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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 51 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider VI: Prince Zing-Lau Returns - Part Five

Doomsday Rider VI: Prince Zing-Lau Returns - Part Five

by yugo149

Last time on Doomsday Rider VI, Zing-Lau awakened Tuturis in an attempt to conquer Neopia. Shadow came back from the Dark Dimension and is fighting Zing-Lau himself. But while that fight rages, the rest of our heroes approach Zing-Lau's base in hope of stopping him before he causes any more damage.

TUTURIS BEGAN TO change into a scorpion. This fight was turning out a lot like the fight with Achinarak. I fired another Kanena at Tuturis, and he turned into a fireball before he finished changing forms. Tuturis returned to his original form and a ring of fire began to burn on the floor. I began to charge up another Kanena. Just as I was about to fire it, Tuturis shot a cloud of fireballs at me. I frantically jumped, ducked, and side-stepped to avoid the fireballs. I managed to avoid all but a few, which barely connected.

     "That's it, time to take it up a notch," I said out loud, gritting my teeth. I began to gather as much energy as I could, and began to enter my hyper form. My wings got longer, my tail got longer, and spikes jutted out of it. My eyes turned fiery red, and then they slowly turned back to their normal colour. I gathered the energy for a Kanena in an instant, and fired it at Tuturis. It slammed into him in the chest, and completely destroyed him. Tuturis exploded, sending fireballs everywhere. A few seconds later, much of the floor of the room was on fire.


     Mechanicore stood on the roof, watching for any NeoPets that may be coming to infiltrate the fortress. When Boomdogg, Anubis, Tical and Midnight got there, Mechanicore stopped them in their tracks.

     "You cannot enter the base," Mechanicore said.

     "Who's going to stop us?" Tical asked, sneering.

     "I'm glad you asked," Mechanicore answered, summoning Vipor. "Vipor will." Midnight turned to face Vipor, and she stared deep into his eyes. Slowly, Vipor began to glow blue. Vipor began to deteriorate into clouds of dust and smoke.

     "What?!" Mechanicore asked, staring at Midnight in terror. "How did you do that?!" All of them were surprised, even Midnight.

     "How did I do that?" Midnight asked herself.

     "Well, no matter, I will not be so easily conquered!" Mechanicore shouted.

     "Want to bet?" Boomdogg asked. He and Anubis grinned at each other. They had the same grins from when they became Belgora. Anubis' eyes flashed red, and Boomdogg changed colours from white to black. Their shapes turned an intensely bright white, and they slowly became one. When the light faded, Belgora was standing there with the same markings as before.

     "Do you really think that fancy trick will defeat me?" Mechanicore asked.

     "No, but this will," Belgora answered, gathering energy for his first attack. Belgora flashed red for a few moments, then black electricity began to encircle him. "Bioshock!" Belgora yelled as the black electricity shot toward Mechanicore. The electricity hit Mechanicore and he dropped to the ground in front of us and flailed helplessly as the electricity surged through his body.

     "Well, he's out of the way," Belgora said. "Now let's get inside." Midnight and Tical nodded in agreement. Belgora shoulder-blocked the door down and the three of them ran inside.

     "That's it, Shadow!" Zing-Lau shouted. He held his fist by his waist and gripped it with his other hand. "It's time to end this. Cyber Punch!" Zing-Lau shouted as a green beam of energy shot out of Zing-Lau's fist and went through Shadow. Shadow instantly began to fade from existence in Neopia. My Million Degree Sword fell to the floor with a loud clang.

     "That's it! Zing-Lau, you're going to pay for what you've done!" I shouted as I grabbed my sword and flew up toward Zing-Lau, preparing to slash his chest on the way up.

     "I don't think so! Cyber Punch!" Zing-Lau shouted, throwing a beam of green energy at me from his fist. It hit me head on, and threw me into the floor with enough force to leave it in shambles.

     "In case you haven't noticed, I still have an ace in the hole," Zing-Lau said. He pulled three clear balls out from behind him. In one was Achinarak, in another was Vipor, and in the last one was Tuturis. He slammed all three of the balls together, forming them into one, and then shattering it. "My new monster is in Neopia Central. I'll see you there," Zing-Lau said as he dashed out the door in the direction of Neopia Central.

     "We've got to follow him!" I shouted, rushing out the door with Belgora, Tical, and Midnight all following close behind.

8:31 AM NST: Neopia Central

     I stopped as close to the centre of Neopia Central as I could get and frantically looked around. "There!" I shouted, pointing towards an enormous beast with teeth at least a foot long, arms about two feet long, a body as big as a fully grown Lupe, and legs at least three stories tall.

     "What is that thing?" Tical asked.

     "I have no idea," I answered, flying towards it with the others following close behind.

     "So, you've finally come. Delfanel here was becoming impatient," Zing-Lau said, donning an angry expression on his face. "Delfanel, destroy the Usul and her owner," Zing-Lau commanded, floating toward the sky.

     "What?" I asked, confused. "ForU isn't here, and neither is her owner," I said. Delfanel began to gather energy in his mouth and fired the energy past us toward a blue Usul and her owner only a block away, destroying them. "No," I said, falling to my knees with streams of tears flowing down my face. "You monster!" I shouted, standing up. "I will not let you get away with this!" White fire began to surround me. When the fire died down, my skin was pure white and my eyes were the purest shade of red.

