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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Short Stories > Version Three

Version Three

by cheshil

DiamondRider2K1 laughed--he and his best friend Citraberri had just solved Neopet Version 2. It was simple he thought. He had put in the code quickly, and he marveled at the words that were blinking in red: Code Granted- Opening Virtulift. Of course he couldn't take all the credit. His friend Citraberri, who was a male Lemon Chia turned into a female red Gelert, and liked it! (She went by Citra). She had sniffed out clues left and right, making in pretty easy. Diamond Rider (A male Shadow Shoyru, Diamond Rider for short) once again laughed knowing he had saved a few pets lives…

     Diamond Rider was rich. That's right. Rich. He wasn't just rich actually, he was SUPER rich. I mean he and his owner had at least a couple of EVERY single Hidden Tower item. They had a mansion in Faerieland. It had supposedly 73 rooms. There were even rooms that Diamond Rider hadn't even been in! His owner shared a winter condo, in Terror Mountain, with Citra's owner. The reason they had a condo there was because Citra and Diamond Rider attended Snowy Valley High.

     Citra wasn't SUPER rich, but rich enough to stay in Faerieland next to Diamond Rider. Her house was about 15 rooms big. Still she loved her house, even if it was the smallest in her neighbourhood. Of course they could even afford a condo, in Terror Mountain (it's very expensive, you know) and be able to pay the high bills of attending Snowy Valley High.

Sometime in the Month of Hiding
     "Good idea Diamond Rider! I'll meet you by Jhudora's Cloud in a half-hour. Let's go to Meridell from there," Citra whispered over the phone. It was 11:00 PM NST and Citra and Diamond Rider's owners were in bed hours ago. After the two snuck out of there houses, they met at 'the cloud' like arranged.

     Citra and Diamond Rider were adventurers, there never went a new world, or plot for that matter, that they didn't try and help with. They had checked the charts, and after looking a bit, they found out that, like Neopia Central, Meridell was 12 hours ahead, from Faerieland time. It would be a little past noon once they arrived.

     Knowing that they would be at Meridell until late (Meridell time), the two smart pets left notes saying they'd gone to Meridell that morning.

     Hours past and the two adventurous pets did everything they could in Meridell. Visited Illusen, counted potatoes, rolled some cheese, kissed a few Mortogs, and of course won Guess the Marrow, with there cunning guessing skills, and a little cheating (*cough* scale *cough*). It was at least midnight when the two decided to leave. They were the only people there, except for a very, very strange guy.

     "I think that's Dr. Sloth!" Citra said quietly.

     "Can't be… wait it is him! He's just in a chicken suit…" Diamond Rider said, a little confused.

     "Let's see what he's up to!"

     "Good idea!"

     The two slowly stepped up and hid behind a bush. They heard the tail end of Sloth's conversation, "… That's right the Space Station, 4 hours, if you don't show up, you'll be my next mutant servant!"

     Sloth seemed to be talking to himself, when the pets saw a chubby Skeith start walking away, he slowly said, "Yeah, sir. I'll be there."

     Suddenly it occurred to the pets, it was Malkus Vile, the sinister gangster.

     The two inhabitants of the Gallery of Evil walked off into the distance…

     "We have to trail'em!" Diamond Rider said when the coast was clear.

     "Good idea!" Citra replied quickly, without thinking.

     The two watched as Sloth got into his tiny spaceship. It flew into the sky suddenly disappearing.

     The two got into there Transporto-Zap 1000 (Mini version). It was a present from their owners. (It IS the only way for travel you know.)

     Within a few seconds they were at there destination, VirtuPets Space Station. They walked to the docking bay, whistling innocently. They watched as a giant chicken, who was actually Dr. Sloth in a costume, walk out of one of the corridors… The pets followed.

     "Malkus, hello, this is the plan I was telling you about!" Suddenly Sloth hit a button on a tiny remote. Curtains flew aside, and a giant screen emerged.

     A tiny little creature (that looked suspiciously like a yellow version of Neopet Version 2) appeared.

     "Hello doctor," It said, "I missed you. Will you be my friend?"

     "See Malkus, it is our ticket to millions. How? We will sell them! Remember Usuki Dolls? These will be the next craze! No more Neopets, to meddle in OUR plans! HAHAHAHA!!!" Sloth screamed at the top of his lungs. "Just in case this plan gets out of control, like Version 2, I will tell you the six numbers, to the deactivation console. Using the code on this main console will turn them all off!" Sloth proceeded to whisper several things to Malkus…

     The pets snuck outside after listening to the conversation.

     "We have to do something, but what?" Citra asked.

