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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 57 > Short Stories > Oputuk and Cumulo: The Ghost Lupe and His Ghostly Problem

Oputuk and Cumulo: The Ghost Lupe and His Ghostly Problem

by blueberry13579

“Oputuk I hate the Haunted Woods,” Cumulo muttered from a top Oputuk’s head.

“I didn’t say you had to come,” Oputuk said, looking at the Brain Tree, whose eyes followed them as they made their way for the Haunted Marketplace.

Blue had sent the two friends to find a mushroom which she had wanted for her gallery in their shop.

“What kind of mushroom are we looking for again Cumulo?” Oputuk asked as they reached the door of the shop Blue had told them about.

“An ugly one,” Cumulo muttered, looking around uneasily.

Oputuk snorted at how utterly scared Cumulo was.

“They’re all ugly Cumulo, do you remember the name?” Oputuk asked, attempting to look at Cumulo who clung to his head.

Cumulo just whimpered and curled up into the best ball he could whilst holding onto Oputuk’s head. Oputuk rolled his eyes and shook his head hard enough so Cumulo fell off. The red Triffin landed in the dirt opposite Oputuk’s left.

“What are you doing!?” Cumulo yelled, suddenly forgetting he was afraid and becoming extremely moody. “We came here to get a Poisonous Mushroom, now let’s get it and get out of here!” he yelled, clambering onto the porch and shoving the creaky door open. Oputuk smiled at the utter stupidity of his Petpet and followed him inside.

The shop was creaky and cobwebs littered the shelves and corners. Oputuk found Cumulo sitting on the rusty counter top and speaking loudly to a rather hungry looking Halloween Nimmo.

“Cumulo, calm down you knob!” Oputuk hissed, grabbing his Triffin by the mouth and setting him on the floor.

Cumulo mumbled angrily and looked around, his face took on a look of horror as he realised where he was. The horrified Triffin grabbed onto Oputuk’s leg and refused to let go. Oputuk smiled bleakly at the angered Nimmo and figured they should get they wanted and get out.

“I hate this part the most,” Cumulo whined when they reached the edge of the very dark forest. Oputuk sighed and looked back at the flashing lights of the Carnival of Terror and the pulsing brain of the Braintree.

“I don’t like it either Cumulo, but we came through it, so we have to go back this way too,” Oputuk said, his eyes scanning the dark forest. “But it was light when we went through, now it’s dark,” Cumulo whimpered, shrinking onto Oputuk’s back.

“Well, we have to get home soon or Blue is gonna start worrying,” Oputuk said, stepping into the forest.

“She’s not gonna have much to worry about when we get attacked by a Mutant Lupe and turned into Lupe chow,” Cumulo said, “I see the headlines now-Cloud Chomby and Pet Triffin attacked by Mutant Lupe and fed to Pups.” Cumulo rambled on about how it would be all Oputuk’s fault as they continued their way through the woods, the every dwindling light of the sun at their back. “And of course they’d eat you first Oputuk, they save the cutest for--”


“ARGH!!!” Cumulo roared, leaping from Oputuk’s head and smacking a low branch before coming to the ground with a loud splat. Oputuk stared oddly at the sight before him, the Ghost Lupe was inches from the Chomby’s face, and yet Oputuk felt no urge to scream and run for his life. The Ghost Lupe blinked and then pulled away. “Not another one!” he moaned, clutching his head with two ghostly paws. “That’s the third time this week!” he cried, slumping to the ground.

“The third time this week for what?” Oputuk asked, fighting back a laugh.

“The third time a Neopet Haas’t run off screaming and crying,” the Ghost said, motioning to Oputuk with a paw.

“Well how many times have you tried?” Oputuk asked, laying down so he could look the Lupe in the eyes.

“Three,” the Lupe said flatly before bursting into tears.

“I wasn’t scared, I was just, you know, practising for the Triffin Leaping Competition,” Cumulo said hastily, emerging from behind Oputuk, mud and grass entangled in his fur.

