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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Continuing Series > Illusen's Quest For Peace: Part Two

Illusen's Quest For Peace: Part Two

by sinners

The Minions
     With the Ixi's help, Illusen had managed to publicise Illusen's Glade. She now had a group of followers, as Illusen called them, because she didn't like the idea of 'minions'. The Ixi was the leader of the followers, and he was by Illusen's side almost all the time. Illusen had taken the Ixi under her wing, and a close friendship had formed between the two.

     One day, as Illusen and the Ixi were setting up in the Glade for business as usual, they heard a rustling sound in the trees. This was explained a moment later, when a bunch of angry pets brandishing Attack Forks leapt out. "Jhudora's Warrior Minions," muttered the Ixi to Illusen. Illusen didn't reply. A whole lot of the followers had charged out and now the minions and the followers were staring at each other, each group waiting for the other to move.

     Suddenly the minions parted ranks, and Jhudora stepped out, a sly grin on her face. The Ixi clutched at Illusen's skirts, and she put her hand on his head.

     "So this is where you've been hiding, little sister." Jhudora stepped closer as she spoke.

     "We already 'checked' your dome." Startled, Illusen whirled around to face the dome, or what was left of it. The sound barriers a few miles around the dome meant that the glade was too far away for Illusen to hear what was happening, but now Jhudora pressed a button on her laser gun and the sound barrier shattered. It was like a television had been muted and then had the sound turned up to full. Illusen's ears were filled with the war cries of the ransacking minions and the sounds of breaking glass. Slowly, she turned back to face Jhudora. The satisfied smile on her sister's face was too much for Illusen to bear.

     "You monster," Illusen whispered.

     "No. I'm not a monster. But," Jhudora spoke quietly, seeming to enjoy this.

     "I can't say the same for these guys."

     As Illusen watched in terror, the minions stepped forward, pure evil in their eyes. At first glance she had thought they were pets, but no Neopets looked like this. These really were monsters. She couldn't shake the feeling that each individual one was more powerful than her and all her followers put together. So Illusen and the followers ran. They ran until they were out of breath. Only then did she turn, and see that one of her followers had not, so to speak, followed. The Ixi stood there as Jhudora's army advanced.

     "Run!" screamed Illusen. The Ixi ignored her, prepared to die rather than take the coward's option.

     "Run!" Illusen called again. Jhudora had stopped. The self-satisfied smirk on her face was gone, and instead her face seemed frozen. Then Illusen noticed dark winds blowing. The tree they were cowering under seemed spookier somehow. Jhudora and her minions fought the winds, and Illusen could still see the Ixi, chanting. Dark words spilled out of his mouth like Demon Breath.

     "He's fighting them," she said to herself. Illusen knew then that she would have to be brave and help the Ixi, her best friend. She could see that the Ixi was weak, and in pain. But still he kept chanting. Illusen summoned all her courage and all her power, pointing her Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie at the ground on which the minions stood. As though it were a piece of cake being sliced and lifted from the plate, the ground they stood on rose, with them still on it, like little sprinkles. The piece of ground floated into the sky, leaving only Jhudora, who suddenly looked frightened by Illusen's advancing followers. Abandoning her pride, the dark faerie ran.

     Illusen took the Ixi and they went off to investigate the ruins of the dome. The basement was unharmed, probably because it was hidden. Illusen stepped down into it, closely followed by the Ixi. With a flick of her staff Illusen lit the room. She crossed the dimly lit basement and stood by her shelves of bottled Dark Faeries.

     "Sometimes," she said to the Ixi, who still lingered on the basement steps, "you have to fight fire with fire."

     The Ixi understood. He crept over to her and stood ready. She swept all the Dark Faerie bottles off the shelves. They broke on the stone floor and a purple smoke filled the room. Dark Faerie after Dark Faerie blessed the Ixi with Dark abilities.

