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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > New Series > The Princess Faerie and The Secret of Stone: Part One

The Princess Faerie and The Secret of Stone: Part One

by purplepokadotz

The Beginning
Hello, my name is Seryn and I am the daughter of The Faerie Queen. I am a faerie like my mother, but I am different. For one thing I am much younger, only 14... well, actually I am 140 but in faerie years I am 14. I have hair the colour of the sky on a sunny day, long a flowing. My wings are Faerie-like. My wings are all the colours of every faerie. I am not too tall but just the right size. My eyes are the colour of amethyst. My mother tells me that when I become Queen I will take on her colours, but right now I am a mix of all the faeries. Even the evil. My mother said that being a little bit of an evil faerie isn't bad, because she thinks that every faerie has a good and bad side.

     I love to play with my pets a lot. I have a Pegasus Lupe that goes by the name Seraph. I think she is very wise. She has these huge angelic birds like wings. I have a Faerie Ixi, my playmate... her name is Lighthearted. I love them both so. My role model is my mother. She is so wise and always knows what to say and do. But I love all the Faeries; I am a friend with many, except for one. One who has disliked me since the day I was born. Aunt Jhudora. She scares me. My last birthday she sent me a book called All About Evil Magic. My mother almost flipped out on her. My mom says not to trust her. I never have or will, so I guess now I will begin my story.

     It was a bright and sunny day. As I awoke to the sun shinning into my face. Feeling the warmth made me smile. I opened my eyes to see my room. I sat up on my white velvet covered bed.

     "Good morning, your highness. Today for breakfast we will be having Faerie Pancakes. Just the way you like them," Seraph said. I don't like how she treats me as if she is one of my maids or servants.

     "Good morning," I said quietly. I stumbled out of bed and walked over to my magic wardrobe. "All right wardrobe I think today I will wear something to match my wings."

     My wardrobe obeyed and started flipping through all of my dresses and gowns. It came to a cute outfit that had all the colours of the Faeries. It reminded me of the outfit that the Negg Faerie wore. It was a ripped top and a skirt; they were both multicoloured, and I tights to match. I slipped them on and brushed my long flowing hair and walked over to my Faerie Ixi to wake her up. She was snuggled in her baby blanket in her special spot in the room.

     "Come on before all the pancakes are gone," I said as I pushed her out of her bed.

     When I finally got her awake I slipped on my shoes and started for the dining room. As I walked down the white marble halls, I looked at all the super rare artifacts around me. A Mega Nova, which not many people have heard of, to my left. And the courage gem to my right, both were locked away in glass cases. We have had many break-ins but nothing ever taken... it's like the person was looking for something but then never found it.

     When I made it to our large dining room all the food was set up on a huge long table in the middle of the room. My mother wasn't there yet.

     "Excuse me but where is my mother?" I asked a maid.

     "Oh, your highness you didn't hear? Come you must go see your royal adviser," she said, looking frightened.

     "What do you mean?" I asked when she was leading me down the hall.

     "Go... he will explain," she said as she opened the door to the library were our royal adviser was pacing back and forth. He was a very old Nimmo in a dark green cloak.

     "What's wrong?" I asked as the door was safely shut behind me.

     "Your mother has gone into hiding. Someone tried to poison her food... your food too," he explained. "We will find a place for you."

     "Wait a minute, hold on. How come no one came to me and said anything? Where will I go? Will I see my mom?" I just started shooting questions at him.

     "Calm down your highness. Do not worry, your mother is safe, and the reason none of us came to you because there is no time," he said mysteriously.

     "What do you mean?" I asked bewildered.

     "Well we never told you, but we have been getting anonymous threats to you, and the queen. Nevertheless, mostly to you, so we must hide you. Or who knows what will happen."

     "Oh my what's going to happen?" I asked, getting worried.

     "Do not worry your highness you are in good hands... BOYS!" he yelled out into the hall, and then these two giant Chias came in and grabbed each my arms. "Take our highness to her hide out, and make it quick."

     When I looked up at him he seemed to take on an evil glow.

     The two giant Chias dragged me to a cloud car outside the castle. They dropped me into the back and hopped into the front, I was even surprised that they fit. "Where are you taking me?" I demanded.

     "That is for us to know and for you to find out," one said and they both chuckled.

