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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Short Stories > Her Gorgeous, Golden Hair

Her Gorgeous, Golden Hair

by rachel6043

Zlank the Lupe was so anxious to get to Mystery Island; he could not keep his fire-red tail from wagging. He was hoping to get a glimpse of Nereid, the beautiful water faerie. Zlank wanted to be the first Neopet ever to see her gorgeous, golden hair, glistening in the bright sun as she sat upon a rock, combing her hair with a comb made from a seashell. Her eyes would be as blue as the sea itself. That was how Zlank envisioned her.

     Zlank now sat on a ship bound for the coast of Mystery Island. He was gazing out at the calm ocean, feeling overly excited, when suddenly the ship began to thrash about! The calm waves soon became cruel and violent. The ship was tossed about.

     "Remain calm," yelled the captain, a pretty blue Aisha with a scar under her left eye. "The storm will die down. I have experienced far worse squalls all the time that I have been captain."

     But the storm soon grew into a raging tempest. The wind picked up speed and blew the tightly fastened sailor's cap of the captain's head.

     It was a scene of pandemonium on the main deck. Frightened Neopets were running everywhere. Shouts of sailors and cries of panicked youngsters rang out.

     And there was Zlank, caught up in all of the chaos. He had only wanted to see Nereid, even if it was only for a second. His mind had so many thoughts buzzing around through it; he didn't know what to do. He just sat there, with a blank stare on his face.

     "Abandon ship!" yelled the blue Aisha captain, as the mast and other large wooden poles began to crack. "Lower the lifeboats!" What? Zlank shook his head. He had come out of his daze. What? This couldn't be happening. This couldn't happen. But--it was happening. There was a gigantic knot in Zlank's stomach, one that he could not untie.

     Amidst all the screams and cries, and the hurry to be the first in a lifeboat, Zlank heard the cry of a small Neopet. Jumping up and pushing his way through the crowd, Zlank saw a small baby Acara crying for her mother. Tender-hearted Zlank rushed over to her.

     "Mommy!" she cried. "Where's my mommy?"

     "Shush, shush, it's okay, we'll find her." He said, lifting her up and cradling her in his paws. Zlank looked around at the back of the crowd. The only Acara he saw was an elderly male.

     "Mommy!" she wailed.

     "It's okay, it's okay," Zlank repeated, rocking her as what might have been a line slowly moved, with some rather violent Neopets pushing and shoving their way to the front.

     The sky overheard was dark, and rain began to pour down, soaking them. One lifeboat had already floated away.

     Five went by, five minutes of the Acara sobbing against his fur, five minutes of Neopets bellowing and crying, five minutes of wondering if he was going to die. In five long minutes Zlank had reached the front of the line. There were no more lifeboats. A saddened sailor handed Zlank a lifejacket and to several others.

     "Be careful," the sailor warned. It was then Zlank realised that he was going to have to swim to shore, with the baby Acara in his arms.

     He didn't waste any time. Zlank jumped off of the ship and waited as the waves threw him about. The baby Acara was wailing at the top of her lungs. Zlank's lifejacket was ripped from his chest.

     The waves slowly died down. The sky became light blue again. But Zlank was stuck in the middle of the ocean. He was exhausted and knew he had reached his end. After what seemed like hours of paddling he was still in practically the same spot. He could not let the baby Acara drown, but he couldn't go any further.

     "What happened?" the baby Acara asked. "Where's Mommy?"

     "I--" Zlank couldn't bear to tell her what was going to happen. "I don't know." Zlank hugged her tightly, and stopped kicking his legs. He closed his eyes and slowly began to sink.

     Zlank woke up and rubbed his eyes with his paws. What?! He was awake! He had not drowned! The baby Acara lay beside him. There he was, on a sandy beach. Mystery Island! They were at Mystery Island!

     "Dalaika!" An Acara came running across the sand, resembling the one Zlank had saved. Did he save her? Yes, he did.

     "Mommy?" She gradually awoke to the sound of her name.

     "Honey, it's all right, Mommy's here." She hugged her baby tightly. "Thank you so much for rescuing my baby." A grin crept onto Zlank's face.

     "I had to," he said, and then, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" Zlank asked her.

     "I managed to get in a lifeboat. There's a rescue station just recently set up over there." She pointed. "Come, follow me back to the rescue station. It looks like you could use some food." Dalaika's mother took Dalaika in her arms and started towards the station. Zlank sat there, amazed at what had happened. This was truly a miracle.

     He looked out at the crystal-blue water and sighed. He wished he could have gotten a glimpse of Nereid. That would have been incredible.

     His gaze shifted to where Dalaika's mother was beckoning for him to follow. Then he looked back at the ocean and could have sworn that he saw a flipper swish in the air. Could it--Nah, it couldn't have been.

The End

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