Oputuk sighed and pulled himself into a sitting position. “You scared Cumulo, does that count?” Oputuk asked the saddened Ghost.

“It’s a Triffin, they’re scared of everything,” the Lupe drawled, bawling even more.

“Oh sure, rub it in,” Cumulo muttered, pulling a twig from his fur.

“Why can’t you scare anymore?” Oputuk asked, ignoring Cumulo.

“I don’t know!” the Ghost Lupe howled loudly.

“Oh my Faeries! Shut that thing up!!” Cumulo yelled over the howling of the Ghost.

“Look....” Oputuk started, searching for a name to call the Ghost,

“Shamus,” the teary-eyed Ghost cried.

Cumulo snorted, “What kind of name is that for a Ghost Lupe? Shouldn’t it be like Killer Fang, or Ripper, or something at least a tad frightening?” Cumulo raised a furry eyebrow.

“Oh shut up you knob,” Oputuk said, rolling his eyes and grabbing the Triffin. “Come on Shamus, let’s take you back to our place.”

“A Ghost Lupe that can’t scare?” Blue asked, scratching her head as she looked at the sad Ghost on the floor.

Shamus looked at the floor.

“Oh I don’t mean to rude Shamus,” Blue said quickly, “it’s just I haven’t really heard of such a thing.”

“I think he’s lying,” Talmox the Ixi said dryly, eying Shamus.

“You think everyone is lying... oh High and Mighty,” Natt said, rolling her eyes at Talmox.

“It’s not my fault those stupid coconut natives can’t be trusted!!” Talmox yelled, putting up a defence.

“Oh give it up horn-head,” Natt said, shaking her head at Talmox.

The Ixi looked absolutely shocked. “Yarn Ears!” Talmox retorted loudly.

Natt’s jaw dropped. “Peadackle Breath!!”

The Gelert shot back, “Be quiet you buckets!”

Blue yelled, grabbing Talmox’s horns as he attempted to attack Natt, “We have enough problems Jack and Jill, now get to your rooms!”

The two Neopets scowled and slumped off to their rooms. “Now back to bus--” Blue began, cut off by a snort from Cumulo. “Peadackle breath, that was good!” Cumulo yelled.

“And ten minutes later....” Oputuk said, rolling his eyes.

Blue sighed and turned to Shamus. “Maybe you're just not cut out to scare Neopets,” Blue said, shrugging.

Shamus looked horrified. “B-b-b-b,” was all he could manage.

“I don’t mean to be a bother,” Oputuk said, “but you really shouldn’t tell a ghost they can’t scare Neopets, Blue. It tends to hit them hard.” Oputuk smiled half-heartedly.

“But it’s the truth Oputuk,” Blue said, then she turned back to Shamus, “You're just gonna have to find a job doing something else.”

Shamus nodded, then he dragged himself slowly out the door.

“That stinks,” Oputuk said grimly.

“Yeah, but sometimes the truth hurts,” Blue said, crossing her arms.

“Peadackle breath,” Cumulo chuckled.

“Cumulo!!” Oputuk and Blue yelled in unison.

Three weeks later...

“Hornsby feet!” Natt yelled at Talmox.

Natt and Talmox were again insulting each other and Oputuk and Blue stared blankly at the arguing Neopets.

“Snorkle nose!” Talmox yelled, pointing a hoof at Natt.

“Two insane Neopets...” Shamus appeared in front of the two Neopets and they yelped.

“Shamus!” Oputuk yelled, happy to see the Ghost Lupe with a grin on his face.

“Where have you been these past weeks?” Blue asked, getting to her feet.

“I’m very pleased to say that I’ve found a job I enjoy doing and I’m good at it,” Shamus said as he gave a toothy grin.

“Crying?” Cumulo asked flatly.

Oputuk grabbed Cumulo and shoved him under the sofa. “You were saying?” Oputuk asked, smiling widely.

Shamus smiled, “I found a job scaring Triffins!” Shamus said excitedly. The family just looked at one another.

Well whatever floats your boat... or scares your Petpet. :)

The End

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