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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 60 > Short Stories > Cybil the Lupologist

Cybil the Lupologist

by al_the_chia

Grippaw's Glade...
     Al is not the only Lupologist in Neopia...

     Cybil P. Antigoni was a quiet, timid little Cybunny, born and raised in Neopia Central. She was a professional Lupologist, most of her research being for a new Lupe shampoo for the Usukaki Grooming Company. Day in and day out, Cybil worked hard on discovering the perfect chemical combination for the smoothest, silkiest Lupe hair possible.

     She spent years of her life cooped up in the laboratory research facilities, exposing herself to countless amounts of chemicals that often made her sickly and disoriented. Because of this, she developed poor eyesight that required her to wear abnormally thick glasses. And, because of this affliction, she was forced to quit her job.

     But Cybil was glad. She hated the stuffy old factories with the cruel, older scientists who always called her 'Junior' and 'Amateur'. She never really wanted to sit and test chemicals on Lupe hair all day long. After long days in the Usukaki laboratories, she would sit down in her apartment and read books about things other than Lupe shampoo...

     She'd read about Paranormal Lupology.

     Cybil had a terrible encounter when she was young. It may have actually happened, it may have been a dream. But no one really knows.

     She claimed to have seen her little sister be abducted by Alien Lupes.

     Although no one believed her, the little sister, Margy, had been lost for years, and not a trace of her had been found. Since then, Cybil had begun to believe in the unbelievable, and explored the realms of the unknown, hoping to find a way to get her sister back from where she was taken...

     Her bookshelves were packed with fictional and nonfictional accounts of paranormal activity within the Lupe world. Volumes about Alien Lupes, who, according to the books, abducted Neopians to conduct tests and eventually take over the universe. Vampire Lupes, who drained the blood from Chias and flew across the sky at night. Ghost Lupes, who haunted those they sought revenge against and were more bark than bite. Lupe witches and wizards, who had amazing spells that defied logic and proportion. And, most terrifying of all, the frighteningly strong Werelupes, who were born under the full moon.

     Cybil knew that these kind of creatures didn't dwell in the city like Neopia Central. They roamed more secretive, quieter places. If she wanted to find out more about them, as well as the other kinds of Lupes, she'd have to go to new and different places.

     Places like Grippaw's Glade...


Cybil scurried through the heavy rain as she tried to navigate through the almost pitch-black darkness of the deep woods. Her absurdly thick oval-shaped glasses were covered in raindrops, and her lab coat was stained with mud, as well as the large purple suitcase she could barely carry. But what really made Cybil miserable was the fact fur was soaking wet, right after she had styled it with the special bottle of gel that her co-workers had given her for a farewell gift.

     She sniffled, stopping to sit down in a slightly covered area beneath a large, leafy tree and landing in a puddle. Cybil was too wet to even notice, and wiped off her glasses so she could get a good look around the huge forest she had decided to live in.

     Empty. Not one creature in sight.

     She nodded, then threw open her suitcase to check on her supplies.

     "Chemicals…dry. Clothes…dry. Food…" She pulled out a dripping carrot. "Wet, but that's okay."

     She nibbled off a hunk as she stared out at the tall trees and green grasses that made Grippaw's Glade what it was. Although it was pouring, Cybil could see that it was a very beautiful habitat, and could understand why so many Lupes decided to live there.

     She chewed thoughtfully for a moment. The carrot tasted a little funny. She needed dip. She was about to reach into her suitcase for a large tub of ranch dressing when there was a rustling in the bushes. Cybil's Cybunny instincts flared, and she dodged behind the tree. Her long ears went rigid as she listened.

     Another rustle.

     Cybil frowned. Her white, delicate paw carefully pulled a black bottle of liquid from her large collection of chemicals before she took a deep breath and gathered her courage.

     "Who's there?" She challenged.

     There was no response. Simply the rain pouring down from above, and the wind howling from the west. Cybil shivered as a droplet of water dripped off her nose and onto the ground.

     Another rustle, louder this time. And much closer. She gritted her teeth and clenched her paw tightly around the bottle, removing the cork stopper.

     Suddenly, something leapt out of the bushes!

     Cybil dodged just in the nick of time as a huge, monstrous creature landed right where she had been waiting. She got onto her paws and splashed the contents of the bottle at the creature, splashing it right on target in the face. It yowled in agony, swiping at the air and slashing the Cybunny across the face with a long, sharp claw.

