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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 62 > Short Stories > Herdodge & the Ski Lodge

Herdodge & the Ski Lodge

by epk

To get more info on the Ski Lodge, visit it on Terror Mountain. It will set up most of the this story. So go... if you dare...

"Heh. Little Herdodge can't even enter the Ski Lodge. Typical..." intimidated Sharpwarii, a taunting female Brown Moehog shadowing poor young Herdodge. Although the weather on Terror Mountain was as calm as the Turmaculus, Sharpwarii had that sort of ability to make even a slight breeze feel like a hurricane whenever you were in the presence of her bad side. You could feel heat wherever she was looking at you. Her appearance alone told you, "One wrong move and you will regret it for the rest of your life." Not that she was hideous, though. Sharpwarii was probably one of the best looking Moehog's Herdodge knew. Herdodge himself was just a scrawny little Blue Moehog, Sharpwarii had an expression that struck fear in your heart if you knew you were on her bad side.

     Herdodge had the desire to defend himself. "I'm not little! I'm three months older then you are!" he complained, and then abruptly stopped speaking. I'm not little? How immature was that? He opened up to finds words to recover that mistake, but Sharpwarii was already on the snow-covered ground crying her heart out. Herdodge bit his lip and glowed red. Herdodge swallowed the fact that either he had to obey Sharpwarii or be considered a wuss that all of Terror Mountain, even the Snow Faerie, would laugh at. "I'm going in," he announced with confidence.

     Sharpwarii stopped laughing. "You're...going in. In the...Ski Lodge?"

     "Yah! Nobody's been killed in there for over a year."

     "Almost nobody has been in there for over a year!" Sharpwarii laughed, trying to make Herdodge back off. Herdodge took no notice and started for the door. Sharpwarii said nothing as Herdodge pushed the door open with his head. Herdodge skipped off while Sharpwarii waited. When Herdodge was out of sight you could see Sharpwarii skipping off behind a wall of deep snow, snorting in joy.

     Herdodge entered the Ski Lodge Hall. The interior had been almost completely untouched from the mass murder incident more then a year ago. Even though the Powlex Corporation owned the Ski Lodge and had worked hard to make sure the public would still be willing to visit, even people who had ventured into the Lair of the Beast would think before entering. Sometimes you'd see people come in and see what had happened, but only for brief period of time and exit with a rush.

     Inside the Ski Lodge Hall was a cement and black carpet covering, with bits of red paint on the handrail of the large fleet of stairs and a huge yellow Sloth flag hanging carefree. Herdodge slowly walked up to the stairs and put his front right hoof on the lowest stair. It made a squeak noise, and although Herdodge knew it was the stair, he still cringed. He took another step, and there was that squeak again. Herdodge took another step and fell. With that, Herdodge lost all courage and ran to the entrance of the Ski Lodge. Herdodge slammed into the door knowing it would open with impact, but Herdodge just fell back when he hit. Rubbing the bruise, Herdodge heard some laughing outside. It was Sharpwarii and Descess, another local Moehog. They had locked him in! Herdodge knew it. No other explanation. There had to be some other way out...could someone still be alive from the murders?

     Someone's dead body wasn't discovered...right? Herdodge tried hard to recall the events of that May Y3, the climax of the Ski Lodge...Mister Shankly's head being discovered on plate, Number Six being dropped down into the horrifically long drop in the Underground Lab...aha. That was it, Number Six was never found. Even though the investigators even went to the supposed landing area, nothing was found. There had to be another twist...somebody had to help. Somebody Herdodge was an avid fan of The Neopian Times and knew that, yes, I, epk, had numerous articles. I have been around since Sacrificers, I should have some dirt on Number Six, right? The smart thing for Herdodge to do was to run to the phone discovered in the Ski Lodge and used for Phone-a-Victim.


     Over at the Golden Dubloon I was eating a Baby Bloater when my cell phone rang. (My Neopian Cell Phone mind you, I'm don't own an actual one due The little screen-thingie gave the ID of the caller. "Ski Lodge Victims" the screen flashed. Don't forget, I have no clue what is going on here. I looked at the the person sitting next to me, looking at the Cell Phone. Ironically, it was The Beader, the one staff member who survived the attack.

     "Mr. Black!" I cheered sarcastically.

     "No. Herdodge."

     "Oh. Are you that Japanese Translator person they hired?"

     "No. Herdodge."

     "The Director-Lingo Person?"

     "No. Herdodge the Blue Moehog. I need your help...I've been locked in the Ski Lodge and I need someone to help get me out."

