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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Continuing Series > The Von Roo Story: Part Two

The Von Roo Story: Part Two

by eeyoregrrl42

"Why are you here," asked Von Roo. What did this stranger want? He had just said that he did not want to kill Von Roo and he was not here to rob him of any of his materials. So, what did he want?

     "I want you to join me," said the vampire, "with your wealth and my brains we will go far."

     Von Roo recoiled in disgust. "Never!" he shouted, "For your information, I am to be married in a week."

     "Ah, yes," said the vampire, a cruel grin coming to his mouth, "lovely Elisa. It would be a pity if anything happened to her."

     "No!" shouted Von Roo, "You leave Elisa alone!"

     The vampire smirked again. "So," he said, "Elisa is your...weak spot so to say. Let me put it this way. In a way that may appeal to you..."

     Von Roo frowned, he did not like to be threatened. "What is it?" he asked.

     "If you join me and do as I say, I will spare poor Elisa's life."

     "I told you to leave Elisa alone!" shouted Von Roo.

     "Easy now," said the vampire, putting up a hand, "I said I would not harm her if you joined me."

     A thousand thoughts raced through Von Roo's head. Should he join with this madman? What if the madman wanted to make him a vampire? If he refused, he would be putting Elisa's life on the line. Von Roo could never do that to her.

     "I urge you to make the right choice," said the vampire, "it would be in Elisa's best interests for you to join me."

     "Very well!" shouted Von Roo, "I will join you. not hurt Elisa."

     The vampire put up his right hand and said, "On this, you have my word. Your Elisa shall not be harmed. And now, to make you one of us."

     "One of you?!" exclaimed Von Roo, "If I had known that was part of it, I would not have agreed!"

     "Too late," said the vampire. The vampire swooped upon Von Roo, suddenly all went dark.

     "Good evening," said the vampire when Von Roo awoke the next evening. "It is done."

     Von Roo rushed over to a mirror, but there was no reflection. He reached up and felt his teeth. Two of them came down to fine points.

     "What color are my eyes?" he asked the vampire.

     "Red," the vampire replied, "same as mine. Though I must say since you are orange they look much better on you then me. I am green and I look like a Christmas tree."

     "I must go see Elisa," said Von Roo.

     The vampire chuckled.

     "What's so funny?" asked Von Roo.

"See if she will accept you still," said the vampire, "when she sees what you are becoming. Soon your mild accent will grow thicker, you will develop a hunger for blood, and you will soon develop evil tendencies."

     "You lie!" shouted Von Roo.

     "I said the same thing when I was in your position," replied the vampire, "and look what happened to me." At this the vampire spread his arms wide.

     Von Roo shook his head in horror and disbelief. What had he done? Like a streak Von Roo dashed out of the door and down the road to Elisa's house. When he arrived he knocked on the door.

     A yawning Elisa opened the door. When she saw Von Roo she smiled sleepily. "Why, dear," she said, "what is the matter? Come in."

     Von Roo followed Elisa inside, he sat in a chair across from her in front of the fireplace. On Von Roo's face was etched the signs of worry.

     "Tell me what is wrong," said Elisa gently.

     "Elisa," said Von Roo, "I fear something terrible has happened. Soon I will not be myself. I feel so strange."

     Elisa was confused, what was he talking about? "What ever do you mean?" asked Elisa. Then Elisa noticed two marks on Von Roo's neck. "What happened to your neck?" she asked.

     Von Roo put a hand up to the marks and sighed. He did not have time to answer because at that moment an overwhelming sensation came over him. He was hungry! Not for food, not for water, but hungry for... "Blood," muttered Von Roo.

     "What was that, dear?" asked Elisa, confused. Was it just her or had Von Roo muttered something about blood?

     Suddenly Von Roo turned upon Elisa. Elisa gasped when she saw the red eyes shining in the light of the fire. Slowly Von Roo approached Elisa, she tried to get away but Von Roo was blocking her. Von Roo opened his mouth to reveal the two sharp teeth, his eyes were fixed on her neck.

     "STOP!" pleaded Elisa, "STOP! PLEASE!"

     Just as Von Roo was about to bite Elisa, her shouting brought him out of his trance. "Elisa," he said, "was I about to..."

     "Yes," said a very disturbed Elisa, "I am afraid you were."

     "Elisa..." said Von Roo.

     "Say nothing!" snapped Elisa, "You are becoming one of them! I will not marry you anymore! I refuse to marry a vampire!"

     Von Roo was shocked, he could not be hearing this! "Elisa," pleaded Von Roo, "I had no choice! If I had not agreed he would have come after you!"

"Who?" demanded Elisa, "Who would have come after me?"

     Von Roo sighed and said, "The vampire that did this to me. He said that if I did not join him he would come after you. I had no choice."

     "You could have killed him!" shouted Elisa.

     Von Roo was shocked, Elisa was not like this. She hated the thought of destroying anything or anyone! Or so Von Roo had thought.

     "As I said," continued Elisa, "I will not marry a vampire. I saw the way you looked at my throat. You were all most ready to pounce upon me and drain my blood. No one is safe from you! Not even me! So...leave!"

     "What?" asked Von Roo. How could Elisa do this to him?

     "Leave!" shouted Elisa, "NOW! OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET OUT!"

     Von Roo looked at Elisa, devastated, then he had no choice but to leave. I cannot go back home, he thought, surely the other vampire will be waiting for me. I will run away. But where can I go? As Von Roo ran down the street he thought of different places he could run to. I will go to the Haunted Woods. I will not be able to harm any of my friends that way. It will be all for the best. I am sorry, Elisa. I am so sorry.

     And that was the last anyone saw of Von Roo," I concluded, "Von Roo continued to live in the Haunted Woods. His hunger for blood and evil tendencies continued to grow. Now people know him as Count Von Roo, one of the many terrors of Neopia. And I suggest that we double check to be sure that the windows are locked tonight."

     "What do you mean?" asked XelaZimBareen.

     "Because," I said, "tonight is the anniversary of the night Von Roo lost Elisa, and on this night he becomes very, very angry."

The End

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