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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Short Stories > The Villain License

The Villain License

by averyangryshaylir

Myyth awoke with a start, rubbing his eyes and orienting himself a little bit. He quickly realised that Shaeylan, now finally settled in the form of a Baby Kougra, was pawing at him anxiously trying to wake him up. With a yawn and a groan he rolled over to face her, his fiery fire feathers rustling as he did so.

     "Honestly Shaeylan, I'm trying to sleep! I can't very well take over Neopia without getting my rest," Myyth the diabolical fire Eyrie snapped irritably at his assistant and partner and crime. He was about to close his eyes again when Shaeylan gave him another sharp prod with her paw.

     "And you cannot take over Neopia without a villain's license either," the Kougra told him placidly as she swiped the covers off of Myyth in one fluid motion.

     "What on Neopia are you talking about?" Myyth asked her with a groan as he again tried to pull to covers back on with a claws. He was unsuccessful. It was quite funny to see the powerful mage Eyrie trying to crawl back into bed with his covers.

     "I can't believe you don't recall this." Shaeylan shook her head with an exasperated sigh, she may have been a baby Neopet, but she was also a genius and she always kept things together for Myyth. "The Villain License exam. You cannot officially aspire for Neopia domination without approval by the board of villains first. Now, Come on. We don't have much time left to prepare. Have you studied?" she asked him a tone that suggested she knew that he didn't study but was going to question him about it anyway.

     "Uh..." Flabbergasted Myyth rolled out of his kau print bed. "Well, Actually, No. I forgot about it entirely amidst the whole Mind Control Hair Gel situation." He scratched the back of his head innocently with his claw. Sometimes Shaeylan was more of a parent figure to him then an assistant. "But really, I think I know everything there is to know about being a villain. I'll have that test aced in no time," he explained to Shaeylan in a self-assured manner.

     "Hmph. Just get ready, I'm going to go eat breakfast. Meet me in the kitchen and then we'll leave!" The baby Kougra padded out of the room leaving no room for argument. Myyth signed and shook his head.

     Today was going to be a long day.


Twenty minutes later the two of them were leaving their NeoHome with the excuse that they were going to go to Terror Mountain to pat the Snow Faerie a visit. Myyth gave his flame feathers a quick preen as he trotted briskly out the front door enjoying the rays of golden sunlight that seeped through the treetops. Shaeylan was right beside him her paws unsettling the dirt and making a "piff" sound as she walked.

     "Where are you going?" Myyth asked with a raise of his eyebrow as he realised Shaeylan was leading him in the opposite direction of Haunted Forest, the place Myyth assumed the villain license testing would be held.

     "Faerieland of course," Shaeylan told his brother with a puzzled look. "The villain's committee is centred around Jhudora's Cloud, Don't you remember?" he asked, surprised at his brother's forgetfulness.

     "Ah, yes. I just assumed that the Haunted Forest would be more suiting for such villain license testing," Myyth replied with an almost innocent shrug. Ha, As if Myyth could ever be innocent.

     They continued on, finally reaching the hustle and bustle of Neopia Central where the could take a flying cloud up to Faerieland. As Myyth peered around, trying to find an open cloud he ran right into a...something

     "Excuse me..." he began to say as he turned around to find himself face to face with a silver Kougra She eyed him for a moment, not batting her gray eyes for a moment as she examined him.

     "You're Myyth... aren't you?" she asked, he saw something not unlike a smirk appear across her face.

     "Yes, That is correct," Myyth replied quirking both of his eyebrows at her in curiosity. "And you are?" he inquired.

     "Uilikee. You‘re the one who thinks he‘s evil and going to take over Neopia, huh?" she circled Myyth for a moment her eyes flickering with slight amusement.

     "Not think. I am evil, and I am going to dominate Neopia," Myyth told her bluntly. "Now...if you'll excuse me," he said in mock politeness as he tried to ease his way past her. "I'll be going now."

     "Ha, I see right through your act. Your not as bad as you'd like people to think," she commented briskly before stepping to the side and disappearing into the crowd of people and their pets.

