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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Articles > Alien Aisha Blasts Off

Alien Aisha Blasts Off

by conniec18

VIRTUPETS SPACE STATION - On the morning of August 13, 2002, millions of eyes opened to the sky of Neopia. Above their heads, was a strange and beautiful sight. At precisely 8:30 that morning, all around the world of Neopia, Neopians saw the flight of the S. S. Aisha, Miss Alien Aisha's space shuttle. To get the inside story, I, a curious Neopian Journalist, had planned a special interview in Alien Aisha Café the day before the S. S. Aisha planned to blast off. Miss Alien Aisha owns the café company. I sat down at a table and waited for Miss Alien Aisha. She entered the café ten minutes later wearing a fashionable spacesuit. If you look at the Alien Aisha carefully, you'll see that her ear stalks are much longer than that of a normal Aisha. Her eyes are illuminated by a purple shadow (even though she never opened her eyes). Miss Alien Aisha (MAA) told me that she was very excited about her trip, and that she was ready to "open her eyes" (I was confused about the "opening eyes" part) to the Neopian Galactic Universe. I asked her some questions. After all, that's what an interview's all about, right?

Connie (me): Hi, Miss Alien Aisha. So, your space shuttle, the S. S. Aisha is blasting off tomorrow, right?

Alien Aisha: Yes.

Connie: So, tell me a little about this ship, like how big or small? What interactive things can you access inside? How do you plan to stay so long in there without getting so very bored? How do the computers work? Just basically, what's going on inside?

Alien Aisha: (*laughs*)You ask a lot of questions, don't you? Well, the thing is, the spaceship is run completely by computers. It had cost me around 2.3 million Neopoints just to install and buy all the equipment. All the rest was paid by donations and fans. This café actually gives about 20% of what they make to me. I use the money to buy basic equipment for the space shuttle. In fact, the cup of iced tea that you are sipping right now will probably help fund some future exploration. (*smiles*) Inside the shuttle, we have a room that is an exact replica of Neopia's Game Room, and we even have all the games! It's a ton of fun. If I have time, I can give you tour of the space shuttle, if you like.

Connie: I would love that, Miss Aisha! What else is there?

Alien Aisha: Well, as I was saying, the place is run completely by computers. We have an interactive computer room where you can play video games and stuff. We can even access the Internet! It's very cool. Since there is so much going on, I doubt I'll be getting bored.

Connie: What will you be eating?

Alien Aisha: Mostly canned, stored, or dried food. We cannot bring ripe vegetables, fruit, or meat since it will rot. The Grundo chef gave us some of the space food to try a couple of days ago, and it tasted like.... Ugh! I can't even begin to explain!

Connie: So where will you be exploring, Miss Aisha? How far, and how long will you be gone? I'm sure all your fans will miss you!

Alien Aisha: (*smiles and then laughs*) Yeah, those old guys. I'll miss them because I should be gone for 4 months! I don't know how I'm going to live that long with that awful food! (*laughs*)

Connie: What is your mission for this trip?

Alien Aisha: Our mission is to explore the planets close to Neopia and look for signs of Alien Aishas living there. I'm taking a whole crew of Alien Aishas with me to help. After all, I am the first Alien Aisha ever come here. We'll be exploring Neopeeplas, Neodastus, Neostardus, and NeoPetpet. These planets have never been studied before. You never know what you may find!

Connie: NeoPetpet. Is that a planet where Petpet live?

Alien Aisha: We are not sure. It is called NeoPetpet because an astronomer thought he had seen creatures there that looked like our Petpet.

Connie: What do you think you'll learn on this trip?

Alien Aisha: Well, I'll definitely know more about that big universe out there and if there are Alien Aishas on the planets that we are studying. But, the fun doesn't end there! Hopefully, I will be able to go on another trip in two years.

Connie: Well, we are out of time. It's been a pleasure chatting with you!

Alien Aisha: The pleasure is mine.

Now that I had interviewed Miss Alien Aisha, she let me explore around her space shuttle.

When I first entered the space shuttle, I was amazed. The main hangout area was filled with machinery and "cool" looking instruments. I took an elevator to the second story. When I stepped out of the elevator, I was showed to the main room where Miss Alien Aisha usually hung out. Afterwards, she showed me to all the rooms in the 2nd and 3rd floor. Finally, she took me to the 4th floor. MAA told me there was a surprise waiting for me. As the doors opened, I was instantly amazed. I was standing in a glass dome! (Of course with comfortable chairs, a rug and a telescope!) It was like a bedroom in a glass dome. MAA told me that this was where the Aishas would look out.

The S .S. Aisha is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. This mission will hopefully bring back valuable information about Alien Aishas on other planets.

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