     I just had a feeling that they were not trying to help me and that my mother is not in hiding but kidnapped. It's weird, I felt like my heart told me to flee, but my brain said, "No don't then the people who sent the threats will find you." I wasn't sure what to do so I just stayed put.

     We drove and drove over the city of Faerieland to the dark parts of Faerie.

     "Wait, what are we doing here?" I asked getting nervous.

     "This is were you will be staying," one of the Chias said.

     "WHAT?! Let me out NOW!" I yelled.

     "Sorry your highness but we cannot do that." One of Chias gave an evil grin. I tried and struggled to get out of the car but to no avail... luckily it was convertible so I just jumped out. I flew as fast as my wings could take me, but they were on my tail... what to do... what to do? Then this vast forest came into sight. Maybe I could get cover there, I thought carefully. Quickly, I swooped to the top of the green trees and the cloud car did the same.

     I will not be taken captive, I thought. I forced myself to go faster, then suddenly I felt this burning pain go through my wings and I felt myself falling. I had been shot by a rainbow gun. I felt the wind passing me by as I fell down to the forest's bottom. My fall was broken by something hard. I opened my eyes and found myself in a large field filled with fern, beautifully full of green.

     I was sitting on the ground but I could feel something behind me, quickly I turned and saw that I had fallen on top of a boy. He looked about my age and my falling on him knocked him out. Oh, I thought, I hope he will be okay. I leaned closer to his face, and felt his breath. Okay that's a good sign he is breathing. Should I check his heart? Or how about his pulse? Wait if he is breathing then everything else is good. I hope I didn't seriously injure him, do I weigh that much? I felt his head and I found a large bump starting to form. That's going to give him a headache. Hmm maybe I might have something to help him, I should get a closer look... and I moved my face in closer. Suddenly his eyes shot open. He stood up fast almost smashing into me.

     "Who are you?" I asked suddenly.

     He looked shocked, surprised, but seemingly fascinated all at once.

A New Surprise
     "What a great day," I said to myself out loud.

     "Stop talking to yourself, no wonder you have no friends," I heard my annoying little sister say from behind me.

     It was a bright and sunny day and I was ready. Hi, my name is Ty. I am 14 and live in Neopia. I have black hair and dark eyes. Okay, so my sister was right but there are not many other humans who live in these woods. We were outside on the front porch of our NeoHome and our pets were happily playing in the yard. My only pet was a Shoyru named SunRays. He was playing with my sister's baby Neopets. I don't know what I am going to do today when my parents come home from work. That's when I saw this thing flash past in the sky then this cloud went rushing past after it.

     "Carol, go inside me and SunRays are going to check it out," I told my sis.

     "Aww, but I never get--" she said but stopped when I gave her a dirty look. She grabbed her Neopets and walked inside sulking like a baby Kyrii.

     I was starting into the woods when I stumbled upon a field of flowers. I know where I am going but I am not sure where that thing was. I stepped out onto the field, I heard something but was not sure what. Then WHAM! I got knocked to the ground, unconscious. A few moments later I shot my eyes open. And staring back at me was some type of Faerie quickly I sat up.

     "Who are you?" she asked I was about to ask her the same question, this was so cool I was meeting a real faerie, but what kind I have never seen or heard of any kind of faerie like her. I looked around SunRays was nowhere in sight... he must have went back for help.

     "No, the question is who are you?" I replied.

     She looked shocked, I guess finally hearing me talk. "I am Seryn," she paused, "The Princess Faerie."

     "Wow are you serious? I had to have gotten hit on the head way to hard because now because I am hallucinating an imaginary faerie," I said, trying to stand up.

     She helped me get up and said, "I am sorry that I landed on you. And no you are not hallucinating because then I would be too. Now are you okay? Hey you never answered my question, who are you?"

     "Whoa... slow down. Okay, so I am not crazy. I am fine. And my name is Ty. And hey I've never heard of a Princess Faerie," I said.

     "Well there is one because I am it and not many people have met me. Only faeries know about me," she said, sounding very smart.

     "Now why did you fall out of the sky and on top of me?" I asked, sounding stupid.

     "Well there is a reason but I cannot tell you right now... is your house near by?" she said, sounding concerned.

