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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Short Stories > Peo-Princess: Story of a Model

Peo-Princess: Story of a Model

by vvw

Sutamuyo was a kind hearted Peophin. Although she was a bit of a cry-baby, and tends to believe a lot of things, and didn't have the most gracious up bringing, She was smart, and very beautiful. Sutamuyo did things she claimed was "normal". She loved idols, chased boys and fantasised about becoming a famous, actress, singer or super model. She lived with her owner vvw and three sisters in Neopian Central. Sutamuyo had been born a Kiko but had become a Peophin at the Faerie Fountain. She hoped it would help her these nearly impossible dreams. Our story begins on one such day, as her mean older sister Teri sits at the bottom of the stairs, watching the Bathroom door...

Teri plotted. "Sut always takes forever," she told her Airax, Nellie.

Teri looked up at the 50-pound anvil hanging above the bathroom door. "I wonder if that would kill her?" A smile spread across Teri's Pteri Beak. The door opened a crack and Teri readied the Anvil. The door opened and Renee the starry Shoyru walked into the Living Room.

"Teri, Sutamuyo's not home." Teri dropped the anvil but Renee, being a superior Battledomer to all (according to vvw) was able to just catch it and put it down, out of the way behind the couch.

"Where did Sut go?" Teri asked.

Sut was her nickname but it bugged her sometimes. "She didn't go to school with vvw did she?"

School had just started for vvw but this didn't mean her pets would stop annoying (or in Teri's case, trying to kill) each other! "No, She finished school."

"Oh, So she's gone to college? That stinks... at least she's out of my hair..."

"No, not college..."

"But she said she wanted to go to college and become a poet. She's been saying that all her life."

"Nope. She went to modeling school."

Sut sat in a classroom. It was very big and slowly filling with tons of other girls, and the occasional boy. She looked around. All the other girls were prettier than her! Some were painted beautifully; few were normal colours but looked very beautiful. Sut sat alone. Although she was a faerie Peophin, she didn't feel as beautiful or confident as the other girls. Finally, her sidekick (as vvw put it) and best friend Christmas295 the Christmas Kiko walked 9or, rather hovered) into the classroom. She took her seat next to Sutamuyo.

"I can't believe LinkMaster let you do this! I didn't think he was one for letting his et be a model." LinkMaster22 was vvw's little brother.

"Yeah, well I still can't believe vvw would let you do this! I thought she hated models because they were prettier than her!"

Sut nodded. "She does. But vvw's a human and I'm a Peophin! Oh, and Renee helped." Vvw isn't that shallow, just insecure.

An ol' yellow Kiko with crazy gray hair took to a podium in the centre of the room.

"Hello Class! Welcome to Faerie Princess Modeling School! We are all very happy to welcome you, the freshmen class to your first year. As you know, this is a four year modeling school teaching the greatest models out there!"

Sut smiled. She traveled around the small campus. It was like a college but everyone was more attractive and no one was very smart (No offence to the Smart, attractive people).

"Hey, Sut! Don't get Spacey on me! We have to go to our next class." Sutamuyo and Christmas had a lot of fun at Faerie Princess Modeling School. But she soon found it was getting harder and harder to do everything to took to be a model!

Sut sat on her blue Beanbag Chair in her room. Vvw walked in. "Hey Sut, how's modeling going?"

"Hard! Vvw, I have to learn so many techniques and stuff, I thought this was easy! Maybe I should quit and go to college for Poetry..."

vvw shook her head. "Sut! You can't give up now! Come on! I think you'd make a great model!"

Sut smiled. "Really?"

"Sure! You're pretty and smarter than the average door knob!"

Sut frowned. "The average door knob?"

vvw nodded. "Yeah! Teri told me the Super Door Knobs would come after me. I must go prepare my Space Ship!" vvw ran out of the room.

"Well, I see vvw isn't smarter than the average door knob..."

"PSST!" Sutamuyo looked over to her open door. "Teri?"

"Hey, you want to be beautiful right?"

Sut nodded, a bit confused. "Why do you care?"

"You'll see."

Teri pulled out a Pink Ness covered in lipstick and Mascara. "What's that?"

"Super Special, Super Rare Beauty Negg! I stole it from Bunny Spears..."

