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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 64 > Short Stories > Attack of the Peanut Butter Pizzas

Attack of the Peanut Butter Pizzas

by squieshie

I sat at the table, with all of my siblings, Saokiey, rayneboery, and Waffle-Ducky sat around the kitchen table. Our owner, squieshie was out doing errands, like she always did on Sundays. She would always bring us back grand treats, and we would snatch them from her, and run off and eat them like pigs.

     "What should we do?" Saokiey asked. The mutant Shoyru slid around in his chair.

     "Dunno," I replied.

     "I know!" rayneboery said. "We could make a giant house out of cards!" The pink Kacheek stood up, and grinned.

     "Nah," I said, staring at the wooden table.

     "How about we play hide and go seek?" Saokiey suggested.

     "Boring," I replied. But just then I thought of an idea. "Wait! How 'bout we make a gigantic pizza!"

     "Yeah!" Saokiey, Waffle-Ducky, and rayneboery replied, all together. WaffleDucky, the baby Gelert, started bouncing up and down on her chair.

     "Well," rayneboery started. "If were going to make a monstrous pizza, then we have to have a really big oven sheet!" rayneboery walked towards the cupboards, and pulled out a giant thing that you put things on that goes in the oven. rayneboery set it on the counter. "Now. Saokiey, and Taitl, you get the ingredients," rayneboery pointed to Saokiey, and I. "Waffle, you'll help me knead the dough once Saokiey and Taitl GIVE it to us."

     "Okay, we're going!" I said, merrily, as I walked towards the refrigerator. I pulled out a tube of dough, and handed it to rayneboery.

     "Wait," Saokiey said. "What kind of pizza is this going to be?"

     "How about pepperoni?" rayneboery suggested.

     "No way! Pepperoni's gross! Let's make it Peanut Butter! Besides, that's the only thing we have in our cupboards," I said, opening the cupboard which held the Peanut Butter in it. I took it out, and gave it to Waffle-Ducky. She happily set it on the counter.

     When we had finished spreading the peanut butter on, we were about to put it in the oven, but I stopped rayneboery. "We forgot something!"

     "What?" rayneboery asked.

     "We forgot to put in flour!" I said, as I handed the flour box to rayneboery. She dumped the whole lot in. "Something doesn't look right," I said, examining the Peanut Butter Pizza. "It doesn't... exactly look like a peanut butter pizza... It's kind of... white,"

     "Then we shall spread more peanut butter over the flour!" Saokiey exclaimed. After we did that, the knife was a mixture of white, and creamy brown.

     "Gwoss," Waffle-Ducky said, pointing to the knife.

     "We gotta add one more ingredient," I stated. I opened one of the cupboards, and pulled out a tube of sugar.

     "SUGAR?" rayneboery asked, curiously. "What'd we need sugar for?"

     "Well, this pizza's gonna taste to peanutbuttery, and stuff, so I wanted to add a little sugar. Besides, it'll make me hyper after I eat it!" I dumped the whole tube of sugar in. The tube was full, too.

     "Okay, I think It's time to put her in the oven!" Saokiey exclaimed. The mutant Shoyru helped rayneboery put it gently into the oven.

     "Let's let it be in there for about seventeen minutes," rayneboery said, starting the timer.

     "Now all we hafs to do ish wait," Waffle-Ducky trotted over to our fluffy white couch, and sat down, comfortably. I decided to join her. I needed a nap, anyway.


"Wake up!" rayneboery shouted to me. "The timer just went off!"

     I stood up, and walked towards the oven, my little Ixi hooves clomping on the wooden floor. "We MIGHT need some hand pads for taking this out,"

     "Yeah, really," rayneboery said. "Could you hand me one, Taitl?" I opened a nearby cupboard, and took out a handpad. It got kind of dirty, from my filthy Ixi hooves. I threw it to rayneboery, and she caught it perfectly.

     "One, two, three!" Saokiey cried, as he and rayneboery lifted the sheet out of the oven.

     WaffleDucky started to cry. "I don't wike hot things!"

     "It's okay!" I said to her, pulling her back.

     rayneboery, and Saokiey set the sheet on the counter. "It looks kind of like a... big brown and white blob," rayneboery stated.

     "Oh well!" I shouted. "Let's dig in!" I grabbed a knife, and cut the pizza into even pieces. "Here we go," I said. "We get... thirty.. pieces... each."

     "Wow, is that really how big the pizza was?" rayneboery asked, looking over my shoulder.

     "Guess so!" Saokiey said.

     I grabbed a piece of pizza, and I was about to take a bite of sugary peanut buttery goodness, but the pizza started to wiggle. "HUH?" The pizza developed a face, and arms, plus legs.

     "What the--" Saokiey scratched his head.

     "Prepare to meet you're doom!" the Peanut Butter Pizza shouted.

     "What are you talking about, crazy pizza?" rayneboery asked.

     "We will attack you! All of us! All 120 of us! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" the Pizza coughed. "HAHAHAHAHAH! Ahem. ATTACK, PEANUT BUTTER PIZZAS!" A whole load of pizzas sprung up from the oven sheet, and they were laughing like crazy pizzas.

     "Heh. Heh. Heh, heh, heh." All of the pizzas did that, as they inched closer to us. Thirty pizzas were coming towards me, thirty pizzas towards Saokiey, thirty pizzas towards rayneboery, and thirty pizzas towards Waffle marched one by one.

