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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Articles > Making NP off the War

Making NP off the War

by arthurbulla

MERIDELL HILLS - I'm sure that by now, we all should have heard of the soon-to-be-coming war. It was first announced in the Coming Soon section, where it is still located. Then it was hinted at by other people when the news of a medieval world, now known as Meridell, was hinted at by Neopets. Then, three weeks after Neopets had said it would come, MERIDELL! Wait! Nope, first, you had to have a plot. This plot was added on to, day by day, until finally, on the fourth day, we got the news. Meridell had been opened. And, even better, you didn't need to find a thing to get there!

I'm sure we've all been to Meridell since, but if you haven't, you should. There's Illusen's Glade, Potato Counter, Cheese Roller, and much, much more. But, anyway, this article isn't on the joys of Meridell, is it? Nope! It's about the war, and how to make money off of it!

The war was finally announced just a little while ago, and we all became very excited. Tons of new article subjects popped up in the times, and we all tried to figure out what it would be like. Now, this article is devoted to making money off of the war. Many other articles have given you a slight idea, but here I will tell you the full details…

How will we make the NP?
I haven't been on long enough to have seen the past wars, but according to some of my resources, during these wars, the prices of many Battledome Items soared. Everything from snowballs to Grand Lightning Beams, Codestones, to Power Neggs. But first, why? Why are they so in demand? Well, what do you need to Battle in the Battledome? You need to train. You need to have weapons.

You need all these Items that are mentioned here to have a strong Battledoming ability. I mean, how can you beat an even 20 HP monster, with those weak stats you get from the beginning. And even if you have some of the best stats in the world, it will still be extremely hard to beat a 100 HP monster with no items, won't it? So, during the war, when everyone needs these items, wouldn't it be natural for the rise in demand be rivaled with a rise in price? You know what I say? Yes.

So, what should I get?
Well, what you want to get all depends on your price range. I personally, am not full of NP, so I decided to go with codestones. I have been getting as many codestones as I can, without going over budget. I started a few days ago, and I already have about 10 codestones in my shop, waiting to be priced.

But what if you can't even afford codestones? What if you just started, and you don't know how to make a lot of NP? Well, according to some people who have been around since the last two wars, Snowballs are the way to go. They're cheap, but they seem to all rise in price, along with the codestones and Grand Lightning Beams. I used to collect snowballs, so I have a stock of these also.

And finally, what if codestones are too cheap for you? What if snowballs are like Tombola Keyrings to you? Well, then, why don't you try stocking on the more expensive items? You can try for the Grand Lightning Beams, or the Power Neggs. And if you're insanely rich, you just might want to press your luck with some of the less expensive Hidden Tower weapons.

All right, I've got the items, now what?
Well, now that you have the basic idea of what you're going to get, and once you already have a few of these items in stock, you'll just have to wait. While you wait, you can stock up on some more items, or even train your own pet, if you'd like. But, say the war has started already. How do you know when to sell? Well, let me give you an example.

I collect Paint Brushes, so I have to check the prices on these every now and then, to see if I can find any good deals. One day, I noticed something strange. Christmas Paint Brushes seemed to be 4k NP! I was amazed at this, as they were usually extremely cheap, anywhere from 2.5k NP, to 3k NP. I decided to have a closer look. I went back every day, and watched the Christmas Paint Brushes. I noticed them go up even more, so I decided to invest in some. I bought one or two, and kept watching, so I could know when to sell. One day, they got to 8k. The prices started to dwindle right then, and I decided to sell my Christmas Paint Brushes. So, it goes to show, I bought these for 5k, and sold them for 8k.

This is the same basic idea that you should go on when you're wondering when to sell those items you bought. When you notice these prices start to stay in one place for long, sell! This way, you might be able to make some more NP than if you waited even more, and watched the prices fall.

I heard somewhere that you can make NP without having to buy anything...
Well, I'm not sure about this war, but yes, you could make money by battling the warriors in the past wars. There were 4 levels of Warriors, all going from weak to strong. The prizes in NP for these Warriors ranged from 5k to 100k. And the last warrior, the final 'boss', was fought all together. But, the person who dealt the last blow got a ton of NP. So, if your pet is strong, and you want to try making NP this way, you can do that also.

Interview with past warriors
Ah, an interview. This time, I will interview some users who fought in the past wars We'll see what they have to say...

Me: Hi! I'm arthurbulla! And you are?

