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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 63 > Short Stories > Attack of the 50-Foot Harris!

Attack of the 50-Foot Harris!

by peachifruit

33991, Aisha Avenue


     Tiira_Misu attempted desperately to pry the Harris's mouth open long enough to put a carrot in it, but her attempts proved to be in vain. After returning from her first photo shoot at the Donna Kacheek Modeling Agency, the red Usul was in no mood to play games with her squirmy carrot study subject. "Snuggles, you eat this carrot RIGHT NOW! I am COMPLETELY SICK and TIRED of playing around with you because you can't down a VEGETABLE!"

     Snuggles merely ignored her and squirmed more, clawing at Tiira_Misu's white lab coat and nearly unfastening the buttons on it. Her sleek black glasses were dangling from her nose and her black tail bow--her favourite--was torn from the struggle in more places than Tiira_Misu could count. The hassle with Snuggles had not only worn her appearance, but had also shortened her already diminutive temper.

     Esmerelda the Cobrall recognised the mere scuffle as the 'calm before the storm'--the storm of Tiira_Misu's rage, anyway. Accustomed to the Usul's tantrums, she merely sat on a shelf next to a line of beakers and waited.

     "THAT'S IT!" Tiira_Misu finally screamed. "I'M GETTING A CROWBAR!" She turned to leave, and slammed the door on her way out, leaving a loud echo in the large laboratory. Esmerelda hissed quietly.

     Snuggles, curious little Harris he was, decided to wander around the laboratory. It was well lit, with windows in convenient places. For areas sensitive to sunlight, there was a dim incandescent light bulb dangling from the ceiling.

     What Snuggles was really interested in, however, was a shelf piled with bottles of various chemicals. He was most fascinated by a large jar labeled, 'PLUTONIUMOXYNITROGRAPHIGENITRATE'. Esmerelda yanked the Harris back, but to no avail; Snuggles ran towards the shelf and nudged it, rocking the shelf of chemicals.


     Tiira_Misu stood in the doorway with a crowbar, staring sternly at Snuggles. "WHAT do you think you were doing?" Snuggles tried to squeal in reply, but he was cut off. "You could have killed yourself, Snuggles! I'd BETTER not see you NEAR that shelf again!"


     The days passed, and Snuggles wouldn't eat the carrot. Tiira_Misu's temper waned, as did her patience. One day, she decided to take action.

     "Snuggles, listen up," she said. "If you don't eat this carrot, I'm going to lock you in that cage from the petpet shop again, and you'll get no treats for FIVE weeks! Not to mention, this will delay my sending you back to Faerieland."

     Snuggles moaned in reply. He loved Tiira_Misu's house, but he really did want to go back to his actual home. He was actually glad that Tiira_Misu had bought him from the petpet shop. At least he could look forward to going home someday, but he was NOT going to eat that carrot. Carrots were disgusting, and forever would be.

     "So, what'll it be?" Tiira_Misu waved a carrot in his face, and he turned away. "No? Snuggles. Cage. Now."

     Snuggles whimpered as he trudged to a far corner of the laboratory where the cage sat. A tall window illuminated the area, but Snuggles still felt depressed. He never thought he'd actually be punished. He opened the cage door, and Esmerelda locked it, with a 'you-and-I-both-saw-that-coming' look on her face. The lock was a bit old, so Snuggles had no trouble opening it after a few minutes. He wandered around the laboratory, depressed, dejected, and alone.

     He soon came across the jar of plutoniumoxynitrographigenitrate in a dark corner of the room. He didn't notice it, however, but only continued his stroll. He did notice when he, looking down, walked into the table where it sat. The jar rocked side to side, and then fell, crashing to the ground. Snuggles was now drenched. He attempted to shake himself dry, but remained wet. He decided to ignore it, and finally sleep caught up with him.

That Evening

     "Okay, I'm not mad anymore," Tiira_Misu called, opening the cage door. "Snuggles? Ohhh--where did you go off to?" Esmerelda followed Tiira_Misu around the laboratory, searching for the mischievous little Harris. Suddenly, Esmerelda hissed loudly, and Tiira_Misu ran to where she was--a dark corner of the laboratory. Snuggles was asleep, and that would have been all well, except for the fact that he was increasing in size rapidly.

     "What on--WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Tiira shouted. "But--this is where I put that bottle of--HE KNOCKED OVER THAT BOTTLE! ESMERELDA, I told you to LOCK him in the CAGE!" Esmerelda hissed frantically. "That sneaking little--" Suddenly, the Harris grew too big a size for the laboratory to contain. His head crashed through the roof, waking him up.

     Tiira_Misu looked up in utter shock. "SWEET FAERIE MAMA! WHERE'S THE TELEPHONE?!"

