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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Short Stories > Nasty Lenny: Transcribed

Nasty Lenny: Transcribed

by firerat35

I woke up in bed and smiled at the sunlight that shone into my room. I got up and yawned stretching my wings. I went down to breakfast and sat down on the chair. I was so excited I nearly ate my omelette in one bite! I sipped my glass of apple juice and raced upstairs to get my knapsack.

     "Whoa! What's the rush?" my brother Pouncer the spotted Zafara asked as I shot past him up the stairs. I didn't reply I was too happy! My first day of school! I couldn't wait.

     "Bye mom!" I cried still running. "Bye!" she called back.

     I ran for a while them I got tired. I was panting loudly and walked the rest. When I got there I was feeling pretty shy and I picked up my Warf, Barker.

     I saw a group of Neopets talking and laughing around a tree. I gulped and walked up to them. "Uhhh...h-hello....I'm ummmm..... Larry the Lenny. C-can I join y-you?" I stuttered nervously.

     They all stood up. The red Grarrl, Lance glared at my with his green eyes. He towered over me and I trembled hard. "Aren't you a little scrawny, little chicken?" an electric Kyrii named Zapper teased. He flapped his arms clucking like a chicken "CLUCK! CLUCK! CLUCK!" the crowd erupted in laughter.

     "You're skinnier than a toothpick!" a white Wocky named Woxanne cried.

     "Weak as one too!" a split Bruce name Chillin yelled over the laughter. They laughed harder at that. Soon the whole school laughed. "Scrawny....scrawny...." they chanted while others called out witty comments and insults. I looked around. I was surrounded.

     Barker howled and squirmed a little in my wings. "Ugly....ugly...."they started up a new chant. I screamed and ran through some Kacheeks to the boy's washroom.

     I locked myself in a stall and cried until the bell rang. I got out and looked in the mirror. A long geeky beak was in the middle of my face. I had beady eyes and a long neck with knobby knee's and legs a metre high. Barker licked my face and I sighed. I guess I was ugly. I wiped a tear and trudged into the classroom.

     " this the right one?" I asked.

     "Yes. You must be Larry. Take a seat next to Lucy," the Kiko said, pointing to an empty desk near a blue Lenny.

     I saw her and she saw me. I smiled a goofy smile but as I watched her I didn't watch where I was going and tripped over a plant.

     "WHOA!" I cried out in surprise.

     The pot shattered and Barker jumped. I fell down and soil poured on my head and got in between my feathers. I felt my face blush as I got up and threw the plant off my head. I sulked and sat down at my desk. I didn't look up. But I caught a glance of the teacher laughing. And even worse--Lucy too.

     "Now everyone be nice to our new student Larry. Larry, my name is Mr. Koko," Mr. Koko said. He droned on about some stuff but I didn't pay attention. I just kept staring at Lucy. Then I heard a loud SNAP!

     I jolted upwards. "FIRE!" I cried, standing up.

     I was about to run to the door when Mr. Koko stopped me. He was holding a ruler. "DIDN'T YOU HEAR THE ALARM? RUN!!" I yelled.

     Mr. Koko shook his head. "Observe," he said. He raised the ruler and hit it on my desk. It made the same snapping noise as before. I blushed and sat down. "Pay attention Larry," he said to me sternly although I could see a smile crossing his face and heard the class guffawing loudly. "Now what was so interesting that you couldn't listen to me explain about the math?" he said.

     My face turned an even brighter red. "Welll-uhhh... ummmm... yaaahhhhh...." I said, looking around the classroom nervously.

The class began to giggle again. "I expect a straight answer from you--" he was cut off by an ear splitting RRRRIIIIINNNGG!

     The class walked towards the door. I wiped my forehead "Saved by the bell," I sighed loudly but not too loud because I remembered all about Zapper, Lance, Woxanne, Chillin, Griffin and Darius. I saw them talking and laughing while sitting under a tree. I heard my name several times. I tried to walk past them fast but Darius managed to yell, "Hey look, it's Larry the loser!" They all laughed and stood up.

     Lance got up and said in his booming deep voice, "STOP! He's not Larry the loser!" Everyone stopped and looked at him in astonishment. Zapper blinked and looked as if you could knock him down with a feather. I smiled at him and looked up.

     He smiled a toothy smile. "He's Larry the SCRAWNY loser!" he said loudly. They all guffawed and chanted, "Larry the scrawny loser!"

     Barker whimpered and started to bark furiously. "Down Barker," I said softly he calmed down and growled at the crowd.

