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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 51 > Continuing Series > Magnolia and the Desert Princess: Part Two

Magnolia and the Desert Princess: Part Two

by peachifruit

The Imanese Palace
"Ah, you must be Magnolia."

     Agent_Magnolia looked up. A yellow Kougra smiled down at her sincerely. "Um... right."

     "My name is Queen Sora of Iman," she continued. "The Ambassador told me that you would be here." Sora gave a cordial smile towards Natalie and Sys-op.

     "Err... I've heard that Princess Iyani is involved in a kidnapping plot," Sys-op told Sora.

     "Oh, yes! I'm very worried about poor Iyani!"

     "Um... right. So, I'm here to dress up as her... should I meet her first?" Magnolia queried.

     "Oh, right. Iyani, dear?" Sora called up the stairs. There was no answer. "Iyani! IYANI!"

     Suddenly, an Aisha came tumbling down the stairs. She was golden in colour, and wore a dazzling diadem and many bracelets on her arms. She wore a pair of orange harem pants, and a short chiffon top to go with it. "Oh! So you're the secret agent?" Magnolia nodded in reply. "Come with me," Iyani continued, running up the marble staircase.

Later in Iyani's Bedchambers...

     "NO, NO, NO, NO AND NO!!!"

     "MAGNOLIA! Stand still!"

     Natalie chased Magnolia around Iyani's room with a pair of harem pants. Magnolia had explained earlier that she had no intent in wearing them due to a Halloween accident when she was six. Apparently, she tripped on a pair of harem pants when she went trick-or-treating as a Gypsy.

     "It wasn't THAT big a deal, Magnolia!" Natalie cried, grabbing for her tail but missing. "I mean, come on! A Halloween accident?"

     "It was very emotionally scarring," Magnolia replied. Finally, Natalie caught up with Magnolia, pushed her on Iyani's couch, and wrestled the chiffon pants onto her.

     "There!" Iyani cried. "Now you look just like me!" Magnolia was covered with jewelry from head to toe (or paw, rather.) "Here," Iyani said, giving Magnolia the diadem. "Tonight marks the Imanese Independence Day celebration in the palace. With all of the distractions, tonight might be a good time for the kidnappers to strike."

     "Right," Natalie continued. "Oh, and wear this," she said, giving Magnolia a small headphone. Natalie paused. "And for goodness sakes, Magnolia, wear it UNDER the sash!"

     Magnolia was finally ready. She headed for the door to go back to her guest room with Sys-op. On the way down the hallway, she ran into a yellow Kiko.

     "Ahh, I'm so sorry, miss--oh!" she cried. "Iyani! You should be more careful."

     "No, I'm not Iyani. I'm--"

     "Oh, the agent. It's very nice to meet you." The Kiko held out a fin. She wore red lipstick and many bracelets. She also wore a golden circlet on her head and a red and gold sash. "My name is Princess Yvania."

     "Ah, the older princess; I remember now," Sys-op said.

     "Well, you see--I need to talk with you two." Magnolia looked up in surprise. "Yes, today is the Independence holiday. Ah, I'm supposed to meet my suitor, Ahmaad, today as well--but that's not the point. Well, I got this letter for you today."

     Magnolia was given a letter by Yvania. "If it was for me, why did you get it?"

     "I was cleaning your guest room with the maids. I thought I'd give it to you to eliminate any confusion you might have. Well, I must be going. I'll see you at the festivities, Magnolia."

     Now Magnolia was even more confused. She opened the letter and read it aloud:

     "'Magnolia, I know you've come to save Iyani. It will never work--the Imanese girl is as good as gone. Don't bother coming to the party tonight. You won't fool me at all. I get what I want, I came to get Iyani, and I'll get Iyani. Once the Queen sees her gone, she'll stop this water-stealing nonsense for good. Water is gold in the desert, and in that sense, Ardea is very poor. Call me N.'"

     Magnolia paused. There were a LOT of people she knew whose name started with 'N.' Natalie, Natasha--No, Natasha would never do anything of the sort.

     Or would she?


Iyani was right; the chattering crowd at the festivity made it hard to concentrate on anything. Even though it was loud, the party was a time of great merriment. Natalie had somehow gotten into telling humorous stories to a group of people.

     "...And so I say to the Uni: 'What do you mean, "purple?"'" The group, including Sora, burst into laughter as she began another story. Magnolia rolled her eyes.