Haunted Woods

     Sasha the brown Mynci swallowed, quivering with fear. The rain poured down on that Halloween night, and she could barely see straight, as terrified as she was. "Uh--I'm not so sure about all of this," she said silently as Sarah the gold Meerca lively bounced to her side.

     "Aww, Sasha, don't tell me you're scared," she said energetically, rising on her tail. "This is going to be fun!"

     "Fun?" Sasha asked. "I can see that little dilapidated house on the hill we went to in Neopia Central, Sarah, or maybe that graveyard in Meridell--but trekking into the Haunted Woods--at night? That's insane!"

     "Oh, those scary rumours about the woods are just lies to keep little kids at home at night," said Lauren the yellow Zafara. "We'll just find a plank of wood from the haunted house, and then leave. That'll be proof to that stuck-up Allyson Rogers that we aren't chickens."

     "I-I know--but..." Sasha sighed. "I'll go. But the second I hear something scary, I'm out of here."

     And so, Sasha and her friends traversed into the deep woods, hoping to come across the legendary haunted house. Allyson Rogers had always teased them about being afraid of everything, but once they'd proven to her that they'd been to the Haunted Woods on Halloween, their squabbles would certainly end.

     Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder jostled Sasha, causing her to nearly drop her flashlight. "No way," she decided. "I'm going back--NOW!"

     "We just got here!" Sarah exclaimed. "Why would you want to go back?"

"Yeah, it's just lightning, Sasha," said Lauren. "What are you afraid o--"

     Lauren was cut off. Suddenly a tall shadow loomed over the group. Sasha turned around, quivering madly. She gasped, dropping the flashlight.


Agent_Magnolia's House


     "Sys-OP! It's just a MOVIE, for crying out loud!" Agent_Magnolia the Disco Aisha watched as her pink Kadoatie scrambled under the striped popcorn bowl. "Seriously, that monster looked so phony--you were scared of that?"

     "I don't like scary movies, Mag--you know that!" Sys-op squealed. "And I hate them even more at night." Sys-op poked her head from under the popcorn bowl gingerly. "And I hate cheese popcorn, too."

     "You were the one hiding under it, Sys-op," Magnolia pointed out. "And now that you've spilled it all over the floor, I'm going to need to make another--" The phone rang, interrupting Magnolia. "I'll get that."

     Magnolia sauntered to the coffee table to pick up the phone. "Hello?" she mumbled as a deafening scream from the horror movie marathon sounded.

     "Good evening, Magnolia! This is Tiira_Misu speaking," said a familiar voice. "I was just in the laboratory today, and was thinking that you could do me a simple favour."

     Magnolia paused, confused. "Er--I suppose I can. What was it that you wanted me to do?"

     "Could you look out the window?" Magnolia was a bit puzzled by this simple request, but she opened the green curtains of her living room anyway. What she saw was a near 50-foot tall Harris slowly trudging through the suburbs.

"WHAT ON NEOPIA IS THAT THING?" she made no hesitation to exclaim. "Which madman is responsible for unleashing THAT on the city?" There was a long silence. "T-Tiira_Misu? You're the madwoman responsible for unleashing that on the city? What is it?"

     "Dear old Snuggles--the carrot research subject," Tiira_Misu replied, Esmerelda hissing frantically in the background. "He got too near a shelf of chemicals, and I don't know which one affected him like that. I'm trying to keep him near the house, but I'm afraid he's heading for the city."

     "So, basically what you're saying is that your carrot-research subject came too close to a bottle of who-knows-what, and now he's a 50-foot tall Harris wreaking havoc on Neopia Central, just in time for Halloween."

     "Sort of, besides the fact that actually he's 67.2 feet tall."

     "Ah, I see. So, then, what should we do?"

     "I don't know about you, but I'm wanted at a photo shoot," Tiira_Misu said with a sigh. "The last photos I took didn't develop right."

     "So--you want ME to keep him out of trouble?" Magnolia cried. "II don't--"

"Oh, it'll be fine, honestly. Besides, you're the first person I thought of. And since I've got a photo shoot, I can't do anything," Tiira_Misu told her.

     Magnolia sighed. "Okay, fine, I'll get your carrot research project. You owe me--big time."

     "Thanks, Mag, you're a peach--I've got to run; see you!" Tiira_Misu finished in one breath before hanging up the receiver. A long tone sounded.

     "Who was that, Mag?" Sys-op asked.

     "Tiira--her carrot research project's terrorising the community," Magnolia replied. "We're going to get him back."

High Street

     "You know, when you said carrot research project, I didn't think you meant SNUGGLES!" Sys-op cried, skipping to catch up with Magnolia. "That thing tried to attack me the other day!"

     Magnolia and Sys-op stopped at the Wishing Well. The Harris was trudging through the city, knocking tall buildings over with ease. "That thing's bigger than I thought! I suppose there's only one thing to do, then."