     Cybil leapt into the air and, with a yell, kicked the creature back into the bushes. She heard his large body thump against the ground, and a muffled groan.

     Everything fell silent.

     The Cybunny shook mud off her lab coat and fixed her glasses, reaching into her suitcase and producing a tape recorder. Her paws trembled as a pair of glowing red eyes became visible in the darkness, and a low growl indicated that the creature in the bushes had recovered.

     "L-l-lupologists l-log, 48334... I have discovered...a Werelupe"

     Cybil gasped as the Werelupe slowly rose from the bushes, releasing a long, anguished howl as he closed in on the Cybunny, eyes glowing with rage. The corners of his black lips curled into a sneer as he backed Cybil up against a short tree.

     That's when Cybil suddenly and unexpectedly smiled.

     As the Werelupe took on a confused look, she released the branch she had been bending back with her paw, and with a sound like a cracking whip, it smacked right into the Werelupe's face. He yelped, falling down hard and hitting his head on a rock with a sickening clunk.

     The clouds began to clear as the rain abruptly stopped. A slight beam of light from the full moon shone through the parting clouds, illuminating the Werelupe's grotesque features. He wasn't dead, but he was definitely out cold. Cybil brushed a few leaves out of her ruff before reaching into her lab coat and pulling out the miraculously unharmed tape recorder.

     "The Lupe has been subdued."

     She paused a moment, staring at the Werelupe Its chest heaved up and down in ragged breaths, indicating it was still breathing.

     "I didn't kill it, which is most likely a good sign. Now testing Formula B..."

     Cybil reached into her dirt-stained lab coat and pulled out a bottle marked with a messily-drawn B, filled with a strange, silver powder. Pressing her glasses up on her face, she kneeled down beside the Werelupe, opened up the bottle, shook a tiny bit of the powder into her dainty paw, and gently sprinkled it over each closed eyelid. She held her breath as she waited. No obvious changes came over the knocked-out Werelupe

     Five minutes passed until something strange began to happen.

     The shaggy, blackish-brown hair of the Werelupe began to shorten into a more tidier, short black haircut. Under the closed eyelids, the red eyes turned blue, and in the lungs, the hoarse, rough rasping became a soft, gentle breathing. The fangs melted away, the entire body began to shrink, and the claws on the once large and menacing paws became little more than trimmed nails.

     Cybil smiled. After unsuccessfully testing formula A on another Werelupe with somewhat gruesome results, she had achieved success with only the second try. Cybil thought that it must have been a world record.

     With a startled gasp, the once menacing Werelupe awoke, his face a mask of confusion, pain, and fear.

     "Oh dear...Oh dear dear dear...w-w-where am I..." He stuttered, grasping his paws together and sitting upright in a rather timid, unsure manner.

     Cybil smiled. "Oh, nothing, just a little sleepwalking. But boy, did you walk far, all the way out here to Grippaw's Glade?"


     The Lupe yelped and leapt onto his feet, his paws now trembling and his eyes twitching.

     "My word!! Ww-w-were there any Werelupes about?"

     "No, sir...not anymore."

     He took two nervous looks around his shoulders before slightly relaxing, giving the Lupologist a shaky grin.

     "Well, erm, thank you, Miss..."

     He paused to read the name tag attached to her front coat pocket.

     "...Cybil mam...I'm afraid I must be going back to Meridell now, I suspect that my mother is worried sick, and I myself am feeling a bit under the weather...toodles..."

     "All right then! Take care now!"

     She quickly shook his paw and nodded. The Lupe nodded back before swiftly dashing out of the glade, looking as though he was being chased by ghosts and completely oblivious to the horror he had caused moments ago.

     Cybil checked her tape recorder. Still running. She pulled it from her pocket and spoke into it so she could hear herself much more clearly.

     "When shaking paws with the Lupe, I planted a tracking device upon his upper arm. Although I am confident the new medication has worked, I must carefully monitor the Werelupe's activity until I can be confident he is completely cured. Thus ends the Lupologist's Log, Experiment 56..."

     Cybil turned off the tape recorder and sighed, striding back over to her suitcase and pulling out a small mirror, plucking twigs from her eyelashes.

     "It'll take months to get all these burs out of my fur... I'm going to need a bath..."

The End

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