"How much?"

"Five Thousand Neopoints!"

Sut frowned. "Well... Maybe I'll give it to for 300." Sut smiled and hugged her sister.

"Don't hug me."

Sut backed away. "But there is one more thing." Sut frowned. A smirk spread across Teri's lips.

"What is it Teri?"

"Study as hard as you can and try to get into that college..."

Sut eat the Negg and found a golden Brush in side. When she used it she felt a lot prettier but felt a bit empty. Teri kept selling her the neggs and she always found the Gold accessories inside. But she couldn't help but feel dumber. If you haven't figured it out yet, those were no Beauty Neggs, But Glamour Neggs. When they are consumed, they take away from your pet's intelligence.

Sut sat in one of her classrooms taking a test. She couldn't seem to remember any of the answers.

"Why is this so hard? I know I studied..."

Christmas leaned over. "You okay Sut? You look... weird..."

Sut nodded. "I'm going to get a glass of water..." She stood up and started to walk out of the room. She tripped but got up again. Christmas shook her head.

"What's wrong with her."

She dropped her pencil and reached down to get it. "Huh? What's this?"

She picked up the Glamour Negg. "A Glamour Negg? Is Sut taking Glamour Neggs? But, those are banned from school..."

Christmas knew that Glamour Neggs made up for "Beauty Neggs" because her brother was given Glamour Neggs to lower his intelligence (It may seem cruel, but it was fully necessary).

After the test, Christmas met Sut outside.

"Sut? Can I ask you something?"

"Like, sure!" Sut wasn't very smart anymore.

"Have you been taking these?" Christmas held out the Glamour Negg.

"Oh! Oooo! You found Teri's Beauty Negg..."

"They're not Beauty Neggs. They're Glamour Neggs. And they've made you a moron."

Sut snatched the negg from her friend's hands. "THAT IS NOT TRUE!"

Sut stomped away. A Faerie Uni, and Faerie Usul joined her. The more popular girls on campus. Christmas sighed. "I better tell vvw, Sut could get kick out of school for this!"

Christmas went to vvw. "Vvw! Sut is taking Glamour Neggs!"

vvw nodded. "Yeah. Don't worry. I stole Teri's stash and sold them. They sell for a lot..."

Christmas smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah... I think. Wait... Sut was taking the Glamour Neggs?"


"OH NO!" vvw fell onto the couch and began to cry.

"Vvw, it'll be okay..."


Christmas sighed. "Oh, I thought you were showing compassion for your pet, but I guess not..."

"Me? Compassion? Oh, I suppose next you'll want Teri to Sniper for Renee's Top Secret Spying group!"

"What top Secret Spying group?"


Vvw confronted Sut about the neggs and gave her books. Tons and Tons of books. Sut read and read. She was becoming smarter until she reached her normal intelligence of Super Genius (45). She was then passing all her tests with Flying Colours (whatever that means) and doing much better than the popular girls.

"Sut, I'm happy! Your more likely to become a model than the stupid, popular girls!" Sut shook her head. "I don't think so... Blare Uni just got an offering for a Kalvin Kacheek perfume add! Even though only her hooves will be shown in the commercial, It will still be a BIG boost working for Kalvin Kacheek..." Christmas sighed. "I guess the Glamour Neggs kids won..."

"Not Really. Guess what I got!"


"I got an Acceptance Letter from The Neopian University of Fine Arts and I'm going to study Poetry!" Christmas cheered. "Oh, but what about Modeling?" Sut smiled. "Don't worry! I'll still be taking modeling! I just won't have time to pour Red Paint of the Battledomers or Fur industrialists anymore!" Christmas frowned. "No more red paint on the Battledomers or Fur wearers?"

"Hey, it's okay, you still can."

"It won't be as fun... or legal..."

"Well, then, maybe we should stop for a while... I don't think Renee would bail us out anymore since all that paint we threw on her."

The two friends laughed.

"Glad your dream is coming True Sutamuyo!"

The End

Author's Note: Sorry if I offended ANYONE in the making of this story! Sut and Christmas are really trying to balance modeling and College, Sut is doing okay, but Christmas's brother Link keeps eating her homework. I guess the Glamour Neggs were bad for him after all.

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