Five Minutes Later

     Snuggles, curious little Harris he was, peered into every window he passed. He saw a baker, a florist, a barber, and a yellow, red-haired Aisha playing a piano in an elegant living room. Needless to say, all of these people looked up, screamed, and immediately fled once they saw him. He was having fun playing with cars on the street and various buildings, until suddenly a fleet of helicopters hovered near his face.

     "Hey!" cried a faerie Zafara piloting the helicopter in front. "This is the Neopian Police Department Special Protection Unit! We've got you surrounded! Put your hands where we can see them!" Snuggles stared blankly at the fleet of aircrafts and swiped them out of the air.


     "Hold it right there!" Snuggles turned to another helicopter to the right side of him. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Okay,'m not...your size...but..."

     "Just fire the missiles, Magnolia," Sys-op muttered irately. Magnolia quickly pulled back a lever, firing three missiles from the craft. Snuggles brushed them away effortlessly, reaching for the helicopter.



Five Minutes Later

     "PREPARE TO BE DEFEATEEEEEEEEED!" Magnolia valiantly drew a sword and charged for the Harris, crying out loudly. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!"




An Hour Later

     "Okay! THAT was the last straw!" Magnolia exclaimed, driving a wrecking ball through the streets. "You're going DOWN, SNUGGLES!" The wrecking ball was launched at Snuggles, merely falling short and swinging back at the truck. "Oh boy."


Thirty Minutes Later

     Magnolia sighed. "Sys, this isn't working."

     "Wow, really?" the Kadoatie facetiously replied. Suddenly, Magnolia's phone rang loudly.

     "Magnolia speaking," Magnolia answered. "Tiira_Misu? I thought you were at a photo shoot."

     "I am. Listen, I think I've got a way to bring Snuggles down to size, but you're going to need to go to my house to do it. 33991 Aisha Avenue."

Tiira_Misu's Laboratory

     "Okay, I'm here--er--what do we do?" Magnolia asked as Sys-op strolled around the laboratory. She nearly stepped on a spill on the floor near a cage. "What's that spill on the floor?"

     "It's purple, isn't it?" Tiira_Misu asked.

     "Actually, yes, it is," Magnolia replied.

     "I knew it!" Tiira cried. "That's it. It's Plutoniumoxynitrographigenitrate."


     "It's--the stuff that Snuggles spilled on himself that made him 67.2 feet tall, y'know. If he's hit with the same amount, he'll most likely go back to normal."

     "Most likely. Besides--it's too small a bottle; that won't work!"

     "Hmm, you're right. Well, then, how tall is a Harris normally?"

     "WHAT?" Magnolia asked. "YOU'RE asking ME? Tiira, if YOU don't know, I certainly don't."

     "1.68 feet," Sys-op replied. "I read it somewhere."

     "So it grew 40 times its size. That means you'll need 40 times more Plutoniu--er--stuff," Tiira finished. "I don't know if I have that much."

     "Wait, Magnolia, I think I found something!" Sys-op exclaimed from a room in the back. "There are about thirty-something bottles of that...uh...that."

     "Perfect! Okay, then. Let's just hope that it works."

Back in the City

     Snuggles, curious little Harris he was, was nearly finished setting up his city-wide chess board. There were no bishops, however, so he had to substitute those with a few fire hydrants. Because of that, nearly half the city was drenched. He was just about to make his first move against himself when a large vehicle drove up. A disco Aisha in front wielded a hose connected to a tank of purple liquid.

     "Playtime's over, Snuggles!" Magnolia cried through a loudspeaker. "It's time to go back to the laboratory!" Snuggles moaned in reply. "Okay, look. I'll play one game of chess with you. You win, I won't hit you. I win, and then it's time for you to go home. Understood?" Snuggles nodded. "I can't move these buildings, though, so I'll tell you where to move it, and you move it. No cheating, okay?"

     The game raged on for hours, and Magnolia was sure to threaten Snuggles with the hose as soon as he thought of cheating. Finally, the game was coming to a close. "Checkmate!" Magnolia exclaimed triumphantly. Snuggles groaned. Magnolia made haste in firing the hose at Snuggles, and in turn, he finally came down to size--1.68 feet tall.

Later that Day

     "Well, Sys-op, it looks like Neopia Central is safe again, thanks to the magnificent Agent Magnolia!"

     "Don't get too haughty, Mag, it was just a Harris," Sys-op muttered.

     "Ah, okay. But still, I DID do a good job, didn't I? Although I will have to pay for a few of those damages. Hmm...I'll call Tiira_Misu about that," Magnolia said with a giggle. "Either way, it's time for bed. Good night, Sys."


Tiira_Misu's House


The End

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