Person: Hello I`m slater100!

Me: Hello slater100, I'm doing an article on how to make money off of the upcoming war, and I wanted to ask you some questions. First of all, how long have you been playing Neopets?

slater100: Well, I have been playing Neopets for nearly two whole years!

Me: Wow! That's a long time! Well, how many wars have you been in exactly, then? What were they like?

slater100: Yes it is, Anyway I have witnessed all three wars their have been they were in order from first to latest the Space Station War, the Tyrannian War and the Lost Desert war. During each of these Neopians from around Neopia united and fought battles or adopted pets to defeat the enemy. They were very interesting.

Me: OK. Now come the questions my article is based upon. Do you remember if any of the Battledome items raised in price during the wars?

slater100: Actually in each of the wars yes almost all Battledome items prices raised except in the space station war in which you never did battle just adopt. Actually 4 wars one that is hardly ever talked about one in Maraqua between Mechazilla And Chiazilla.

Me: Ah, I see. Technically, I wouldn't consider the adoptions a war, so I'll just skip over that. Well, do you remember, for instance, the highest amount codestones were going for?

slater100: Well codestone price went up to a record breaking 8000 NPs which is a lot on Neopoints if I remember correctly!!!

Me: Wow! Well, this proves my codestone theory! Well, how about snowballs? And the more expensive items, like Grand Lightning Beams, or even Hidden Tower Items?

slater100: Unfortunately snowballs didn`t really increase maybe to 50 NP but no more, although grand lightning beam and items in that price line did go up between 2000 NP to 5000 NPs!!! Which is a good profit. Hidden Tower items didn`t really change at all they stayed the same because what do you expect from items that are 2 million NPs!!!

Me: Well, considering they go now for about 20 NP or less, that is a profit if you buy a lot Well, how about the less expensive Hidden Tower Items, like Wand of the Air Faeries?

slater100: Again not really, because no one has enough money to buy them but items like orb of the fire faerie increased because back then they sold for 10000 NPs on the shop wiz some even more!!

Me: Well, I guess if you checked, they probably raised... Well, do you remember if you got NP from the challengers? If so, how much?
slater100: No you never did from my memory but you did get trophies!!! Which aren`t nearly as good:(

Me: Really? That's weird, my other interview remembered 10k on each challenger, and another source said that different challengers gave different amounts of NP. Are you sure?

slater100: I personally only participated in one or two battles so I needed to confirm with my sister who got tons of battles so maybe sorry I can`t remember.

slater100: She says yes but doesn`t know how much

Me: Well, OK, thanks a lot for the interview!

Me: Hey! It's me, arthurbulla. Could you tell the rest of the world your name?

Other Person: Space_cupcake...

Me: Hi space_cupkake! Well, I'm doing an article on how to make NP off of the soon-to-be war. But first, how long have you been on Neopets?
Space_cupkake: In all, I'd say about 17 months on my first account

Me: Well, either way, it's longer than I've been on... Anyway, have you been in one war, or both of them?

Space_cupcake: I came in right after the space faerie battle so I did the Tyrannian War.

Me: Well, the real question, do you remember if any of the Battledome items soared in price?

Space_cupcake: Well, The Grand Lightning beam went up to 40k, the frost cannons went up to 1k each and 70k upwards of the black and rainbow frost cannons, Codestones rose to around 3,100 each and snowballs went for 100 NP a piece... Oh and the Hypno helmet went up to around 300k at the end of the war.

Me: This is in the Lost Desert War, correct? Well, this proves my theory on the more expensive items. But wait, how much did Grand Lightning Beams go for before the war?

Space_cupcake: Around 20k maybe 25k.

Me: Do you remember if you got NP from the challengers, and if so, how much?
Space_cupcake: Just for battling, even if you lost, You got 10k for participating but I don't know if that ever varied

Me: Really? I heard from somewhere that some of the harder challengers could give up to 100k. I guess you should have gotten 10k if you lost those... Well, thanks for the interview, I really appreciate it!

Space_cupcake: Your welcome If ya have anymore questions contact lupeluva245 :)

Me: Okay. Thanks!

Well, there you have it, a full guide on making NP during the war. I hope you make good NP, and don't get your pets hurt!

This is arthurbulla, saying, "Cya!"

I am not guaranteeing in any way that this will surely happen, although it has happened before. If you want to give me your opinions, I'd be glad to listen. : )

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