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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > New Series > Illusen's Quest For Peace: Part One

Illusen's Quest For Peace: Part One

by sinners

The Slothless Fields of Meridell
     Illusen had watched in horror the seemingly endless crowds flocking to bring Jhudora everything she needed to take over Neopia. They were so naive, so gullible. They thought no harm would come of it. Illusen had never really liked Jhudora anyway. Even as kids, it had been Jhudora that had always been the one to push the other young Faeries off the swing so she could get on it. As they got older it only got worse. Jhudora had been a horrible teenager, and had become a horrible grown-up Faerie. Illusen didn't want to be around when Jhudora had the power she had always wanted. As an Earth Faerie, she had never much liked the city anyway, preferring a more natural environment of trees and grassy slopes. However, she had remained in the city only to keep Jhudora in check, but as the mindless minions kept coming day and night to bring the Dark Faerie items for her quest, Illusen knew it was hopeless.

     Illusen had heard word of a new land, one that held everything she craved. It was called Meridell, and it was a land of medieval times. She was sure Jhudora and her fellow Dark Faeries would never go there. It didn't have the technology that Jhudora needed to do her evil. As such, it would not be a favoured destination for the infamous Dr. Sloth, who was more likely to be found at VirtuPets Space Station.

     Illusen had packed for Meridell in less than an hour. She summoned a horse and cart to take her there with her Staff of the Earth Faerie. Illusen's plan was to create a dome, the Peace Dome. No living evil would be allowed inside her Peace Dome, and in the basement Illusen could continue her ever-continuing quest for an evil-free Neopia.

The Destruction
     Illusen took a bag of five million Neopoints, which for a Faerie was small change, and went to the Marketplace. There, she filled large sacks with all the glass bottles of Dark Faeries she could find. Then she began buying Dark books, amulets of the Dark Faerie, Jhudora Quest rewards and anything else Jhudora.

     When Illusen got home, she lined up all the bottled Dark Faeries on her shelves. She didn't want them ever to be released. Then she gathered together all the books and other flammable items into a pile on the stone floor. As Illusen stuck a match in the dark, dreary basement, for a moment her face glowed and one could see the genetic resemblance to Jhudora. She stood there and for a while the only sound was the carts on the stone paths outside, and the steady plodding of horse hooves clip-clopping. As the chariots rode into the distances, the sound faded and then disappeared altogether.

     Illusen stood for a moment, savouring it all. Then she tossed the match onto the books, and the flames rose, snapping and crackling as they too savoured the moment, licking the books and curling around the dusty pages. Illusen watched the pile grow smaller and smaller as the fire did its work, until all that was left was a pile of ash on the stone floor.

Illusen's Glade
     Illusen had seen what Jhudora did for power. She encouraged the Neopians to give her items, with the promise of items and game scores in return. The Earth Faerie laughed wryly. "Killing two birds with one stone, aren't you, sis?" she thought. "Getting all the items you want and flooding Neopia with dark items of your making all at the same time." Well, she could do the same.

     She set to work on Illusen's Glade, setting quests for items she could use, and filling Neopian pockets with items they could use to fight Jhudora. She wasn't sure how successful her venture would be, but she had to try. You couldn't put a price on peace. The naivety of the Neopians was almost laughable, the way they did Jhudora's bidding without questioning her motives. Even when there was an uproar about her erasers (Jhudora had misjudged, and sent one of her biggest weapons out before Neopian trust in her was high enough) they still were only a little wary. Illusen guessed they didn't realise Jhudora was responsible for Chia Flour, because she'd wised up and hadn't named it after herself. Jhudora could be very crafty, Illusen knew.

The Mysterious Ixi
     Illusen stood tentatively at the quest stand in the glade. At first it seemed like no one would come, but then she saw a young Ixi emerging from Merifoods eating some bread. Illusen crossed her fingers.

     "Come over, come over," she whispered. As if hearing Illusen's words, the Ixi changed direction and skipped over.

     "Will you help me?" Illusen asked the Ixi.

     The Ixi swallowed a mouthful. "Depends...."

     "On what?" asked Illusen. She wasn't used to a Neopet that had so little respect for a Faerie.

     "On what I have to do." The Ixi ripped off another piece of the bread he was eating.

     "Just get me an item."

     "What item, then?"

     Illusen consulted her item list. "Bread," she said.

     The Ixi tossed his half eaten bread in front of her. "There you go, then."

     Illusen wasn't sure what to say. The Ixi chose for her.

     "So what do I get?"

     Illusen recovered herself and handed the Ixi his item.

     The Ixi looked at her contemptuously. "And what am I meant to do with this?"

     "It's a battle item. Especially suitable for fighting Dark Faeries, like Jhudora."

     For the first time, the Ixi smiled. "Great! It'll be good to finally put that mean old hag in her place." Seeing Illusen's surprised look, he continued. "So you thought no Neopets knew of how evil Jhudora was? Well let me tell you, I know."

     "How?" Illusen stammered.

     "It's her fault I'm like this."

     "Like what?" Illusen was confused. The Ixi wasn't disfigured.

     "No home, no family, no food except for the bits of bread that Merifoods and the bakery can spare. I had that, once. But Jhudora took me from it so she could make me her servant."

     "She kidnapped you?" Illusen gasped.

     "Right in one, princess," sneered the Ixi.

     "B-b-but..." stammered Illusen.

     "How?" filled in the Ixi. Illusen silently nodded. "I was with my sister in the Marketplace. We were arguing. I had bought an apple pie and I wouldn't share it with her. Oh, if only I could see her now, I'd give her all the apple pie in the world. Anyway, she ran away. I was on my own, and Jhudora snatched me. She took me to her castle and bade me work on the construction of her items."

     "How did you get out?" asked Illusen softly.

     "I had heard of a place, called Meridell. I heard Illusen, an Earth Faerie, had there set up her campaign to out Jhudora. I decided to set out to find Meridell."

     "But how did you actually escape?"

     "Oh, that. Jhudora didn't realise I could read, you see, and she didn't lock her library of Dark books. Constructing items is dull work, and I would often sneak into the library and read these books."

     "And you learned enough to get you out," guessed Illusen.

     "Someone ate her brain food today, didn't she?" said the Ixi.

     "In one of the books, I found lists of enchantments. One of these was to open the magically locked door. But I planned my escape carefully. It would have been foolish to leave then, for it was almost time for my crusts of bread for supper, and I would have been missed too soon. Instead, I gathered together what I thought I would need for my journey. I waited until night-time to leave. I travelled far until I reached Meridell. I did stop in Neopia Central first, but to no avail. I can't find my family."

     "But now you've found me," said Illusen, as she gazed into the distance.

     "Yes," said the Ixi, and for a few minutes the two stood in silence, the Ixi thinking of his family, and Illusen thinking of what Jhudora had done.

To be continued...

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