     "Yeah, just a moment away," I answered.

     "Good, we must go there now," she said as she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me along to the front of the house. "Okay, now go in. I must turn the house invisible," she said mysteriously.

     "What?" I asked stupidly.

     She pushed me inside where my sister was sitting at the window watching everything.

     "Who is that?" she asked with wide eyes. "She isn't your friend is she?"

     "Zip it. We are going to help her," I snapped at her to shut her up.

     I watched Seryn outside the window I couldn't hear a thing. She said a few words then POOF! There was a pouch in her hand. She grabbed something out of it... it was this sort of magical dust that was shining like a rainbow. She said some more words but nothing happened. She came inside.

     "Okay, now we wait," she said with a loud sigh.

     "Why, what's going on here?" I demanded.

     "Now I can tell you. As you already know I am the Princess Faerie. But my mother and I are going into hiding. My mother is not in hiding though she has been kidnapped by my Aunt Jhudora. And I feel that our royal advisor is mixed into all of this. Well... umm... how I got here is these two giant Chias were suppose to be taking me to a hide out but they were taking me somewhere else. Somewhere dark and scary, the dark parts of faerie," she answered in a small voice.

     I was about to say something, I opened my mouth but then she slapped her over my mouth and whispered, "SSSShhhh they are coming."

     We all sat there still for a moment and her something loud fly by and to our luck they didn't find us.

     "Phew... wow, this is so so so so so COOL!!" my sis squealed. "So you're really a faerie! What's that like??"

     "Well, I am guessing it is just like being human but you have wings," she answered kindly.

     "Oh cool, so you're a princess, huh? Well that must rock!" my sis said even more excitedly.

     "I wouldn't say that, too many bad things can happen to you when you're a princess," she said with a small chuckle, "Well I best be of I must go find my mother.

     She was about to open the door when I noticed her wing. "Wait how are you going to leave with your wing all torn up like that?"

     She pulled her wing closer and took a look at it and frowned deeply. "Oh darn, I won't be able to fly and I'll be leaking magic everywhere," she said pouting.

     "You'll be leaking magic everywhere?" my sis and I asked at the same time.

     "Yup, see when faeries get cut they don't bleed that red stuff that humans do... we bleed out magic, because we are mostly magic," she answered nicely.

     "Oh I get it. Since me and Ty need blood to live, you need magic?" my sister asked, I was surprised she understood it a lot better than me.

     "Exactly," Seryn said with a bright pearly smile.

     "And sense you're not human and faeries are mostly made of magic then it would make sense that faeries would leak it," I said finally catching on.

     "Right," Seryn said, pulling her wing closer to her so she could have a look. "Hmm, looks like they really tore it. I won't be able to fly until it heals. Do you have a needle and some thread?"

     "Umm... yeah right here," I said, pointing to our table that was filled with sewing supplies because mom was working on a quilt. "Great!" she said happily.

     She threaded a needle and started sewing her wing back together, she cringed once in awhile but I guess it would hurt sewing yourself back together. After she was done she started out the door.

     "Wait maybe you're going to need help?" my Sister said, grabbing her by the hand.

     "Oh no you don't, your not going anywhere. I will go," I said, scolding my sister.

     "Oh don't even try the whole hero bit, when suddenly there is a girl here," my sister barked.

     I felt my face get red and then I yelped, "That has nothing to do with it and now go to your room until Mom and Dad come home." I point to her bedroom door. She mumbled and grumbled dragging her doll behind her as she walked to her room and slammed the door shut.

     "Sorry about her she can be a handful at times," I said, heaving a long sigh.

     "So you want to help me?" Seryn said, smiling.

     "Uuummm, well I... uh... still have to watch my sis but... umm," I answered (see I didn't want to leave my lil' sis alone, and, plus if I went some where without telling my parents I wouldn't be just in trouble but I would be grounded until I turned forty). "See, well I can't go because a) I have to watch my sis, and b) I need to tell my parents where I am going," I said, heaving another long sigh.

     "Oh well, I could have one of my royal helper people come and watch her and we can leave your parents a note, I am sure they won't mind if you help the Princess of all Neopia try and save the Queen of all Neopia."

     The way she said it made it sound really important, and so I agreed. Hey what's the worst that could happen??

To be continued...

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