision, and, if you're not already, become a proud Neopian of Neopia!

Disclaimer: In the chatboard responses I have not used that actual users name so as not to cause accidental offence.

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