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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Continuing Series > A Very Insane Halloween: Part Two

A Very Insane Halloween: Part Two

by soggydude

The Battledome
     The Halloween Peophin looked around. "Decent crowd," she said as she looked at the millions of owners and Neopets. Meanwhile we were outside.

     "Okay, we go in a line. Here, get behind me," I said as we approached.

     "Why do we have to do this?" Solar asked.

     "It'll make us look better." We walked in and heard cheers. The Halloween Peophin smirked.

     "Well well, look who finally showed up." I took out my flame-thrower as everyone else got his or her weapons out. "HEY! Listen to the rules!" We looked up.

     "No weapons BUT magic." She held up a single glove that was created for paws instead of hands.

     "What's that?" She turned to me.

     "That's a glove that should give you magic. It'll only work on one of you though."

     "Then how do we all fight?" She shrugged.

     "Who said all of you are going to fight?"


     "But nothing. It would be too unfair."

     "Fairness? What about being unfair when you fought everyone else?"

     "Too bad. Take it or leave it kid." We looked at each other.

     "Rock, paper, scissors?" Solar asked.

     "One potato, two potato?" Jaded put in.

     "Eenie-meeni-mini-moe?" Silver suggested.

     "Well mates, I think we should try a singing contest!" We all stared at Al. "Never mind..."

     "ENOUGH!" Lighting shot out, making the Halloween Peophin look spooky. "Oh yeah, I'm good," she muttered. "I shall pick!" She fired out another purple haze that covered us all. The glove floated to me.

     "Oh classic. Pick the guy who happens to be the leader"

     "I know. Now, let the three challenges start!"

     "Challenges? I thought this was going to be a fight!"

     "I never said we would fight, now did I?" She dramatically waved her right hoof around, and we were transported into a long field. I looked around and put on the glove. A large jolt ran into my arm.


     "Here you'll get a chance to test out the glove...NOW!" She flew off.

     "What are you talking about?" I heard a whistling noise and turned around. A large spiked ball was zooming at my head. I raised my right paw and pointed. "Uh...shoo!" Blue gas came out and formed into club. "What in the world was THAT?" It struck the ball and sent it to the Peophin who simply waved a hoof. The ball came back to me. I concentrated and created a blue glove. The ball went into it and created some holes, but it held. I moved the glove around and behind the Peophin and let it loose. It zoomed toward the back of her head but she just yawned, and the ball came back towards me. I created a small box but left the top half undone. As soon as the ball came towards me I quickly created the rest, trapping the ball inside. I sent it off, and then created a blue box-cutter. Right as the Peophin turned around I cut it, and it zoomed at her. It hit her.

     "Oh, nice one." She simply flicked it toward me.

     "What? It hit you!"

     "Can I help if I don't drop if a small ball hits me?" I quickly created a baseball bat and hit it.

     "Okay, no problem, just keep...wait a minute!" I quickly created a blue stick of dynamite and a blue match. I lit up the match magically, creating a blue flame. I magically lit the magic dynamite and directed it to the ball, which was coming toward me. "Three...two...ONE!" BOOM! A cloud of blue gas spread out over the ball and destroyed it.

     "Good, but let's see how you do now!" She waved her hoof and transported us to a small stone area. Beyond the stone area was grass, extremely tall on all sides. "How good are you at puzzles?"

     "Well, at Poogle Solitaire I can win every time, but-"

     "I meant mazes! Because this is what it is!" A purple clock came up with the number 3. It turned to 2, then 1, then GO! The Peophin ran off, and I did the same.

     "Wait...why am I running?" I jumped up and tried my wings for the first time. They worked by some miracle and I flew up. "This is going to be easy." Instantly the hedges grew longer, until they were about fifty or so feet higher then me. Purple words came in front. "No flying allowed?" I went back on the ground and the hedges shrunk. I created a compass and looked at it. "Okay, so IS USELESS!" The compass vanished, and I quickly thought up another idea. Instantly a piece of paper came in front, and I looked down at it. It was a map of the maze, with a flashing blue dot and a flashing purple dot. "Sometimes I'm so clever I scare myself," I muttered as I turned to the left. I frowned as a yellow dot appeared. "What's yellow?"

     "YOU SHALL DIIIIEEE!" I looked up and saw a large Mynci monster.

