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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Articles > RELAX, Everything is Going to be Okay!

RELAX, Everything is Going to be Okay!

by missko

NEOPIAN HOSPITAL - Feeling delusional yet? Got an achy neck, dry throat, maybe a bit of fatigue in your wrists? With all its ongoing events and latest challenges, it's no surprise Neopets makes you feel as if you're running about in circles, while neglecting your health!

The matter of the fact is, Neopets is jam-packed full with games, competitions and contests (which ultimately lead to those highly sought TROPHIES!) ... it's no wonder some of you may be feeling dizzy. I mean, there's SO MUCH this Web site has to offer that after only a few hours of venturing throughout Neopia, one will soon find his/her hands full of projects and activities to accomplish.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here, let me give an example. As you know, there have been several updates within the past month or so. Something in particular that comes to mind is the more recent discovery of Meridell, which I believe took place towards the end of last month (July 30th to be precise!). Naturally, this news put a halt to all of the ongoing "projects" I was working on. Want particulars? ... I've created a list of these in order of importance, the first being my main priority at the time:

1. Getting a score of 1,600 or higher on Mystery Island's Gadgadsgame, which was around the high score at the time simply because I LOVE this game.

2. Beating the evil Mr. Chuckles at Carnival of Terror for the Better Than You competition. I have come to grips that beating him at his own game is nearly IMPOSSIBLE, although 917 people (so far) think otherwise.

3. Training my toughest pet, RamoneII, for the upcoming Defenders of Neopia quest ... whenever that might be! This means nightly visits to the Secret Lab - for his OWN GOOD - and visits to the Swashbuckling Academy about 3-5 times a week. Cap'n Threelegs' trains RamoneII to gain back all the levels the lab ray seems to take away from him. I also make sure to keep him on a strict diet of Bagguss and Pickled Olives (or maybe I'm just a cheapskate?).

4. Frantically searching EVERY nook and cranny of this Web site for that blasted Mystery Picture. You'd be surprised how many hours it takes to find absolutely nothing!

5. Submitting my oh-so-witty entry to the Caption Competition. Hey, it's worth a shot.

6. Mentally preparing for the upcoming Armada competition in August, which includes practising Armada at least twice a day since I am not quite accustomed to the strategy and skills it takes to be strong at that game. Ironically, that is the only trophy I have won so far (with regards to Multiplayer Competition games).

7. Loitering about Neopia Central's bookshop during "after-hours" (2-5 AM). I've been shooting for that Neopian Book Award you know (that'll be the day) like everyone else seems to be doing.

Although I had quite a few days to prepare for the coming of Meridell, this new world seemed to appear out of nowhere and most definitely took us by surprise. I mean, it seemed like just a few days prior to this event that news of "a few strange new creatures" were seen wandering around Neopia. These were the Draiks of course, and I'm still upset I wasn't fast enough to swipe one of those little fellas, but that is beside the point! Immediately, my thoughts turned to the attention of this new world, filled with new games, new contests and new competitions, a.k.a. new trophies!

I rushed off to Meridell and had an exciting time exploring this new region of Neopia. Activities included guessing the weight of 'Old Bessie', puckering up to a Mortog, hanging out with a Shapeshifter, and doing a favour or two for Illusen. Heck, I even enjoyed counting potatoes! Yet after a couple of hours, my eyes began to itch, my neck was starting to feel a tad bit achy, and my dry tongue was practically hanging out of my mouth! With all this new-founded excitement, it was very easy to neglect the symptoms of this mild form of fatigue that is quite common when sitting in a certain position for long periods of time. I soon began to notice that instead of enjoying my stay at Meridell, I was beginning to become more and more preoccupied with the minor ailments in my body.

After some repeated experiences similar to the one above, it dawned on me that if I am to truly enjoy playing Neopets, then it would probably be in my best interest to spare a few moments throughout the day to do some helpful exercises. Over the past few weeks, I have been incorporating some very simple techniques to keep my mind and body in premium shape. They are as follows:

1. Take the time to walk around the house (or whatever environment you are playing Neopets in) every half-hour or so. Nothing vigorous of course, but something to get the blood circulating in your body so you feel all the more refreshed when you get back to your computer (don't you hate it when your legs go numb?). When I take a break, I tend to walk around in my backyard for about five minutes or so while taking in a breath of fresh air! Being cooped up indoors can be a bit exhausting so give it a go!

2. I find that stretching my legs, arms, and neck GENTLY during my five-minute half-hourly break does wonders! Once again, stretching your body parts increases blood circulation throughout the body. These kinds of exercises also prevent cramps and numbness.

3. Eat healthy! That's right. I find that fruits and vegetables is the best thing to eat while playing Neopets. Not only are these foods lighter on your stomach, they are nutritious and provide quite a bit of energy to avoid those drowsy episodes. If these foods are not filling enough, how about some low fat crackers that are high in fibee (e.g. wheat)! I suggest eating these foods during your break since people tend to overindulge when not paying attention to what is going in their mouths.

4. Finally, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! I suggest at least one large glass of ice cold water for every hour of Neopets you play! A pint is the perfect amount for me. Being addicted to Neopets is one thing, but playing on the computer for a substantial amount of time while neglecting your body of one of its most vital components will do you no good. Believe me, you'll feel so much better!

These short exercises are simply wonderful, yet not as simple to follow as they seem. Remember, it takes a bit of will power to avoid those fattening surgery snacks while playing away on Neopets, not to mention a bit of getting used to when it comes to peeling yourself away from the computer screen for a few quick exercises. Any more advice? Stop stressing out! That's right, try not to worry too much about all that is going on in Neopia, considering it is most likely going to be around for many years to come! So take in a deep breath, stretch your fingers (I heard them crack!) and stop giving yourself an ulcer already! There are so many events and trophies going around that with time, you too will soon have that trophy cabinet filled with sparkly goodies, representing the hard work and commitment you, as a citizen of Neopia, have EARNED. Just keep in mind that in order to enjoy Neopets to its fullest, it is crucial to take care of your mind and body!

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