     "Stop it please!" I heard a voice. Lucy ran in front of me. "Stop it," she cried. They all stopped and there was a silence. "Leave him alone," she said firmly.

     Everyone else looked shocked but Zapper wasn't the leader of his group for nothing and he looked real smooth. He walked up to her and looked her in the eyes.

     "We're SO sorry," he said in a fake voice, "we didn't know you were his girlfriend!" he said nearly bursting out laughing. The laughter started again. Zapper continued, "I can see the resemblance! The same dopey look and ugly face! Same strength too! Why, picking up a piece of paper is a real workout for you two!" Zapper stopped insulting and started laughing joining the crowd who were in hysterics laughing.

     "Thanks Lucy," I said.

     "Anytime. They do this to me all the time," she said sadly. Then she added, "I like your Warf."

     I smiled. "His name is Barker," I said proudly. Barker perked his ears at his name. We ignored the guffawing and the insults and went to sit on the swings.

     The afternoon wasn't too bad. Besides the non-stop insults and laughter it was okay. I had a great time with Lucy and we're going to Neopia Central after school!


I was the target for spit balls and I got a lot of questions wrong since I wasn't listening. To make matters worse, Mr. Koko checked if I was listening and gave me a trick question: "What's the square route of pie? I answered "A poptart" since I didn't know and got laughed at the entire day and was the centre of all jokes, although it would have already been like that if I didn't even have to answer the stupid question. At least I could go shopping with Lucy, my only friend.

     When I was outside to meet her I saw Darius, Griffin, Zapper and Lance bullying Lucy around.

      "Leave her alone!" I shouted as I raced towards her not knowing what I was getting myself into.

" gonna save your girlfriend, punk? Well scrawny, that's tough, real tough because you couldn't beat us if you lifted a million pieces of paper bird-boy," Zapper said, pushing Lucy.

     I got up enough courage. "I-I'll fight you," I said nervously.

     Zapper looked at me with surprise. But he kept his cool and laughed. "Oh that's rich! Larry the loser thinks he can beat me!"

     The gang chuckled a while them Zapper leaned on my head

     "Look you big ugly feather duster, it's a waste of my time so fight Lance. He's always up for defeating little losers like you so go on you wuss!"

     I gulped. "Now that I think about it..." I said, looking at the ground.

     "Save your girlfriend!" Zapper cried.

     They all laughed.

"Zapper I refuse to pummel him to the ground. He's WAY too easy. You just take him down in one punch. I don't want to," Lance said, staring at me like I was some Alien Aisha or something.

     Zapper sighed, "Fine, fine" he said.

     He walked up to me. "The fight starts in one-two--" he stopped and punched me really hard in the chest. "THREE!" he finished, a smirk on his face.

     "Sorry, I guess I started too early huh? Oh well! That's your loss, my gain!"

     They laughed happily and walked away. Slapping each other high fives.

     I couldn't breath. I fell to the ground. I was in serious pain and everything was moving.

     "Get me off I wanna go home, "I said dizzily.

     "Speak to me Larry! Larry... Larry... Larr... Lar... La... L...."

     Then it went completely black.


I woke up to see Lucy's kind face looking down at me with worried eyes. "Are you okay Larry?" she asked.

     "I'm fine," I said, wincing in pain.

     "Ow. What happened?" Lucy cleared her throat."

     Zapper knocked you to 0 HP in one hit. I didn't know what to do so I took you to the hospital," she said.

     "Thanks," I said weakly.

     Beside her I saw Pouncer and my owner. "Larry? What happened," she asked. I was about to tell her when I saw Zapper was there too. He frowned and growled softly under his breath and shook his fist at me. I gulped and said I didn't remember. Lucy frowned but when she saw Zapper staring at her with fierce eyes she looked less confused and pretended that there was something extremely interesting on the ground.

     "Awww... don't worry bro. I have something to cheer both of you up!" Pouncer said with a mysterious smile. I cocked my head.

     A faerie Peophin flew in. "You are fine Larry. You may leave now," she said kindly.

     I grinned and got out of bed fully revived. I walked out the room with my friends. "Sooooooo what's the surprise?" I asked. Pouncer giggled and handed me two objects that made me gasp.

     "PAINT BRUSHES!" I shouted.

     "Now no one will bully us!" Lucy smiled too.

     They were green with white spots. A bit dribbled on my wings and made the tips green and white. We rushed toward the rainbow pool and asked the starry Uni, "Can we get painted?" She smiled and her pink hair fell onto her face.

