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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Short Stories > Dragon Thieves: A Blue Zafara

Dragon Thieves: A Blue Zafara

by child_dragon

My story is probably the most typical. Who wants a boring blue Zafara with a dumb name when you have money for something else? My owner tried to retain a shred of decency though, but I'm afraid I took that from him. In this case, my owner was not the cruel evil owner who abandoned his pet, rather, I was the cruel and evil one.

I don't really remember how I came to be with my first family. I just know I did. My owner, Tim_Fire_Wizard, brought me home one day, with the name Tif495. He was new, and didn't really think that name was necessarily bad. But eventually he grew to dislike it as he got new pets, with better names. I hated my name also, and for some reason, detested the other pets because they had prettier names than me. I became a loner, kept to myself, and was not very nice to my siblings. I was the troubled one in the family.

     The other pets were painted. I was not. Tim_Fire_Wizard claimed it was because he didn't like any of the colours he could paint me to, which was probably true, he was very picky, but I took it a little deeper. In my bitter mind, I believed he just didn't want to waste the money on me, and thought that he was just making excuses for not painting a pet he didn't love.

     We were always treated equally. He bought us all the same number of books, toys, etc. Our rooms were about the same, and we all had petpets. But for some reason I tallied up in my head how much he spent on the others, and how much on me. And in my eyes, he spent more on them than me. Now that I look back, I was being greedy and selfish, and reading things that weren't there. Sure, my sister may of had a more expensive petpet, but I totally ignored the fact he gave me one more book than her. As hard as he tried to be fair, I found ways to make him seem like he was treating the other pets better. And I think he realised that was what I believed, and it hurt him.

     My siblings noticed too. They were resentful of my jealous behaviour, and tried to avoid me. Anytime they did try to be pleasant, I acted very spiteful towards them. So they learned to just not talk to me. I think Tim_Fire_Wizard was very tired of my behaviour, and the arrival of the Krawks only helped to widen the gulf between us.

     "You want one, don't you?" I accused one day as he sat reading The Neopian Times, with an article about the new pets.

     "Who doesn't?" he replied. "But I already have four pets."

     "You could still get one," I muttered. "Just abandon a pet you don't like."

     "I'd never do that," he said calmly, ignoring my implications that he'd abandon me first.


     I stalked off, shooting my brother a dirty look. 'He'd never abandon you,' I thought savagely to myself.

     The days passed and all these new Krawk colours came out. Eventually we found out about the fire Krawk.

     "Oh wow," Tim_Fire_Wizard murmured when he saw the picture.

     "If you like fire, why don't you paint me that colour?" I demanded.

     "I don't like the fire Zafara, I've told you that before, Tif," he explained. "It shouldn't be gray, but black…"

     "Yeah, I understand. Fire paint brushes are too expensive."

     "For crying out loud Tif, give it a rest!" my sister cried out in exasperation.

     "Yeah Tif…. You do pick on Tim a lot," my brother added.

     "Oh? Sure, stick up for him. After all, we all know he loves you two best."

     And I stormed up to my room.

     Tim_Fire_Wizard eventually came up after me, taking a seat on the edge of my bed. I merely sat on the window sill, staring out, seething with jealous hatred.

     "Tif, I don't understand what's wrong," he started.

     "You love them best," I muttered.

     "No, I don't. I love you all, and you know I try to treat you all fairly."

     "I don't believe that," I lashed out. "You always buy them the more expensive toys and books, and they're painted and I'm not."

     "If being painted means so much to you, then tell me what colour you like and I'll buy the brush!" he finally said, worn down by my constant nagging.

     "No, cause whatever I choose you wouldn't like," I sneered.

     "Tif, please, you're tearing the family apart. Can you please stop being so jealous all the time?"

     "Go away."

     "Tif," he pleaded, but I turned my back to him and ignored any attempt he made to reason with me.

     The next morning I sought him out, holding the ownership file he had for me.

     "Why don't you get yourself a Krawk?" I asked, handing him the file.

     He stared at it for a long time, than sighed and laid it on the counter.

     "No Tif. I swore I'd never abandon any of my pets."

     "What if I didn't want to be here?" I demanded.

     At that point, I wasn't really thinking rationally. I'd allowed my envy and hatred and bitterness get a hold of me, and all I wanted to do was hurt Tim as much as possible. And I thought that by making him abandon me, I'd show them all how he didn't like me. I was out to prove a point, but I never thought he'd actually do it.

     "Fine then," he snapped, and picked up the form, and walked out the door.

     I followed, anger fueling me. I could of said no at any point, and he'd of relented and taken me home. I could have been painted, I could have been happy with a loving family. But for some reason I chose to throw it all away. All because I thought he loved them more.

     I stood there in stony silence while he filled out the abandonment form. I could tell he hated what he was doing, but I didn't say anything. Not until he handed Dr_Death the form and it was final did I speak.

     "I hope you're happy now," I said acidly, following the Techo towards the back. "Go get yourself that Krawk you want so badly. Now that you're done with this worthless pet you can be happy."

     He seemed to be about to speak, but then quickly turned and headed for the door.

     "I never loved you," I yelled at his repeating back.

     And I thought I heard him reply. But it was so soft, I can never be sure. But I think he said this:

     "And I always loved you, Tif495."

     My first week at the pound I merely sat and raged at the unfairness of life. I was cruel to the other pets, laughing at them when they were upset, and attacking them if Dr_Death paired them up in my cage. Eventually he knew better than to put anyone in with me. But the weeks passed, and my bitterness eventually faded. Finally, the full realisation of my actions sunk in. And for the first time ever, I cried all night. Tim_Fire_Wizard was gone from me, and I had treated him so badly, when he only tried to show he did indeed love me. I'd hurt him, all right, but now, I regretted it more than anything. But what was done was done. And for me, I had nothing left. I'd thrown everything away out of spite. It would take a miracle to change my situation, so wrapped up with self-loathing I was. And a miracle did come, in the most unlikely person.

The End

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