     "We're gonna have to get those codes!" Diamond Rider yelled.

     They stayed at the Space Station waiting for Malkus to come out. Of course they made a phone call and said that they won a free trip to VirtuPets Space Station, as an excuse, to stay there.

     After about six hours of waiting, Malkus finally emerged from the room, with a giant grin on his face. He had a briefcase in his hand that had a stamp that was all over it. It read, "NPv3!"

     "This is our chance!" Diamond Rider yelled, "Malkus Vile! Freeze!" on cue Malkus was frozen with a blast from Diamond Rider's Hypno Helmet.

     Diamond Rider pulled out a Sword of the Air Faerie and grinned.

     "What's the deactivation code?" Citra yelled. She was used to saying that. "Not talking huh? My friend here, could just, slip, and we'd be doing Neopia a big favour… Tell me the code or else!"

     "Um… Citra, he's frozen, he can't talk…" Diamond Rider answered.

     "Oh, yeah, that's right," Citra replied.

     "I-I only k-know two of the n-numbers!" Malkus said.

     "What are they?!?" Citra said, trying to sound angry.

     "The numbers are… 43, and 62," Malkus said scared.

     "If you're lying," Diamond Rider said, "We will find you!"

     With that the two pets walked away, but not before slicing up the briefcase and its contents, which was actually candy. As soon as they were far enough away, the two burst out in laughter. They would never do that, to anyone! (Excluding Dr. Sloth).

     "Wait! We forgot to ask (steal the information), who had the other codes…" Citra noticed.

     "Darn! He's probably telling Sloth now!" Diamond Rider said, "Wait, who could he trust more than anyone?"

     "The Meerca Bros.!" The two yelled in unison, remembering there hunt for the crown days.

     After checking a log they had, (They kept all of the clues, to every plot they'd been in there) they found the brothers names.

     "Where are we supposed to find Heermeedjet, and Merouladen?" Diamond Rider asked.

     "Where else? A dark alley!" Citra replied.

     The pets, once again called there owners, saying that they were allowed to stay another few days, because the solved Neopet Version Two.

     Once again they got into there Transporto-Zap 1000. Warp, within seconds appearing in Neopia Central.

     After walking for a few minutes, they heard a struggle going on in an old, smelly, dark alley.

     They ran down to see a Brown Meerca, beating at a tiny, baby Jubjub (No bigger than seven hours old). "Give me all your Neopoints, or else!"

     Diamond Rider, without thinking, ran in and grabbed the poor Jubjub. After making sure the Jubjub was out of sight, Diamond Rider pulled out a Fire and Ice Sword.

     After seeing Heermeedjet, tattooed on the Meercas arm, Diamond Rider commanded slowly, "You will tell me the numbers of the deactivation code, and you do know what it is. Don't make me hurt you!"

     "The c-code… I o-only know t-two. My b-brother knows the o-other two. The n-numbers are 23 and 32," Heermeedjet said, and then fainted.

     The shadowed Shoyru dropped him and let him sit there.

     "Well, now where do we fine Merouladen?" Citra asked.

     "Hey bro! Sorry I'm late!" Merouladen yelled. "Brother!"

     "He fainted," Citra said, "Now, what are the last two numbers of the deactivation code?"

     "You did that to him?!?!" Merouladen said, "OK, just don't hurt me! The numbers are 14 and 73!"

     The two nodded, as Citra scribbled down the last numbers. Then they were off to VirtuPets Space Station.

     They followed the corridor, until they saw something, hideously mutated, and tied to a wall. It was Malkus Vile!

     "Gulp... I guess Dr. Sloth was pretty mad!" Diamond Rider said.

     "Yeah," the red Gelert replied.

     They came to the door to Dr. Sloth's room. After quietly opening the door, the two saw Dr. Sloth, sleeping on the couch, right in front of the console.

     "Citra, I'll go and distract him, and you can go and turn off the console, that is if he wakes up…" Diamond Rider said quietly.

     The two stealthily walked and put in the deactivation code. As soon as they were done giant sirens went off, and they thought they were goners. Of course Dr. Sloth slept straight through all of it.

     And that is the tale of how DiamondRider2K1 and Citraberri saved many of Neopets. After stopping Neopet Version Three however, they went home. Of course there owners weren't happy, ant all. They called the tourist reservation area in Meridell and found out that there is know way to win a trip to VirtuPets Space Station. Let's just say that it was a very long day…

The End

Citraberri and DiamondRider2K1 are my creations, and are not based off of real pets. At the time of writing, DiamondRider2K1 was an available name. Please Neomail me with comments! And don't worry, this is not the last time you'll see these adventurous pets!

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