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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > Cheeserolling!!!


by gracelum

GRACE WITHDREW ALL they had in the bank - 1,050 NP. 'This money isn't going to last us all week!' she thought. Times were bad, and with four greedy Neopets who couldn't live without the best things, 1,050 NP seemed pathetic to her. Her Neopets were waiting at home for her to come back with heaps of Neopoints. She felt totally desperate, and that she had let her pets down. Her mind flashed back to that morning's events.

     "Hey Mum!" Chiliner the apple Chia shouted as he bundled down the stairs. He carried a piece of paper in his hands. "Look!" he trusted the paper in her hands and pointed to the top.

     The piece of paper had been printed out from the online version of that day's news. Grace read the news at the top. "NEW GAME - Yes, possibly the most exciting thing that has ever happened on Neopets has just happened - Cheeseroller has been released!!! It's a great action-packed game incorporating the commerce aspect of purchasing cheese from a shop combined with the excitement of rolling the cheese at high speeds down a hill!" she read.

     Thinking that their Neopoints would never deplete, she agreed to bring them to play the game. "Spending a little NP to make her Neopets happy won't hurt. Besides, I sure we have enough to live a comfortable life!" she chuckled as she told herself. Before long, her Neopets were pushing her towards the door. "Come back with at least 10,000 NP from the bank!" Halftail the electric Bruce shouted behind her, and she grinned.

     Now, after a walk that seemed twice as long as before, Grace reached her NeoHome. Dread filled her - dread of opening the door, of meeting her Neopets to tell them the news and that playing Cheeseroller may not be a good thing to do. She silently turned the key to her NeoHome, hoping that her Neopets would not hear her coming. She wanted time to slip into the house and think of how to tell them of their predicament.

     "Mum! You're finally home!" her four Neopets chorused at the creak of the door. Grace sighed. She wished the earth would open up and engulf her. But of course, it didn't. She fixed a fake smile on her face and deftly entered their home.

     Her four pets greeted her at the door. At the sight of them, she knew it was too late to tell them the truth. They were all dressed up - Top quality make-up, best clothes, branded sport shoes. Their excitement was obvious. She knew there was no way to escape from playing Cheeseroller. "Mum, we've decided. Halftail would play first, followed by me, then Chiliner, and then Zyckle will play tomorrow as we can only play three times a day." Lumando the Starry Shoyru said. Grace was shocked. "Four times! Can we even afford ONE play?" she thought. But she knew there was no other option. She regained herself, then said, "Let's go!"

     Throughout the way, her pets were too excited to notice her tongue-tied silence. They were chattering excitedly about how the game was played, dreaming of the NP they would earn and the amount of things they could buy with it.

     When they reached the cheese store, a sly-looking blue Techo greeted them. "Which cheese would you like to purchase?" he asked. Grace was about to ask for the cheapest one when Zyckle the Shadow Kacheek piped up. "How bout the Mutated Cheese? My friend won with that one."

     "The Mutated Cheese? Yes, we do have some of that. They cost 1,350 NP each. Would you like one?" the Techo replied.

     Grace jumped at the price. "No... no..." she hurriedly answered. Her Neopets glared at her. "I mean, Mutated is ugly. Choose another," she told her Neopets.

     "Then I'll decide, since I'll be playing first! Let's get the Brain Cheese!" Halftail said.

     "Ah yes, we do have the Brain Cheese in stock," the Techo replied. "It costs 1050 NP each. Would you like one?"

     "What? 1,050 NP! That's all the money we have!" Grace thought. "Should we lose, we'll be bankrupt!" But before she could say anything, Halftail had already replied, "Of course!" Grace had nothing more to say when the cheese was slapped on the counter. She reluctantly exchanged all her savings for the Brain Cheese.

     Everyone hurried to the front line. It stood in front of the slope down the hill. The grass was a nice soft green but everything else was a contrast. The burning sun rays hit their skin like balls of fire, and giant rocks jutted out from everywhere. The path to the ending, 120m away, was not a smooth one. A few Neopets stood outside the boundary lines of the rolling area, waiting for the excitement to start.

     The Techo told them the rules. Grace would be blindfolded, and every 10m that Halftail moves, Grace would have to give him instructions on where to go. Halftail would be blindfolded too, and had to listen to Grace's instructions, even if it meant banging into a rock. Halftail would have to roll the cheese to the ending within a minute to win.

     At the sound of the whistle, Grace began to shout instructions at every 10m Halftail passed. Dive right! Do a somersault! Hold the Cheese Steady! Dive Left! Push the cheese faster! It was practically hectic! At the sides, watching Neopets were nosily cheering. The Techo tried desperately to tell Grace that is was time to give the next instruction. Chiliner, Lumando and Zyckle were jumping about, tugging on to Grace's shirt, begging her to give the right instruction. Halftail was already giddy from banging into rocks, from picking up the cheese again, from bending down to roll it, and from being blindfolded. What was worse, the further he went, the harder it was to hear Grace's instructions amid all the cheering! He took a dive right. He banged a rock. He took a dive left. The cheese fell into a hole. He did a somersault The cheese melted. He was in a mix of feelings - stress, confusion, and excitement. Still, he tried to follow Grace's instructions to the very best he could.

     "3...2...1!" the Techo shouted towards the one minute mark. At the sound of '1', cheers erupted. The cheese came to a halt, and Halftail tore off his blindfold. To his surprise, he was standing behind the ending mark! He erupted in joy, and Grace, Chiliner, Lumando and Zyckle ran down to him. They hugged the cheese and danced in a circle, their excitement too great.

     "Let's go sell the cheese first!" Grace suggested. As Grace placed the cheese carefully in her bag, they linked arms and danced all the way to their shop, singing:

Hurray, hurray, today's a happy day,
We're gonna have a lot of fun,
Happy Happy Day!

     After the cheese sold for 99,999 NP Lumando said, "Let's go play cheeseroller again! It's my turn now!"

     After a tiring day of playing cheeseroller, the four pets and their owner went back happily, their Neopoints multiplied. "Mum!" Zyckle asked. "Can we play cheeseroller again tomorrow?"

     "Of course!" Grace replied. "And the following day, and the day after that, and everyday until eternity!" They chuckled as they went to their bedrooms for a good night'' rest.

     That night, Grace thought of the day's events and sang herself to sleep.

Hurray, hurray, today's a happy day,
We're gonna have a lot of fun,
Happy Happy Day!

The End

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