The Visit to Good Ol' Aunty Fyora
     After that incident, Illusen knew she needed stronger defence. She went to Fyora's Hidden Tower for weapons. As she approached the tower's golden gate, she laughed to herself as she saw that some Neopian had crossed out 'Tower' on the sign and written 'Toy Store' above it. She knocked on the door. A robotic voice said "We are currently closed for stock taking". Illusen groaned, but then the little peephole in the door clicked open and Fyora peered out.

     "Oh, it's you," said Fyora, and the door swung open. Illusen stepped in. The hidden tower was filled with stacks of boxes.

     "I'm not going to waste your time. I'm here on the scrounge."

     "Oh?" Fyora raised an eyebrow.

     "I need something I can use to fight Jhudora."

     Fyora sighed and sat on a box. She indicated that Illusen should sit next to her. Illusen sat on a box containing a Monoceraptors Claw. She thought wistfully of how it would feel to wield such a weapon in battle against Jhudora.

     "You see, Illy," Fyora began. Illusen winced at the nickname only Fyora could get away with using.

     "I'm not too happy with all this fighting between you and Jhudy." Illusen stood still. "Not happy with it? She's evil!" she shrieked.

     "Sit down, Illy." Reluctantly, Illusen sat down.

     "You two are so alike." Illusen started to stand up again, but Fyora stopped her with a look.

     "Alike?" Illusen whispered.

     "Both of you, so stubborn and headstrong, and you both like power so much. I mean, isn't this what it's all about? You want the power it looks like Jhudora might get."

     "I'm on the side of peace, Aunty Fyora."

     "And you intend to achieve that by creating war with your sister? No, Illy. Jhudora may not be Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, and maybe she makes bad judgements in her quest for power, but she's not all bad."

     "What about kidnapping the pet? That was a 'bad judgement'?"

     "Illy, you can't always trust your friends."

     "You're saying the pet lied?" Illusen asked in disbelief.

     "I don't know, Illy. Maybe the pet lied, maybe he was telling the truth. But it could, as you say, have been a bad judgement on Jhudy's part."

     "I don't believe this. You're defending her!"

     "Neopia needs a Jhudora, Illy. It gives it character." Illusen stood her ground. This time Fyora didn't try to stop her.

     "You're right, as always, Aunty Fyora. You can't always trust your friends." Illusen looked at Fyora with contempt, then turned on her heel and flounced out of the room.

The Reunion
     Illusen stopped in the Auction House, and bid on a Faerie Paint Brush. She won, and carried the brush home, where she found the Ixi, deeply immersed in All About Dark Faeries.

     "Oh, hi!" said the Ixi. "I'm hoping knowledge will be our best weapon." Illusen smiled. "Ixi, my friend, I wish to release you from this."


     "This!" Illusen indicated the broken glass bottles, the ash on the floor, the notebooks full of plots to get Jhudora. "You don't have to do it anymore. It's over."

     The Ixi looked sad. "But what will become of me?"

     Illusen handed him the paint brush. "With this, I give you wings. You can be free, and fly to find your family again."

     "But Ixis can't be painted Faerie."

     "I spoke to some old friends, they arranged it. And Jacko the Phantom Painter owes me a favour.

     The Ixi smiled. "You'll always be my friend, right?"

     Illusen too smiled. "Right."

     She painted the Ixi, and as he was about to fly off he turned and said


     "There really are better ways of undoing Jhudora's wrongs, aren't there?"

     The Ixi hugged Illusen and then opened his new wings.

     "Goodbye, Illusen," called the Ixi as he flew off.

     "Goodbye, pet," whispered Illusen as she blew the Ixi a kiss.

     Illusen saw the Ixi again. He was at the marketplace with his sister. Both were very happy, and were sharing an apple pie. She was so entranced by the scene that she didn't even notice Fyora standing next to her until she said, "Would that have happened if you had continued the war, Illy?" Illusen turned to face her. "I still want peace. But peace should heal pain, not cause it."

     "I'm glad to hear you say that." Fyora smiled at her niece.

The End

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