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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 51 > Continuing Series > The Plushie Factory: Part Two

The Plushie Factory: Part Two

by battlesunn

Alice's New Job

ALICE HAD BEEN flying for some time and she still hadn't reached Faerieland. She hadn't been given much trouble on her trip here, apparently the plushie factory owners and the forepet hadn't been to concerned that she was gone. Her only problem was that she was hopelessly lost. She circled aimlessly in the sky, searching for a sign, or a landmark of some sort. She chanced to look down, and saw two pets walking by themselves on the road. The larger of the two was a starry Elephante, and the smaller was a striped Acara. Alice smiled, they looked friendly enough. Perhaps she could ask them for directions. Alice spiraled lazily down to the duo, coming to a halt right in front of them. She smiled warmly, trying to get rid of any hesitation.

     "Hello, would you mind directing me to Faerieland?" she asked politely.

     The Elephante nudged the Acara in the ribs and jerked his head at Alice, the Acara whispered something to her companion and they both snickered. Alice was confused, what had she done wrong? The Elephante cleared his throat and addressed Alice.

     "Faerieland? Why it's just up there."

     Alice tossed her head impatiently. "Up where?"

     "Straight up," the Acara chirped.

     Alice stared up at the sky, but she could not see anything. Suddenly, and without warning, the Elephante kicked Alice from behind, while the Acara dumped some nearby sludge right in front of the Eyrie. Alice struggled to keep her balance, but her awkward paws wouldn't have it. Splat! Poor Alice landed head first in the pile of disgusting sludge, getting it in her beak and nostrils. As she fought to get back up, she heard the cackling laughter of the two bullies as they receded into the night. Alice finally managed to get back up, her beak and pride sorely injured. She considered, for a split second, going back to the Plushie factory, but then remembered her promise to Brad. She shook her head angrily.

     "No!" she said out loud. "No! I'm going to Faerieland, getting a job and living the way Brad wanted me to."

     She pumped her powerful wings, and grabbed up some sludge in her paws, and set off towards the pets that had made fun of her. She found them soon enough, prancing merrily down the path, complimenting each other on their cleverness in fooling the Eyrie. When Alice was right over top of them, she gave out a piercing screech. This attracted their attention. They looked up, as Alice had, and both got facefuls of sludge. Alice roared triumphantly, and sped off towards the clouds, where she had a suspicion that Faerieland was there.

     In due time, Alice did make it to Faerieland. She got real directions from a friendly faerie Zafara, headed towards Neopia central.

     "Faerieland is straight ahead! You can't miss it!" The Zafara had proclaimed, and Alice followed her directions. Faerieland was the most beautiful place that Alice had ever laid eyes on. The rolling splendour and beauty of the place left Alice speechless for a moment.

     "No wonder it's so expensive to live here!"

     She wandered down the rows of displays, searching for the job agency. She was just about to ask an Air Faerie where it was when something caught her eye. It was the Faerie costumes booth! She stared in complete awe, at the Faerie Kougra. It was magnificent! The deep lavender fur, the sharp, pointed wings, Alice would have given anything to be a Faerie Kougra! She stepped cautiously up to the bored looking Fire Faerie in charge of the booth.

     "Um, excuse me, but how do you look like... that?" Alice asked, pointing at the picture of the Faerie Kougra

     The Fire Faerie sighed. "Well, in your case, you would need a Kougra morphing potion of some sort and a Faerie paint brush. Kougra morphing potions cost about 30,000 Neopoints and a Faerie paint brush costs about 150,000 Neopoints, standard pricing."

     Alice's ears drooped in sadness. She would never be a Faerie Kougra now! Alice sighed, admitting defeat.

     "Could you direct me to the job agency?"

     The Fire Faerie pointed down the cloud path. "Sure, it's just down there."


     Alice walked gloomily down to the job agency, and found it bustling with people. It was far too crowded for Alice to even get in, let alone get a job! She stomped angrily out of the building, bumping right into none other than the Faerie Queen herself! Immediately, the Faerie Queen sensed that something was wrong.

     "What's the matter, young Eyrie?"

     "Oh, nothing. It's just that I couldn't get a job at the job agency!"

     The Faerie Queen smiled, tapping a slender finger to her lips. "Hmm... I need someone to stand guard at the hidden tower, would you be interested?"

     "Oh yes! Please! I'd love to! Could I start?"

     "Of course. In fact, I think that I'll give you your first payment in advance..."

     The Faerie Queen blew on Alice's forehead, and instantly the two of them were inside the Hidden tower. The Faerie Queen smirked knowingly at Alice, and handed her a mirror.

     "Look at yourself."

     Alice gasped in shock, she couldn't believe it! She was a Faerie Kougra! She turned to the Faerie Queen. "But, how did you know?"

     The Faerie Queen smiled. "Your words and thoughts can express your deepest desire. Now, my dear Alice, you may begin your job."

     Alice sat solidly at the entrance to the Hidden tower, beginning her new, and hopefully last, job.

The End

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