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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Short Stories > Royal Pain

Royal Pain

by flipp_garuda

It was a day like any other, I suppose. I'd gone to the Book Shop to read all that I could afford, until I came across a book about Meridell. The games seemed so foreign and strange, and I was compelled to try them. So of course, I flew around, searching for Gryphon (Flipp_Garuda) and asked her for some NP to play the games. She agreed, and sent my half-sister, GryphonSinger, with me. Singer wasn't a bad Eyrie, but she was unnervingly quiet.

     We caught and updraft and glided easily to the lush valleys of Meridell. We landed with as much grace as we could muster while going against a draft, causing many Meridell civilians to gaze at us in awe and disgust all at once. I looked around and noticed that it wasn't Singer they were looking at, it was me! I checked myself over and found all my stripes in place and not a smudge of dirt on me. I looked around before I noticed that all but the Draiks and Ixis were default colours! That must be why they thought me strange, I was painted and not a Meridell species. The thought caused me to flush as I followed meekly behind Singer to the first of the games that we saw, Turdle Racing.

     "Care to place a bet?" A starry Scorchio asked behind the desk. He seemed a bit desperate as native Neopets glared at him with disdain.

     "Sure," Singer answered and handed the Scorchio 200 Neopoints. "Turdle number 2."

     "All right, if you'll step this way…" he directed us, clearly relieved. We followed his movements to a small circular enclosure where 5 Turdles were munching happily on food I could not name inside of a wooden pen. The Scorchio hurried in and lifted the small wooden sides and the Turdles lifted their heads and began moving about. Within moments, many of the Turdles had stopped to eat again. Turdle number three, however, flopped over to the edge of the enclosure and received a small treat from the Scorchio. "Sorry, but you didn't win," he told us and we slumped away.

     "What about that game?" I asked Singer, motioning towards a large stand where a warty Grundo was motioning excitedly to various Mortogs. Without a word, Singer walked over.

     "Mortogs! We have visitors!" the Grundo cried as we approached. "It's 50 NP to play and all you have to do is give one of these cute little frogs a kiss," the Grundo said enthusiastically.

     "Are you sure you'd like to try, Kendaasha?" Singer questioned me while studying the Mortogs and the Grundo.

     "I guess…" I answered quietly, unsure, but willing. Singer handed the Grundo 50 Neopoints and I stepped forward, took a breath, and gently "kissed" a Mortog with my beak. Eyrie kisses were more like pecks, and I hope I didn't hurt the poor petpet as he began to glow golden. The Mortog grew and changed shape into a handsome Kacheek prince that was not sitting on the side of the stand that the Mortog had been. He blinked and looked at me. His look turned to surprise, and then enthusiasm, and then his eyes glazed over and got soft. He leapt off of the stand and captured me in an excited embrace.

     "Ah, my love! We shall forever be together now that I have found you!" he exclaimed and gave me a giant smooch on my now-reddened cheek.

     "Uh… Um… Listen, I…" But he wasn't listening, he was babbling on and on about weddings and castles and the wonderful future we would have together. I began to sweat as a crowd started to gather. Singer eyed me strangely and the warty Grundo looked very pleased.

     I couldn't take it any longer so I bolted. But you must understand, I'm not very fast, and the prince easily caught up with me. "Why do you run, fair maiden? You, my saviour and love forever will be with me until the world ends!" he cried and grabbed onto my hind leg as I began to run again. He began reciting bad poetry that he must have thought up right at the top of his head.

     "You are the rose that fills my nose, the light that I see in my eyes, the singing that fills my ears with joy!" he screeched.

     "NO! GO AWAY!" I screamed and made various sharp turns before hitting a dead end at the large Castle in south Meridell.

     "Father! Mother! I have found my love at last!' The Kacheek prince called, causing a Draik and Ixi to run quickly out of the giant gates.

"Oh, son, I have not seen you in so long! You have grown so much and now have a beautiful maiden as your princess!" the Queen Ixi crowed happily.

     "No, no, no!" I screeched. "It's not true, I was just playing a game and…" But it was too late. I was swept up by Grarrl guards who had placed me on their shoulders and the Kacheek prince on another set of shoulders.

     "We will live together forever in happiness, my princess!" the Kacheek crooned, looking at me with liquid-eyes.

     "NO!" I cried again, tears stinging my eyes.

     It was then that a blood curdling screech filled the air and GryphonSinger, the red Eyrie, plunged out of the sky and knocked the two Grarrls carrying me to the ground. "Fly, sister! We must get away from here!"

     I lifted my striped wings as the prince called for guards to restrain Singer and I, but they were too late. We launched ourselves into the air, the prince's screams soon far below us.

     When we landed back in Neopia Central with Gryphon, Deadele and Moonstriken with us, I screamed, "I NEVER WANT TO GO TO MERIDELL EVER AGAIN!"

     "Well, that's too bad," Gryphon told us. "I just filled out the forms for us to get a NeoHome there."

     My eyes widened before I fell into a dead faint right then and there.

The End

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