     I grabbed a nearby spatula. "Hieee-yaaaah!" I shouted, smashing one of the pizzas to the counter. But it did no good. The pizza just bounced back up, like the spatula didn't to anything to it. "rayneboery!" I shouted to her. "You used too much flour!"

     rayneboery grabbed a fork, and started cutting the pizzas so smithereens. But it did no good. The pizza just developed into seven more tiny pieces of pizza, but the grew to a normal size in a matter of seconds. "What are we gonna do?" rayneboery exclaimed.

     "Follow me!" I retorted, to my siblings, grabbing the spatula before I left. I ran down the hallway, the pizzas flopping behind us. I ran down the stairs, that lead to the bonus room, getting ready to slam the door shut. Saokiey, rayneboery, and Waffle came bursting in, and I shut the door just before one of the pizzas came running in. I slammed the door, and I heard a SPLAT, right as I did it. It must of squished one of the pizzas.

     "Listen up," I said, pacing back and forth. "We have to destroy these pizzas, or else we'll be doomed. We also have to clean up our mess before squieshie gets home. We have to get our petpets to help us. Get have to collect equipment, such as plastic swords, wooden shields, and other objects. Trying to eat the pizzas will do no good." I looked up at my siblings. "Understand? Good. Now let's get ready to rumble."

     Saokiey ran towards his room, as Waffle, rayneboery and I did. I opened my door, and called for my Flightning Bug. "Comedian-Buggy? Buggy? Where are you?" Comedian-Buggy flew out from under my bed, and landed on my shoulder. "C'mon. You have to help us. Let's get some equipment! Fast!" I ran towards my toy box, and threw things all over the place. At last it had found it. My army helmet, which was painted like a tomato. I put it on, and grabbed my spatula, which I had placed on my dresser.

     "Brrrrflp," Comedian-Buggy flew out of my room, into the Bonus room, and landed on a box that said 'Junk' on it.

     I ran towards Buggy. "Of course!" I dug through the lot of junk, until I found a circular piece of wood. I then taped on a string. "We're ready to go. But first, we have to wait for the others."

     First Saokiey came out with his Slorg, Skigegitier. "We're ready to go," Saokiey said. He was equipped with a shield, and a pretend sword.

     Next, Waffle-Ducky came out. "I ish weady!" she stated. Her Scado, Skippy moved slowly in front of her.

     A few seconds later, rayneboery came bursting out of her room. She had her Battledome shield, and her improved lightning beam. Her Angelpuss, Boe was floating beside her. "All set,"

     "Tight. Let's go kick some major Peanut Butter Pizza butt," I said, flatly. I opened the door that lead upstairs, hard, and some peanut butter pizzas that were clinging on to the door went flying all over the place. I splattered one of the pizzas with my rusty spatula, but it did no good, like the first time. The pizza just bounced back up, and jumped towards my face. I dodged it, and it splattered against the door, and got back up, again.

     I picked one of the pizzas up, to examine it, while my siblings were fighting them off. The pizza squirmed about in my clutch. "Hey! Lemme down, you fool!"

     I dropped the pizza, instantly. "Get away! Back off!" I yelled at him.

     "Hey, thanks a LOT! The pizza shouted at me, shaking his fist. "You gave me a major wedgie! Hey... What? It won't come out! You gave me a PERMANENT WEDGIE!" The pizza tried pulling his wedgie out. "Hey, guys!" He shouted, pointing to me. "Get that one!"

     I ran towards the kitchen, and looked through the refrigerator, frantically. I grabbed a bottle of whipped cream, and a can of cheese, the kinds that you squirt out, and squirted the cheese at all of the pizzas who were trying to attack me. I sprayed all of the pizzas, all 127 of them, by the time rayneboery, Saokiey, and Waffle-Ducky came to help me. I then squirted out the whole lot of whipped cream on them, and launched a couple more squirts of the cheese. All of the pizzas were running around, trying to wipe the thick cheese out of their eyes. Some of the pizzas crashed together, into a big blob, of cheese, and white-ish peanut butter. Soon, all of the pizzas were crunched into a big blob, and they formed a gigantic piece of pizza.

     "Great job, Taitl!" Saokiey exclaimed, in a high, sarcastic voice. "Now you're gonna get us all KILLED!"

     "Wait," I said, running towards the sink. "I have an idea." I turned on the sink, and pulled out the water-squirter that shoots water. I aimed it at the gigantic pizza that was pacing towards me, and shot a blast of water at him.

     "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The pizza started to melt into a big, soggy blob. "This isn't the last of me, little blue Ixi!" The melting Peanut Butter and cheesy whipped cream pizza pointed at me. I squirted his hand once again, and it, too, started melting.

     When squieshie returned home, the big peanut butter pizza mess was cleaned up. "Taitl," squieshie started. "Why does your fur have... cheese, peanut butter, and... whipped cream on it?"

     "Oh, we just decided to cook a little pizza," I replied, with a cheesy grin pasted on my face.

     "Did you save ME any?" squieshie asked, licking her lips."

     "Nope. It all got washed away. I-In our stomachs, that is!"

     "Okay. That's all right. I don't mind. I'm sure you enjoyed it. Hey, I bought you all candy! YAY!"

     Saokiey, rayneboery, Waffle-Ducky, and I ran up to her, and reached into her bag. "Thank you!" We screamed. We snatched our candy, and went off and ate it like pigs.

The End

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