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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Articles > The Addiction that is Neopets

The Addiction that is Neopets

by luvsgurl

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Do you ever ask yourself this question: "Am I a Neo Addict?" Well, I have done some research that may help you answer this very question. I have asked many many Neopians what makes a Neopian a Neo addict, and here is what I have found, I hope you find it interesting, and I hope it helps you to find out if you are truly chained to Neopia and all its wonders.

Do you ever feel frustrated to the point where you want to scream so loud you will wake the Snowager up out of a dead sleep JUST from something that happened to you on Neopets? For example, when you are trying to catch the elusive rare items in shops during a restock, and you see one of those RARE NeoQuest plushies, or a hand painted scarab, your heart stops, you begin to sweat, you freeze for a second but it seems like an hour. You CLICK, you are expecting to see "this item is sold out", but ALAS you can enter a price!! So you hold your breath, you carefully click inside the pricing box, your fingers tense as you try to correctly enter the price, you hit the "Try and Haggle" button and BANG!! There is that page! That horrible page that says it has been sold out! You feel sick to your stomach. Your chance of reselling that item for hundreds of thousands of NP, or having that wondrous item for your collection are OVER! You sit back, stare at the screen, your heart is pounding now and you are so mad that you just HAVE to take a 10 minute break before trying again. Does that happen to you?? Then you might be a Neo Addict!

Or how about when you see that elusive stamp in the stamp kiosk, you click on it, but Ah... no no no, you had just clicked on another one less the 5 seconds ago, and up pops that NASTY little 5 second Chia telling you you are not allowed to buy something else yet!! Do you want to take that Chia, and lock him in the darkest cellar of Neopia and throw away the key so you can shop in peace?? Would you just LOVE to see that five second Chia in the Battledome so you could fight him over and over again?? If this happens to you then you just might be a Neo addict!

Have you ever signed out of Neopets at night, shut off your computer, rubbing your sleepy eyes, then you stand up and stretch from the hours of sitting and playing Neopets You slowly walk to your bed, crawl into it and close your eyes. You fall fast asleep, hoping to get some peace and rest up for a new Neopian day when WHEEEEE... you are amazed to find you are still playing Neopets!! No wait!! you are sleeping!! Ahhhh... it is a dream! A dream filled with trophies from games you have always wanted to win, Neopoints falling out of money trees, Precious items you have always wanted, just sitting there waiting for you to take them home, Neopets shops, empty save for you. They are full of items, and you look on the wall and see it is the 3rd, everything is half price!! and it is all yours!! You wander out of the shops, bags upon bags of items spilling everywhere!! You are in heaven!! You go to your NeoHome, you sit on the couch, your pets come and sit all around you as you give them gifts.... Then you open your eyes and you are back to reality, you have hardly any NP, you have bottles of sand in your SDB, your pets are frowning at you cause they want a toy so bad, the shops are all full of people with faster Internet connections then you and you CAN'T get anything.... You get mad, you get sad, you say to yourself that you need to go back to sleep. Has this ever happened to you?? Then you might be a Neo addict!

Aside from going to sleep and dreaming of Neopets, the opposite can happen to, as is in my case. You used to go to sleep at a decent hour, 10pm, 11pm.... Now when you THINK you might go to bed, you look at the clock and it is 6am 7am, even 11am in the morning! You have been up all night! Oh my! You are late for school or work! You get up and look in the mirror, and gasp! Your eyes are red, your pale, your hair looks like a Crokabek has been nesting in it for ages!! Your teeth are yellow from lack of brushing, your tummy growls from hunger... you are so glad that all your real friends are Neopians and can't see you! You decide that maybe you should go see a doctor and get some help with your bad sleeping habits, then you think how horrible it would be to miss ONE NIGHT of Neopets, you just can't!! So you go to bed, you are asleep before you know it. When you wake you can't wait to get back to Neopia and go do it all over again! You are an insomniac, and Neopets made you that way! Does this happen to you?? Then you might be a Neo-addict!

True Happiness
Have you ever wandered around all the worlds of Neopia not knowing what to do next?? You decide to head on over to the games room to make a little NP on the side. You wait for a new page to load and you see... SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED!! You can't breath! You slowly read what it says and you see that you have been given a map piece!! Or even a PAINT BRUSH!! You RUN To your inventory, and stick it into your SDB or your shop as fast as you can so that you don't get attacked by the pant devil!! You sit back, your face feels funny!! wait! you are smiling!! You start singing, you want to dance!! You are truly elated! you run to the chat rooms to brag about what you have just acquired, how happy you are, how lucky you are, everyone hates you and is jealous! You realise that you could not be happier if you got a REAL present in REAL life, you don't care! Has this ever happened to you?? Then you might be a Neo addict!

Seething Anger
So what if the above happens? You are granted your biggest wish and given a faerie paint brush, you did not however go and put it in safe keeping. So you head on over to the chat rooms to brag your inflated head off, when alas. SOMETHING HAPPENS AGAIN!! You get so excited!! Then you read it, and OH NO!! That stupid two faced pant devil has STOLEN IT!! ARRRRGGG!! You could just die!! You can't believe that there is such cruelty in the world! How could this happen to you!?? You never scam, you never cheat, you are a very serious Neopian, you help all the people you can, but now look what you get for it!!! GRRR!! You could just go find that pant devil and show him what you are made of! You want to light him on fire!! You want to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again!! But you CAN'T!! So that makes you even more mad! Your face is hot! Your eyes are watering up! What is happening to you?? You are ANGRY!! You are more angry then you have ever been in your life!! And all because of that darn pant devil!! Has this ever happened to you?? Then you might be a Neo addict!!

There are many many other things that may happen to you in Neopia that cause emotions to surface that you never knew you had, but these are a few of the most common situations that I have heard of. If you have answered yes to all of the above then you need serious help!! Quick! Get to your doctor! Get some help!! Or just go back to Neopets and talk to your friends, they are always there to help!! (wait... I answered yes to all of them!) Oh no!! I have to go see my Neofriends about this!

I will be searching Neopia for more material for a future article, so look forward to it:) Have a great Neo day... *ahem* I mean day, ya... BYE! *runs off to play roundtable poker*

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