     "Oh, that." I waved my paw around. "Um...create a weapon!" Instantly a blue bow came into my paws, and a quiver went near my wings. I reached back and pulled out a blue arrow. "Gym class was actually good for something!" I fired...and missed. The Mynci came forward. "Okay, set the arrow in, pull back, draw, aim, FIRE!" I released the arrow, which also missed. I pulled out two arrows at a time. "Set arrows in, pull back, draw, aim, FIRE!" I released both, and missed. I took out three. "Set arrows in, pull back, draw, aim, FIRE!" Missed. "To heck with this!" I made the bow and arrows vanish and created a club. I took that and whacked the Mynci, who had gotten rather close. He fainted right away. I looked at the map and grinned as a yellow dot went right in front of the purple dot. They both stopped there, and I walked, still not completely used to an Eyrie body. "Right, left, right, left, left, right, left, right, right-no, left..."Too bad P.E. couldn't teach me how to wander around mazes created by Peophins who want to dominate Neopia," I said as I kept my eyes on the map. A yellow dot flashed in front, and a giant Spyder came in front of me.

     "YOU-SHALL-COME-NO-FURTHER!" It said this really fast, and then charged. I pointed my paw forward and created a boot.

     "Time for a squashing!" I enlarged the boot and then directed onto the Spyder. It got a good whacking before it scampered away, yelling about "extremely mean and cruel Eyries." I took a quick peek at the map and saw the yellow dot where it was, but the purple dot was going toward the exit. I didn't want to be last, so I created an arrow. I sent it over to where she was, and set it so that it was pointing into another direction. I grinned (strange feeling with a beak) as she went the opposite direction; therefore going toward a swarm of yellow dots and a pathway that would lead her to the start. I continued walking, making sure not to miss another yellow dot. I groaned as one came toward me. I looked and saw a gigantic Buzz.

     "HURT! MAIM! MAUL!" It charged at me and I created a gigantic fly swatter

     "Oh yeah?" SWAT!

     "Crawl...whimper...ache..." It went off and I looked down at my map. Suddenly it vanished into a puff of purple smoke and came back. This time I saw the Peophin was in a different spot.

     "Of course! She fooled with my magic!" I looked and saw the purple dot coming up on the blue dot.

     "Wait...then that's..."

     "OUTTA MY WAY!" WHAM! I was knocked over as she zoomed by on a trail of purple. I watched as she left, and tried to get up. But I couldn't and realised she must have put a stunning effect in it. I could only watch the map as she zoomed toward the exit. If I could have gotten through the brushes, then I could have reached the exit.

     "Aha!" I created a blue buzz saw and directed it into the bushes. It sliced through, putting a hole through it and showing me the exit. I stepped through as the hole repaired itself, and waited at the exit.

     "I WON I WON I WON I WON...I...WON..." The Peophin trailed off as she saw me. "CHEATER!"

     "Hey, I obeyed all the rules." I pointed in the air and created a face, which stuck its tongue out at her.

     "Fine! But you won't beat the final challenge!" She waved her hoof, and transported us back to the Battledome.

     "What is it?" She grinned.

     "You get to be the first human to fight in the Battledome!"

     "Well, I think the first human was actually--" She cut me off by sending a purple lighting bolt at me. I created a small kite with a key and pushed it forward. I grabbed the kite and swung it as the purple lightning bolt hit it, and it traveled down the Peophin, giving her a nasty shock.

     "GO SOGGYDUDE!" I looked and saw Agent, Solar. My other friends were holding up a large sign. I saw that they had the bag of candy with them.

     "Blimey!" Al said as I created several rows of blue spikes. I sent them to the Peophin who created a shield.

     "Take this Spikey!" She created a club with spikes and swung it at me. I created a large hand that caught the club and crushed it. I then created a spear. I hurled it.

     "Let's see...magical spear...where has that happened?" It struck the Peophin who created a blob of purple, which wasn't in any shape.

     "Take this!"

     "Ah yes! The magical spear was from-" The blob struck me. It felt extremely cold, and my teeth chattered. "C-c-col-l-ld!" I put my shaking paw out and made a coat. I directed it over me, and instantly the freezing cold feeling was gone. I quickly created a large haze, and sent it to the Peophin. "FEEL THE HEAT!" She seemed to feel it.

     "I'M ON FIRE!" Blue flame-looking gas was enveloping her. I quickly stuck out my paw.

     "Make me a flame thrower!" Instantly a bow appeared. "Flame thrower! NOT BOW!" Nothing happened. I quickly create an arrow.

     "HEY! That was my idea!" Solar yelled that from the stands, but I ignored her. I aimed.

     " really careful..."I released and...hit her. Maybe partly because she was too busy trying to take out the magical flame.

     "OW!" Instantly a purple bandage came and covered the arrow until it vanished. The bandage turned into haze, which extinguished the flame on her head. I turned to everyone and waved.