     "What on Neopia?" Shaeylan asked aloud, his face contorted with confusion.

     "I have no clue." Myyth shook his head in bemusement and continued in search of a cloud up to Faerieland.


Finally, the two of them arrived at Jhudora's Cloud, both out of breath from the rushing and pushing to get to a transportation cloud. Myyth was muttering things under his breath as he padded through the cloud.

     A makeshift tent was set up in the middle of the cloud where a line of Neopets was slowly beginning to form. Rolling his eyes at all the wannabe villains Myyth approached them, taking his place in line. Shaeylan merely snickered under his breath at the pets and faeries who were in the whole villain business for a lark. None of them were truly villains.

     "Ooo, I can't believe I'm gonna get a villain license and become a REAL bad guy. Isn't that SO cool?!" A nearby yellow Gelert exclaimed happily to his green Chia friend, both of them were practically bouncing with excitement. "Think we can do evil being evil?" the Gelert asked his friend who nodded empathetically in response.

     "This is ridiculous. All of these pets are here just to get their license for fun! They don't realise how important this really is to some of us..." Myyth whispered hoarsely to Shaeylan his voice trailing off with a sigh. He shook his head in disgust. "They don't understand that being a villain is an art!"

     "I know, I know Myyth, but I'm sure the true villains of Neopia will weed out all of the people who don't take being a villain seriously," Shaeylan replied solemnly as he eyed some of the other people in line with them. "It is a shame thought isn't it?"

     Myyth nodded slowly in response, realising that the line was getting noticeably shorter.

     "They sure are going through the license applicants fast..." Myyth noticed with a flick of his fiery feathers.

     "Hmm...and some of those exiting look quite crestfallen and a tad bit licenseless," Shaeylan pointed out to his partner in crime.

     Then it was their turn.

     "Come in," a voice summoned from within the tent. Obediently Myyth and Shaeylan both entered through the tent curtains, warily looking around. The tent was dimly lit and a council of all of the most famous Neopets villains were there. Sloth, Count Von Roo, Jhudora (of course), The Lava and Swamp Ghouls, Malkus Vile, and the Pant Devil.

     "Greetings my fellow villains," Myyth said politely as he fell to his knees in a bow. Shaeylan did the same. Myyth carefully made eye contact with Jhudora, the one apparently running the whole deal. "I am here to find out what I must do to receive my official villain's license."

     "Are you sure this Eyrie has what it takes to be a villain?" Sloth sneered at Jhudora his eyes narrowing considerably.

     "Of course he does, you wretch! He's a mage for one, and he's evil! What more do we need?" Jhudora shot back staring daggers at Sloth.

     "What are his villainous goals?" hissed Count Von Roo through pointed fangs and an irritated look.

     "Neopia Domination, and I have no doubt that he'll be able to achieve it. If he dominates Neopia it will gives us free rein to do whatever we wish!" Jhudora announced with a flourish. "Plus he has a very intelligent sidekick who helps him plot."

     Throughout the whole argument between the villains Myyth remained perfectly still and silent awaiting for them to pass their final judgement on him. Shaeylan merely observed the villains casually taking mental notes to be used for future reference when developing a plot. Finally, Sloth turned to Myyth.

     "Do you really believe you have what it takes to become a villain?" was his simple question.

     "Of course," Myyth said it with such confidence that Sloth raised his eyebrows and surprise, exchanging glances with Jhudora.

     "You've passed the test," Jhudora told Myyth with a broad smirk as she handed him a magically created villain's license with his name, type, species, gender, and the part of villainry he specialised in. Myyth took the license and examined it carefully.

     "That's it? That's all I have to do? No interview? No test?" Myyth asked suspiciously, believing the whole thing was too easy.

     "No, Nothing. We know your goals, and that you're capable of achieving them. That's all we need to know," Jhudora explained. "Congratulations Myyth, You're now an official villain."

     Myyth flashed a lopsided grin at the villain council before leaving the tent.

     Now he was officially a villain.

The End

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