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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Articles > Series - Good Reading?

Series - Good Reading?

by epk

LENNY LIBRARY - If you look carefully in The Neopian Times, you see there are many parts to each issue. You have the Editorial and Articles, the most often read parts of The Neopian Times. Somewhere you see Short Stories, great for a quick read, and Series, New and Continued.

Now, I assume you read articles if you are reading this. But do you read series? Well, truth of the matter is not many people read series, probably because they like a whole story in one. But sometimes getting the whole story in one isn't such a great thing, for both sides. For example, this means the author has to cram in as much stuff under 2,500 words, the Estimated Short Story Limit. Anything above that is separated into a Series. (Take my recently ending intended to be a short story, Spacegold's Independence Day)

That takes away a whole lot of quality from the story! If I crammed that much, you'd miss the joke where I get called a hypocrite, my discussion with the Amnesiac Quiggle, plus much more!

Thus, this results in few readers, which even ends up leading to less feedback. And almost any major Neopian Times author will tell you feedback is just as good or even better then the trophies. (I even like a few flames, I laugh at how some of the people flaming me about disliking Lupes think I own a Chia.)

So as you see, not reading a Series can pretty much decrease the quality of Neopian Times. But, before you go and leap into some of the great series out there right now, such as the Kau Seer's Revenge or The Clan of Ligmoore.

Avoid Scrolling Down to the Bottom
Lot's of us, being only human, have a tendency to scroll all the way to the bottom of the series to see how long it is. There is a problem with this: It may appear to be too long, which it never is if it is enjoyable, and you may find out some info the author would rather you wouldn't.

This can make it more tempting to skip parts, possibly missing a crucial detail in the story. If you find yourself to be that sort of person, there are many things you can do.

1. Print it out! Surveys show it is easier to comprehend information if it is on paper. Since this does take up a lot, try and make the background not appear, print grays cale and double sided.

2. Turn on Accessibility Options. Lots of newer computers make it easy for a person with a disability to use, and although some of the software, such as Microsoft's Magnifier, is cool, it is pretty much useless. But, some of them will make it easier to read for anyone, like High Contrast. This won't be an option if your using a friend's or a public computer.

3. Find a different series! If that author types too much in a part for you, go to a different series! Also, try and focus on only one to three series.

4. Just ignore it and read. You'll get into the story, and soon enough, you'll wish it didn't end so quickly.

Remember to read it Next Week!
I find lots of people have problems doing this. They read Part One of an interesting series, but the next week, they totally forget to read Part Two. This almost happened to me with Clan of Ligmoore, a series I'll constantly refer to in this article. I read Part 2 & 3 each a week late. (Sorry much amerock!)

If you can't remember, here are some more helpful guidelines.

1. Tell a Neofriend or Guild about the Series! This way you both will remember to read it during the time it runs.

2. If you use your Neopets Diary or Guild Calendar, they may become a useful tool in remembering.

Custom Pictures used to Your Advantage
With the recent discovery of Meridell and a very deep plot, every clue will help piece together the puzzle. Sometimes you'll see a series about Meridell, and it has a picture made just for it. And of course, Neopets isn't going to draw a picture that differs from the plot, right? So, if you read the series and study the picture, you may be able to piece together the next piece of the puzzle.

Of course, that's a rare chance, but don't forget it won't just help outside of the series, it will help inside the series! For example, in my series, Power in Quality, you see a picture of one of my Neopets, egold, pondering the Wishing Well. Although we find out the Wishing Well is a part of the series early on, we wouldn't know how crucial it would be until later on without the picture.

The picture is not a spoiler, just a better way to make a prediction, which could make you either right or wrong. For example, my guess about the Clan of Ligmoore's Future in that the third Neopet gets connected to the Mysterious Clan mentioned in the title and they have to defeat it may be totally wrong or right. Speaking of predicting...

Predicting the Next Part
The cool thing about a series is that there is a next part, and you get a surge of excitement raving about the series. For example, in shortly after Part 1 of Clan of Ligmoore I contacted the author congratulating about the series, and she told me it would soon take a twist or something to that effect. The Neomail is gone now.

Being a Long-term Series Author once, I know it is fun to spill the beans in a small way. These beans do spread if there is a following of the series, sort of like me following COL. But only if your connected to other readers, unlike me. I'm sure your guild may develop an interest if you tell them about it.

Also, don't depend on the author for your main source of information! I mean, they are the only ones that know, but the readers have better guesses and are more likely to be less vague. Although this means they are a whole lot more wrong, it does mean room for discussion. So if you know people reading the same series, contact them!

It may help to put of series you are reading in your userlookup and shop in order to contact other members. A Neocircle isn't going to work as well, as series do come to an end. Wahhh....I want more Ligmoore!

Final Notes
All's left to say about series reading is that whenever an author writers about his or her own Neopets, is makes it a whole lot easier to relate to their Neopets, and it makes great promotion for the series as in Beauty Contest entries and Pet Pages! Visit both, you may get an extra detail about the series, and I wouldn't mind having another person vote for one of my Neopets.

Also, reading series is the best way to learn to write them. *hint hint* When writing a series, be sure to instead of directly submitting all of your parts in one message, send them in one message, but as each part as it's own attachment. Makes it easier for the editor to separate, at least I think.

Guild Leaders: Think about organising a Series Discussion in your guild, for example, if your guild is the MegaBattling Shoyru Guild you may enjoy the series Ses' Story.

Well, anyway, that's all I have to say about reading series. I myself am thinking about writing a new series, so be on the lookout for that. (Who knows which Issue, I have yet to write a word. Heh.) Support the Reconstruction of Maraqua and Bye in Six Different Languages until next time. If you want to Neomail me or Check out my profile I'd surely appreciate it!

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