     "What? Impossible!" Zing-Lau said to himself. "He's reached the hyper form level two! That's impossible without all seven Gemstones!" While I was trying to figure out what Zing-Lau meant, Belgora darted past me and fired a Bioshock at Delfanel. The attack ricocheted off of Delfanel's skin and shot straight back at Belgora. The hit caused him to separate back into Boomdogg and Anubis. I began to float up, unsheathed my Million Degree Sword, aimed it at Delfanel's forehead, and charged up a Kanena. I held my sword in front of me, still aimed at Delfanel's head.

     "Kanena!" I shouted, firing the Kanena at the handle of my sword. The force of my Kanena shot my Million Degree Sword at Delfanel and jammed it in his forehead. After a few seconds, green blood began to flow from the cut.

     "No!" Zing-Lau shouted. "Delfanel is the perfect Dead Beast! Nothing has ever defeated him! None of this is possible!" Delfanel shot the sword out of the cut on his face and back at me. I stepped to the side and caught the sword. Delfanel gathered energy in his mouth, and instead of attacking me like I thought he would, he fired the beam at Zing-Lau, and it cut through him like a knife through butter.

     "Traitor..." Zing-Lau whispered as he plummeted to the ground.

     "This has gone too far!" I shouted, charging up a Kanena. I fired it at Delfanel and hoped it would knock him over long enough for me to throw one more down his throat to destroy him once and for all. The Kanena hit Delfanel in the throat. He stumbled, and then fell forward, landing on his puny arms.

     "One more!" I shouted, firing a Kanena into Delfanel's mouth. He exploded in a shower of fire.

     "It's over," Boomdogg said, sighing in relief.

     "Uhm... if it's over, then why is the sky still dark?" Tical asked.

     "This can't be good," I said to myself. I felt the presence of Delfanel, but he was nowhere in sight. I flew into the sky and looked all across the city. No sign of Delfanel. I looked toward the horizon and saw a few buildings collapse, and I also saw a beam of energy shoot out of nowhere. My eyes began to watch in horror as half of Neopia Central was destroyed. I was completely speechless.

     "What is it?" Tical asked, turning to look in the same direction as I was. One by one, everybody else looked toward the horizon and saw the destruction.

     "What's going on?" Midnight asked in terror.

     "I must have only destroyed Delfanel's body and not his spirit," I said.

     "What do you mean?" Midnight demanded.

     "I mean I almost defeated Delfanel. But now he's invisible. I can't exactly defeat what I can't see," I explained.

     "Good point," Midnight said.

     "Wait a second..." I said to myself, getting an idea.

     "What?" Tical asked.

     "You'll see," I said, beginning to focus on my goal. It was going to take a lot of concentration to bring the Sacred Gemstones to this one spot. After a few seconds, the Gemstones gathered around me in a circle.

     "I only have enough energy for two of these, so I hope they both hit their mark," I whispered to myself, focusing on gathering energy from the gemstones for my next attack. "Inferno Drill!" I shouted, throwing a stream of fire in the direction Delfanel was. The attack hit something, and then we heard a ferocious and angry roar. The first Inferno Drill had hit its mark. "Now time for number two," I said, focusing again. "Inferno Drill!" I shouted, firing another stream of fire in Delfanel's general direction. Again, it hit something, and we heard the same ferocious and angry roar. Now there were stomps accompanied by the occasional collapsing building. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs as I shot back faster than a bullet into a nearby building.

     "Delfanel really hits hard," I said, gripping my ribs. I struggled to get up. Just as I managed to get to my feet, I saw an Inferno Drill shooting at me. "Psychic Wall!" I shouted, putting up a wall of energy to try and keep the attack away from me. After a few seconds of nothing happening, Delfanel flashed into sight for a moment while gathering energy for the next attack.

     "I should have attacked him!" I shouted. When the energy turned green, a section of the street began to crack and break, and when the cracking and breaking got to me, I was thrown back by a powerful gust of wind, stronger than a tornado. I was thrown into a building and it collapsed only a few seconds after I hit it.

     "At this rate, the fight between me and Delfanel is going to destroy all of Neopia Central," I said. "I've got to end this now!" I began to gather as much energy as I could. Delfanel flashed into sight as he began to gather energy of his own. "Mystical Kanena!" I shouted, firing the Kanena at Delfanel. It was a regular Kanena, but was surrounded by a ring of fire that twisted from my hands to the end. It hit him and before he could do anything, he became red. Two different coloured beams shot out of his head just before he faded out of existence. One was red, and the other was black. The red one went into the sky while the black one stopped just past the top of the highest building in Neopia Central, turned into a ball and dropped to the ground. I dropped to one knee, exhausted from the fight.

     "Where did that Mystical Kanena come from?" I asked myself.

     "The black ball thing is Majin Shadow!" Boomdogg shouted just before I passed out.


"Is he going to be okay?" A voice asked. It sounded like Yugo's voice.

     "He'll be fine. He's just suffering from a case of severe exhaustion. Nothing to worry about," a doctor answered.

     "Oh, Rider. You're awake. I saw your fight with the giant monster thing on the evening news. Very impressive," Yugo said.

     "Thanks Yugo," I said, smiling. Things went back to normal for a while after that. I don't know about the others, but I was going to enjoy this normality while it lasted.

The End

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