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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Articles > Hubrid Nox: New Evil Overlord of Neopia?

Hubrid Nox: New Evil Overlord of Neopia?

by stoneman3x

HAUNTED WOODS - Everyone keeps talking about the war that is coming to Neopia and the return of Dr. Sloth and EEEK! how scared we all should be about that. Okay, maybe not everyone is talking about that. My sister is really pumped up for the new plushie keyrings that are going on sale in Limited Too. But for those of us who actually CARE whether or not there is going to be a war, I have to say I think maybe we've been looking at the wrong bad guy. Maybe Dr. Sloth isn't the ONLY guy around who wants to take over Neopia. At least this month, anyway.

Some strange coincidences have popped up recently in Neopia that really worry me. The first thing that put a wrinkle of concern on my forehead happened a couple of weeks ago. Hubrid Nox was added to the Gallery of Evil. Okay, maybe this doesn't sound like a big deal, but scarier bad guys are roaming Neopia and aren't in it. A guy like Florg for example, who has not only been sitting around devouring Petpets, he has been giving Petpet cooking recipes to the Turmaculus and Balthazar. And if a guy that eats sweet, fuzzy little Petpets isn't nasty enough to make it into the Gallery of Evil, then you gotta figure Hubrid Nox has to be one really despicable dude.

This is what the Gallery of Evil has to say about Hubrid Nox:

This evil, nefarious, scheming Chia makes his home atop a desolate mountain in the Haunted Woods. He lives alone, as he prefers his devilish plans not to be interrupted. Whether its conquering just one city, or the whole of Neopia, whether he uses ghosts, aliens, zombies or mutants - Hubrid has an evil plan for every day of the week. Hubrid's arch enemy is the Wocky known as MAGAX: Destroyer. In fact their conflict is so famous in the world of Neopia they star in their very own game!

I think it was the statement "Whether its conquering... the whole of Neopia... Hubrid has an evil plan for every day of the week" that made me a teensy weensy bit suspicious. Maybe I'm way off the mark here, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that Hubrid Nox is planning to conquer the whole of Neopia.

So how is he going to accomplish this horrible, terrible, rotten, not-very-nice task? Well, I have a couple of ideas about that, which brings us to those coincidences I was talking about earlier but you have probably forgotten all about me mentioning but I haven't, so I will. Mention them, that is.

Coincidence Number One

Hubrid Nox has been added to the Gallery of Evil. Oops. Mentioned that already. Sorry.

Coincidence Number Two

The Ghost Paint Brush suddenly appears in Neopia.

Coincidence Number Thr... what? You want me to explain Coincidence Number Two? Fine. Be that way.

For those of you who weren't paying close attention to what the Gallery of Evil had to say about Hubrid Nox, go back and look again. It states Hubrid's plan to take over Neopia using GHOSTS. And that's not the only place it says that. Check out the game "MAGAX: Destroyer". Here is what the game has to say:

"Another vile plot has been concocted by the evil Hubrid Nox. Evil ghost Neopets that rise from the dead - they will make me an invincible army!!!! Soon the whole of Neopia will be my slaves!! A little too cliché? Not for Hubrid, that's the way he likes it... but this time he has met his match... In this game you control MAGAX: Destroyer, a protector of good with a dark background. Who knows why he has sworn to get revenge on Hubrid this time, but lets hope he succeeds."

Just a game, huh? Maybe. But the Gallery of Evil says the game is based on a real conflict between Magax and Hubrid Nox. And if Magax and Hubrid are REALLY enemies, then that means Hubrid Nox is REALLY planning to take over Neopia with a ghost army.

So, is the introduction of the Ghost Paint Brush just a jolly new colour for the "spooky season" as it says in the news? Don't we already have a Halloween Paint Brush for that? Where did this thing come from anyway? My guess is Hubrid Nox has been hiding out in his desolate mountain-top in the Haunted Woods developing an evil Paint Brush.

I know what you're going to say. You're going to say, "Do you think they'll come out with a Krawk plushie keyring anytime soon?" The answer is NO and let's stay on the subject, okay?

This is what I think Hubrid's diabolical plan is. He created a magical Ghost Paint Brush to turn Neopets into ghosts. Why? I dunno, he likes ghosts. For some odd reason he wants an army of ghosts. He's a NUTCASE, okay? Anyway, he then scattered the Ghost Paint Brushes all over Neopia for unsuspecting and innocent Neopians to find and say, "Ooooooo I found a Paint Brush! I think I'll use it on my unsuspecting and innocent Pet!"

But no one really knows what happens to Pets that are turned into ghosts. For all we know it could make them evil mindless zombie mutant alien ghosts. Which is exactly what the Gallery of Evil says Hubrid Nox likes to use to carry out his evil plans every day of the week. Scared yet? I know I was back at Coincidence Number One and there is still a...

Coincidence Number Three

A couple of weeks ago 20,000 Jetsams mysteriously showed up and rushed out immediately to grab up new owners. AH HA!

What do you mean, "So what?" Okay, fine. I'll explain that one too.

The first Neopet to be the victim of a Ghost Paint Brush was the Moehog. That's easy to understand. It doesn't take a lot of work to change a Moehog into a creepy ANYTHING. Hubrid Nox wanted to make sure the Ghost Paint Brush would work so he started with something easy.

The second Neopet to be rendered "undead" was the Shoyru. Wow! What a brilliant stroke of genius that was! There are more Shoyrus than any other kind of Pet. If you want a BIG army, it's a good idea to have a LOT of guys in it.

The third Neopet to be made a ghost was the JETSAM. Jetsams are famous for being bad tempered and not liking too much about Neopia anyway, so Hubrid probably figured they were the perfect generals for his new ghost army. But I guess he decided there weren't enough of them so he went out and FOUND MORE. If nothing else, bringing more Jetsams to Neopia is enough by itself to make Hubrid Nox evil in my book. And now practically every day a new kind of Pet falls victim to the Ghost Paint Brush and Hubrid Nox's sinister plan to take over Neopia.

Okay, maybe I am just imagining things. But what if I'm right? What if all this talk about Dr. Sloth returning is really a rumour being spread by Hubrid Nox so we don't see what this vile vampire Chia is up to? And if you're still not convinced, just remember this one little thing. The anniversary of the day the first Chia was born is coming up on November 14th. Sounds like a good day for a CHIA to take over Neopia to me!

Note: Neopets does not confirm the truth of a single word of this article. Okay, they do confirm ONE fact. Plushie keyrings ARE coming to Limited Too soon. Last one there is a rotten Nox!

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