     "If you're insane enough to even go in there, I'm not going to be much of a help. Here - someone who speaks your language." I gave the phone to the Beader and continued to chow on my Baby Bloater. The Beader listened to the story of Herdodge carefully, occasionally nodding her head.

     "Okay. So you think Number Six may still be in there and knows of a second exit?" the Beader said. Herdodge confirmed. "Okay, you may be right. Near the end, I recall Number Six mumbling about an invisibility potion in a Phone-a-Victim. That may be think you'll be able to get down there?" I got a chunk of the Baby Bloater on my fork, shook it, and had it fall towards the bottom, making a little 'splat' noise when the fish hit the plate. The Beader ignored my indirect input, and asked Herdodge to take the phone (which had now magically become cordless) to the Underground Lab.

     And of course, since the Phone-a-Victim Phone had a commercial background, the Beader got some waiting music.

     "Okay," Herdodge said when he had got down to the granite-covered area. The Kacheek was still in it's test tube, staring at Herdodge.

     The Beader smiled at then gave precise instructions, "Go into the big building with a glass H. There you will find a balloon. Don't ask how it got there, just tie the phone to the balloon and let it float down to Number Six. IF he is still alive. He should be able to understand and start talking."

     "I dunno if he's alive!" Herdodge complained. "What if I end up losing contact with you?"

     "I got a plan for that too, just do what I say!" Herdodge did. Again, the phone's slow decent down called for waiting music. I started to cheer as some of my favourites came on, such as "I am the Last Letter of the Alphabet" and "Potato Counting Mash" as I moved on to my Kraku Berry Cove.

     Down at the bottom of the Underground Lab the phone gently settled on the ground, and some sort of force (AKA invisible Number Six) picked it up and greeted. "Heelo."

     "Number Six! Is that you?" the Beader exclaimed. I made a mock face of joy with a chunk of Kraku Berry Cove in my mouth.

     "Yis...I am Numer Sicks," said Number Six, recognising the voice on the other end instantly. Considering he hadn't spoke for a year and a half, his English was really poor.

     "Okay...good. Do you know of another exit from the Ski Lodge? There is a worried Blue Moehog up at the top of Underground Lab and I was hoping you knew of another exit, as the main one has been blocked."

     "Sire! The Swimmer Pol has a plumping system that leads toe ye outdoors."

     "Okay...good. Now, you see the volume button on the phone?" the Beader explained. "Turn it up really loud, so the Moehog can hear."

     "Go to the Swimming Pool Herdodge! Go through the Pluming to get outside!"

     Back at the top of the Underground Lab, Herdodge heard the slight whisper of a sound coming from below. Knowing it was the Beader, Herdodge obeyed and went to the Swimming Pool and saw where little decorative shower-heads or whatever spat out water. That must be what was meant by plumbing. Herdodge climbed into the left one, barely fitting. Crawling down through the pipe, Herdodge was feeling cramped. A few minutes later, a bright light appeared, most likely the outside. A few minutes later Herdodge finally emerged out of the Ski Lodge and found himself at the very entrance of the place. At about the same time Sharpwarii was walking about to check on the traps she had set for Herdodge if he somehow got out the blocked main entrance, otherwise known as the only entrance.

     After seeing everything was in place, she turned around and saw a very mad Herdodge looking at her. "Muddy Snowballs, how'd you get here?" Sharpwarii exclaimed.

     Herdodge didn't even want to say a word on the escape. "I think it's time for a certain someone to see what it's like in the Ski Lodge..."

     Meanwhile, back at the Golden Dubloon, I was slurping up the last drops of my Man o War while the Beader was catching up with Number Six. On MY cell phone. I got out a handheld radio to listen to the news. "On Terror Mountain today a Blue Moehog has apparently locked a Brown Moehog into the Ski Lodge. The Brown Moehog has been investigated by police and apparently has some crimes on record. No names have been recorded, but the Blue Moehog has reported sighting, to a degree, Number Six, a supposed victim of the mass murder at the Ski Lodge over a year ago. The Beader may have something to do with this too. More on this developing story as information comes into our news room."

     Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...something was wrong here. Herdodge, Sharpwarii, and Number Six and The Beader all get in the news, but if it wasn't for MY cell phone none of this heroism would of happened. MY cell phone. I need some alone time. Don't bother me. I'm just going to go. Without even saying bye.

The End

Please take note all of the above is fictional and should not be used to get an edge financially. Number Six is probably not alive. So there. We'll miss you, but I'm sure everyone's glad you still played in the Krawk Cup.

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