     She grabbed the paint brushes and spread her wings and flew up to a cloud. She dropped the paintbrush on the cloud. The rainbow turned green with white spots and it hit the pool changing its colour.

     "Ready?" I asked.

     "Yup," Lucy replied and we both leaped in.

     I held my breath. A tingling sensation filled my body. When I couldn't hold my breath any longer I surfaced and swam to shore. When Lucy and I got out the water was clear blue and the rainbow turned back to a normal rainbow. The Uni fluttered down and gracefully landed.

     "Woof! Bark!" Barker barked.

     "I see he likes your new look," my owner said.

     "Hey Lucy, do you have a petpet?" I asked.

     She smiled as an Alkenore landed on her shoulder and licked her face. "Yes," she giggled. It was getting late so we went home to go to bed. Man, I couldn't wait till tomorrow!

     Tomorrow as I stepped into the playground with Lucy everyone had their paw clamped to their mouth and they were laughing. Soon they all broke into laughter. Lucy's Alkenore, Pegasus, rolled her eyes and moved closer to Lucy.

     "Why are you laughing? You didn't even insult us?" I cried, trying to sound tough although my voice squeaked.

     "You don't need insult's for that face and scrawny body!" Darius laughed.

     Griffin sneered, "Get a load of the colour!"

     Barker snarled then nuzzled my leg. "Scrawny... scrawny... scrawny," Woxanne started.

     Then they all chanted, "Scrawny... scrawny... scrawny...."

     Tears formed in my eyes. "I'm not scrawny!" I cried.

     Lance got up. "I'm not scrawny," he mimicked in a whiny voice.

     I broke through the crowd and ran. I ran all the way home crying hard. I didn't stop once. I burst through the door and ran to my room. I slammed the door shut and collapsed on my bed crying and sniffling.

     I eventually stopped crying and sat up still sad. "What should I do?" I sniffled. I looked at the ground and saw a book. Kiko-fu... Hmmmm... that gave me an idea.

     I trained all day and even at night. I read every Battledome book invented. I saved up for items. Battledome items. I went to the training school everyday and even skipped school to resume training. When I was ready,I went back to school.

     I stepped in the playground with determined eyes.

"Hi loser," said Thunderpaw the electric Gelert.

     I walked up to him and snarled, "MAGIC PEBBLES!" and he was pelted by a rain of rocks. He fell to the ground and his leg twitched as he lay there mouth-wide open in a silent scream. He muttered, "But mommy I don't want to go to school..." then shut his eyes and fell unconscious.

     The crowd backed up. All except for Zapper.

     "Hey Larry the loser! How about a fight you wimp! Right now, right here. Unless you're too scared you wimp!" he taunted with a smug smile on his face.

     "Sure," I said.

     Lucy gasped in the crowd. I picked up my fire sword and slashed at him. He dodged and rammed me in the side. I stood my ground and threw a snowball at him it hit his face and he frantically rubbed snow from his eyes. He quickly got it off.

     "Now it's my turn, punk," he growled, jumping in the air holding an ice sword. He swung it at me. I ducked and he slashed air again. He jabbed it and it hit my belly. I squawked and rubbed my chest. Zapper was smirking; he grabbed a supernova and threw it in the air. A fiery blast shot at me. It scorched my feathers and Zapper was healed. He laughed proudly as I fell to the ground, not quite dead yet.

      "I knew you'd lose," he said as he grasped his ice sword tightly. "GRAND LIGHTNING BEAM!" I cried summoning all my strength and a beam of white light shot toward him. I heard a scream but I blacked out because I used the last of my hp.

     I woke up soon and was still in the playground. Zapper was breathing hard but was still standing. His body was badly bruised and his eye was black so he only had one eye open. He limped to me and handing me a healing potion.

     He smiled awkwardly, "You're tough kid. Stick with me. Guess you aren't that scrawny after all." But then he smirked. "But don't forget it. I beat you bird boy and we were just playing with the jokes. Now come on and join us. We're taunting some Moehog who hangs out with mutants."

     I nodded.

     "But Larry..." Lucy said, running up to me.

     "Get lost you freak!" I shot at her.

     She looked hurt and stepped back.

"That's it," Zapper said, gulping down a healing potion. "Over here," he said, motioning towards a tree.

     And from that day on I bullied weaker more pathetic Neopets around including that wimp Lucy. I became good friends with Zapper and got a morphing potion and now am a starry Lupe. And everyone lived nastily ever after....

Almost everyone at least.

The End

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