     "Now, what's Natasha up to?" she asked herself, looking over the crowd. Finally, she saw two figures behind the silken curtain covering a balcony. One was a Peophin; the other was an Aisha. Magnolia marched over to the curtain and poked it open, the figures not noticing.

     "Bring her straight back to Ardea, Ahmaad," the Peophin told the Aisha. "I don't want any failures either, this is my one shot at a good ransom."

     So Iyani was only a pawn! "Natalie," Magnolia whispered into the headset, careful not to knock her sash off. "That Peophin on the balcony is Natasha!"

     "Yeah, and so I say to the Kau--I know, Mag, who's the Aisha, then?--'why the long face?'" was Natalie's reply.

     "I don't know--some guy named--"

     "AHMAAD!" cried a voice. Magnolia turned to her side; Yvannia had heard the conversation! "And NATASHA?"

     "I-I can explain," began Ahmaad.

     "I leave you for one minute and...YOU RUN OFF WITH THE AMBASSADOR? I thought you were my fiancée!"

     Magnolia blinked confusedly. That wasn't quite what she expected. Suddenly, two Kyrii ran into the room and grabbed her from the balcony. "HEY!" Magnolia cried as she was dragged out of the room.

     "No--WAIT!" Ahmaad cried. "That's not the pr--oh, forget it."

Undisclosed location in Iman
      "This isn't the princess! Where's Iyani?" A yellow Kiko cried, throwing a tied-up Magnolia's sash to the cold, stone floor. "Ugh, you people are SO fired! And where's Natasha? She should have been here by now."

     Suddenly, Natasha ran through the door. "Yvannia!"

     "WHAT? Yvannia? But you were just back at the--and--but--" Magnolia stuttered.

     "That wasn't me, you idiot. I'm Yvannia's twin sister, Yvannia."

     "Um... I never knew that there was another princess in the family," said Magnolia, turning to Natasha.

     "I told you that there were two, just to keep our plan," Natasha replied. "Ardea thinks that the rogues are still stealing water, but it's really me. I am! I've been continuing the irrigation system that they set up."

     "But why? Aren't you the ambassador?" Magnolia asked.

     "No--definitely not! And once the Queen asks for Iyani back, they'd have to meet with our demands AND end the war! Not only would I have enough water to live in the desert and farm cheops plants, and money to start my business, but also none of that Ardea/Iman nonsense to get in the way!"

     "So you did all of this to sell cheops plants? And Ahmaad was just a distraction?" Magnolia asked, disbelieving.

     "Yes and yes. I've already got the water. All I need now is that princess." Natasha went over to a number pad on the wall and pushed a few buttons. "Oh, and have fun with this." Natasha and Twin-Yvannia left the building.

     Suddenly, a soft computer's voice sounded. "Detonation sequence initiated. Base destruction in 30...29...28..."

     "Not good." Magnolia sighed. The door was thrown open and Natalie ran in, along with Sys-op.

     "MAGNOLIA!" Sys-op cried, scrambling to untie her.

     "It won't loosen at all!" Natalie observed, frantically attempting to pull Magnolia's bounds apart.

     "Oh well. Natalie, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all of the times that I ever might have--"

     "3... 2..."

     "OH, FORGET IT!"

Imanese Palace
Iyani sat in her room brushing her fur when the 'Ambassador' burst in. "Oh, Natasha. Are the festivities too much for you already?"

     "No." Natasha grabbed for a rope.

     "N-Natasha. W-What are you going to d--NATASHA!" Iyani threw herself off of her stool, barely missing Natasha's rope.

     "I should have taken care of this a LONG time ago, Iyani!" Natasha lunged for the princess again, missing her by mere inches.

     "But--what happ--why are you trying to tie me up?" Iyani stood by the window, and Natasha ran for her once again.

     "I've got you n--"




     "Wow." Iyani stared out into the garden. "Good thing that marble fountain was there to break her fall."

Neopian Hospital
"Back again, huh, Agent_Magnolia?" a Chomby nurse asked the Aisha lying on her hospital bed.

     And so, Twin-Yvannia, Ahmaad, and, of course, Natasha were sent straight to jail for their crime. Magnolia, Sys-op, and Natalie are still in the Hospital... again. Finally, the Ardea/Iman war ended, and Yvannia had to find another fiancée. Chief still doesn't pay Magnolia enough for her job. Maybe it's about time Magnolia got a vacation.

The End

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