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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Articles > Pet-tiqutte: Multiplayer Madness!

Pet-tiqutte: Multiplayer Madness!

by plushieowner

GAMES ROOM - There are a few things on Neopets that annoy me. One of my little pet peeves (pardon the pun) is in regarding to the Multiplayer competitions. I hope many fellow Multiplayer gamers can relate somewhat to the things I will mention in this article.

Firstly, for those who do not know what Multiplayer competitions are, let me give you a brief idea about them before I begin. Well, they are monthly competitions for three of the many games on Neopets. These games are Geos, Kacheekers and Armada. The games are held at the start of every month with each match lasting one week long. That means you have all week to play against one opponent. First, second, and third place winners receive as prizes gold, silver, and bronze trophies, respectively, and Neopoints. The winner of the first match goes on to play another opponent who also won their first round. You have yet another week to finish this match. The winner of the second round, hopefully that will be you, gets to go on to the third round of games. The winner of this round goes off to play in the finals,the last week of the competition. The loser of the third round, however, receives a bronze trophy and 2,500 NP. The final match decides between the first and second place. First place receives the gold trophy and 10,000 NP, while second place gets a silver trophy and 5,000 NP. You also earn player points for Multiplayer games that appear next to your name on the main page in every match you play. If you win enough games, you can make it into the "Top 100 Players" chart.

These games can be loads of fun if you participate in the monthly competitions. Participating can also be a new way of meeting more people, besides the usual method through chatboards or guilds. Did I mention that there are trophies and NP prizes if you get a good enough?

Also, realised I said "can be loads of fun." As I mentioned in my introduction, there is a certain pet peeve of mine to do with these Multiplayer competitions. It's a known fact that some people can not or do not log in everyday. Others do not log in even once a week or once a month for that matter. Luckily, I am not one of those people. I need my daily Neopets fix. So everyday, there I am, sitting in front of my computer waiting to make my next move in the competitions. I mean, it isn't satisfying winning Multiplayer games by default when the other person has not even had a chance to go. They may even be a much better player than I am. Who knows? I have not seen them move once yet. I didn't mention this fact earlier, but I feel like I should here.

There are two ways to win a match. You can win it the normal way through following the rules, completing the game, and winning it OR you can be the player that makes the last move before the week of the match runs out. The last way is the easier, and meaner, way out. Winning is a big part of most games and I love winning - but it isn't everything. I like to play fair and square, you know, play by the rules. I usually feel so stupid when clicking the "move or lose" Neomail button. I think either it takes the other player 24 hours to think, that they are stalling time or that they are being lazy and moving at the last moment. All of these reasons are lame and just plain annoying for the other person you are playing against. The proper thing to do is to arrange a time, in NST (found on the world page), to meet and complete the game. If you don't have access to Neomail, its best to try and play at the very beginning and always check back to see if it is your turn to go and do so.

Over the last few months, with careful observation, I have noticed that same pattern in most of my games. If you one of those people do this please, I am begging you, please DON'T do this. Serious players, like me, waste our time trying to contact the other player and organise to play a game in which the other player decides not to participate in at all. It is especially annoying if the people your Neomailing has blocked Neomail and friend requests or is not allowed to receive Neomails due to the lack of parental permission. In some instances I have had people tell me that they are online, while I happen to be online at the same time, so we begin our game. So player one, sometimes that's me, sometimes its not, moves first. Then the other player goes. And guess what? My opponent decides that it's time to leave. So I'm left hanging again, stuck in the endless waiting and refreshing of the game page for them to make their move so that I can have a chance to show and improve my skills. But don't get me wrong, I am all for having fun but I mean, you know, it gets really annoying.

You can't just enter thinking I'm going to get a trophy and NP for doing nothing". It doesn't work out like that. I have gained quite a few Multiplayer trophies, entered monthly over the last months, and noticed this same pattern. It's mean and dishonest to try and wait out your opponent. On a few occasions my opponent even waited until the last day of the week of competition before making a move, thus effectively winning and cheating me out of my game. The "move or lose" button does reduce this effect somewhat, but not always. Sometimes, it can't be helped. You're out of town, your Internet server may be down, or for some other reason, so that you can't play for the whole week. If that's the case, try to contact the person you are playing against to inform them of this. I feel somewhat guilty that half the games I have played to earn my trophies I didn't win through skill but luck. It just happened that I had the luck of the Irish on my side and that my opponent hadn't bothered to move.

It says up the top of the Multiplayer homepage "You will need to arrange one game per week for four weeks". It is not as if you aren't told about the games. The Multiplayer set-up sends Neomails whenever you have a game to play. You also receive the warning "Move or lose" Neomails. It is not hard to organise one game per a week. In addition to this, a number of people have been just joining the competitions to make Neofriends. Sure these competitions can be fun, social events on your Neopian calendar and you may make a few friends along the way. Nevertheless, it is impossible to meet and make 100 friends instantly like a couple of people think. If you do, you would be better looking on the chat boards. Some people do not like getting any or more Neofriend requests by blocking them so you might meet a few people whom have blocked

Neofriend requests. Also if you lose the a round in this single elimination game you have to wait until the next month before you can play again.

Basically, if you can't handle that simple commitment then Multiplayer competitions aren't really for you. I wrote this article not to nag but to put my views across and maybe people who do this will realise how annoying it is and to stop doing it. Feel free to Neomail comments, flattery, suggestions, dung mail, (I would prefer not though, I would rather have constructive criticisms) or whatever about my article.

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