     "Great going Soggy," Silver said.

     "The bow was MY idea, but nice work!" Solar said as she adjusted her ears.

     "Keep it up!" Jaded was in the air with excitement.

     "CRIKEY! WATCH OUT!" Al pointed a paw and I turned around.

     "What?" A loud ZOOM! noise went right by my ear. I saw the Peophin was very, very, very angry.

     "I SHALL USE THE EXTREMELY LETHAL COPYRIGHTED SPELL!" She fired more purple bolts. One came right between my eyes and reflected off my glasses.

The Author would like to take a small time out to tell anyone
that if they dare to say anything about his glasses he shall hurt them
very badly. Thank you, and back to the story...

     They sprang back and hit the Peophin. She was thrown back, but not out. Suddenly I had inspiration. I don't know why I thought of it, but I created a blue hand. It went to the candy bag near Silver and picked up a Sweet. It unwrapped it and gave it to me. The Peophin got up and was about to fire more, but I threw the Sweet at her. It struck her and bounced off. She laughed.

     "Please!" She raised a hoof, and pointed it at me. Nothing came out. She shook it and pointed it again. Nothing. "Err..." I raised a paw and fired a straight line of blue magic. It struck her and she fell down.

     "I did it..." I looked at the crowds, who were just staring.

     "Blimey! You took that sheila out pretty fast mate," Al said, and then everyone cheered. Walla came right up to me.

     "So, how do you feel now that's you've defeated an extremely evil Peophin?" I looked at my paws.

     "Hey Al, I thought you said the curse would wear off once she was defeated!"

     "It should, in about...NOW!" Instantly my paw slipped downward and I could feel my hands behind it.

     "Thank goodness!" I took the costume off, and so did the rest of my friends. Everyone gasped.


     "There's something you don't see everyday..." Al quickly took off his costume.

     "Wow...hey! I didn't say blimey or crikey!" He came over with the bag of candy and followed the rest of them. Walla looked at us all.

     "Aren't you the same humans who stopped Sloth that one time?" Solar nodded.

     "Yeah, but that was a while ago." I cleared my throat.

     "Now, as I have defeated a great evil, I would like to demand-" Jaded elbowed me.

     "He means he would like to demand the Peophin to leave!" The entire crowd turned to the Peophin who had gotten up.

     "You may have beaten me, BUT I WILL STILL RULE ALL OF NEOPIA!" She charged at us all.

     "Stop!" I waved the glove, but it didn't do anything. I turned it over and saw "OUT OF POWER!" next to a sad face. "Nice time to malfunction..." Silver picked up the bag of candy.

     "Trick or...TREAT!" She swung it at the Peophin, causing candy to spill. It hit the Peophin who shrieked.


     "And that's why you shouldn't obsess over too much oral hygiene." The Peophin stumbled while destroying the candy. She waved her hoof around madly, and a purple portal came out. She jumped into it.

     "Crikey! Er... oh no!" Al shouted.

     "After her!" We ran into the portal.

The head power of Neopia
     The Peophin popped out. "Now, considering I have great amounts of evil powers, do you want to surrender control or..." She trailed off as she saw Adam. "HUMANS CONTROL NEOPIA? AAAAAAHHHHHH!" She jumped back into her portal and ran past us just as we came out.

     "Stop evil Peophin!" All of us looked around and realised where we were. We all stared.

     "Uh...bye!" All of us jumped back in at the same time. As I got my leg free while exiting, I saw the Peophin running as if her tail fin was on fire.

     "I don't think we'll be seeing her again." I stepped out onto the Battledome and waved to Walla. She turned to the camera and talked for a short while. Then she came over to us.

     "So, what are you going to do now?"

     "RULE ALL OF NEO-" I was elbowed again by Jaded.

     "Eat candy!" I picked up the bag.

     "Come on, let's go!"

At the not-so secret location...
     "We're going to have to move out. But all this candy should help!" I picked up the bag. "Pretty light too!" Al raised a hand.

     "Al, we are not in school! Stop raising your hand!"

     "Well, while you were fighting the evil Peophin, we got rather hungry, and... BUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPP!"

The End

I would to apologise (again) to anyone who might have not noticed the note last week. If you felt that having us get turned into a close resemblance of your Neopets was using them without permission, feel free to whack me over the head with a flame-thrower (or whatever you carry around)

I would also like to thank Solargriffin, Al_the_chia, Silvershedragon, and Jaded_reflections for allowing me to use them in my story. And I would also like to tell them that if I don't have too much head damage, we have a meeting in two days.

How's my writing? Let me know.

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