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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 65 > Articles > AICWRBGTTNTTRC: Count von Roo


by soggydude

HAUNTED WOODS - Thought this little series was gone, eh? MUHAHAHAHA *looks around* Never mind...anyway, I decided to look around for who to get next. After much deciding (and a look at my kitchen materials) I decided that Count von Roo would be perfect. After getting a sharp stake, a flashlight, and garlic spray (I was out of the real thing, okay?) I checked the good old Gallery of Evil for what it said about him...

Count von Roo
Living in the darkest reaches of the Haunted Woods, a place so dark that no sunlight at all reaches through the trees, Count von Roo is a very solitary creature... well, until he gets hungry... von Roo has been known to glide through the night sky to nearby villages in search of a tasty snack. Always make sure your window is closed at night, because if you leave it open, you may not be there in the morning...

That was almost enough to make me quit, but then I decided to check the Neopedia. There I found an interesting story about how two Blumaroos had found the Count. I also found this:

Count von Roo is one of the nastier denizens of Neopia. Born in 200 BN (which was a very long time ago), this vampire Blumaroo was scorned from society for his evil ways. Cast out, and alone he wandered Neopia for years, travelling only by night, until he came upon a small uninhabited Island, and Island that was soon to be known as Roo Island.

The Count was cast out? By who? And what society? But that's not all folks! Here's this:

The count came across an old, decaying castle to the north of the Island, and decided that this would be his new home. Tired of his travels, he descended to the warm, familiar darkness of the basement, and slept. For two hundred years he slept, and he has only recently awakened. What terror this ancient demon has in store for Neopia, only time can tell...

From the rest of the Neopia article, it's obvious that when Count von Roo came, no one lived on Roo Island. But how did it get discovered? And why did no one check the castle earlier? With these questions in mind, I went to the one place for information...Lenny Library!

After much reading, I found out the Count had originated from Neovania. This place was known for it's spooky castles and small villages. Extreme caution was urged, and all that. So I took the bus, and by the time I reached Neovania, I was the only one in the bus.

The first thing that happened was that a WereLupe ran right at me. The second was that I found out just how hard the stake was on one's head. After stepping over the unconscious WereLupe, I looked at a crooked and spooky castle. Dark clouds were everywhere, despite the fact that it was a sunny day.

After much talk to the guards, I was led inside. The inside was very nice, and had floors so polished I could see myself if I looked down. I was led to a tan colored Blumaroo, who looked at bit like the Count except for the fangs. That last part made me feel a whole lot better.

"So...who are you?"

"My name is soggydude, and I wish to find out about the one named Count von Roo." (It sounded professional)

A loud gasp almost took out all the air in the room, and the King (so I presumed) stared at me.

"We know nothing of him! Get out!"

So after reluctantly walking out, with guards following my every move, I had more to think about. So von Roo really had done something bad.

I had to wait an entire day for the next bus to come, and watching out for anything dangerous. After rushing toward the bus (I had to rush, an entire pack of WereLupes were after me) I took one look at the village that Count von Roo had come from. I hadn't noticed it before, but a bunch of weird things were around. Skeletons of Neopets were walking around, and large mutated Petpets were chasing some. Then we left.

I departed on Roo Island, hoping the King here would be nicer. I found out direction to the castle from local Blumaroos, and again had to talk to the guards. I was led to King Roo, with a sense of deja vu. Again the King looked at me, and asked what I wanted.

"My name is soggydude, and I wish to find out about the one named Count von Roo."

I waited for the huge gasp, but none came. Instead, I was stared at.

"Do you really wish to do this?"


The King whispered to some guards, and then turned to me. "All right."

The guards led me, but this time not rudely. We walked for a while, the guards talking to another. When we reached the castle, the guards stopped.

"You have to go from here. If you need help...too bad."

They hopped off, and I took out the can of garlic spray along with the stake. I went into the castle, and after brushing away Spyder webs, went into the basement. I felt something on my foot, and kicked it away. It was a colorful ball, the same kind the two Blumaroo kids had been playing with before they found the Count. I turned on the flashlight, and was instantly face-to-face with...a statue.

"Nice, isn't it?"

I whirled around and saw the Count. He bared his fangs.

"Dinner has arrived..."

I took out the stake. "It has not!" I paused. "Don't you have a weird accent?" I was recalling my encounter with him, but I hoped he didn't remember.

The Count backed up, and I put the can of garlic spray behind my back.

"So...what do you want?"

"Tell me about why no one in Neovania wants to talk about you."

The Count's eye turned red. "Them? What do they know? All I did was a few experiments, and the next thing you know-"

"Experiments?" This was getting interesting.

"I tried to improve the general Neopet. But it wound up making a few"

"Actually, I think-" I stopped as the Count glared at me. " you know how Roo Island was found?"

"Yes. Pets in Neovania thought I might be doing other things, so they tracked me here. I guess the Blumaroos liked it or something, and they settled here."

"How do you know they were tracking you?"

"When an entire boatload of Neopets comes onto an island and stomps everywhere, I think you might wake up."

"What about the castle?"

"It was found by accident."

"Is it true that if someone leaves their window open, you'll come in, know..."

"Next question."

"Is the King of Neovania related to you?"

"Yes. He's my great great great great great great great..."

Let's just skip all the greats...

"great grandson. He's ashamed of me, I take it?"

"Well, let's just say you're not his favorite subject."

I looked down at the stake and can of garlic spray and saw the colorful ball.

"Whatever happened to Keran and Sara?"


"The two Blumaroos that came here a while ago, left this ball?" I picked it up.

"Oh, I don't know. They ran was rather funny."

From the way the Count was licking his lips and staring at my neck, I knew it was time to leave.

"Well, nice to talk to you, bye!" I turned around, but the Count leaped in front of me.

"You can never leave!"

I threw the stake at him. "Take that!"

It bounced off his chest, and he stared at it. "You do know you're supposed to stab that through my heart?"

Big mistake there. I took out the garlic spray.

"Back up!" I sprayed it around, but the Count just laughed.

"A spray won't work!" He closed in, and it didn't look too good. I picked up the flashlight, and turned the beam right on his eyes.

"ARRRRGGGHHH!" The Count closed his eyes. I lifted the can of garlic spray up, and when the Count opened his eyes again...

"ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES!" I reached for the stake


"Who says a stake has to be put through a heart?" I watched as the Count stumbled around. Then he remembered he wanted to suck my blood, so I ran. The last I heard was a scream of rage.

So Count von Roo may still be up to something...but why don't you check? Me, I'm busy putting garlic all over my house...

How's my writing? Let me know!

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