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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 48 > Articles > Your Guide to Neopian Half Price Day

Your Guide to Neopian Half Price Day

by bluironmouse

NEOPIAN BAZAAR - You've waited. And waited. And waited. And finally... that one glorious day of bargain prices and discounts rolls around. I've been playing Neopets for a while now, but the recently passed half-price day was my first half-price day experience ever.

Early that morning, I dragged my Lupe off to the nearest store, in hopes of scoring that adorable PetPet I'd had my eye on for the longest time.

I pushed open the door, heard the silvery tinkle of a bell ring, and my mouth dropped open. The store was empty. All the shelves were bare! Confused, I quickly exited the store and headed to the next one. Once again! Empty!! Nothing was there! And it wasn't until I had visited almost every store in Neopia, and finding them all empty, that I realized there would have be more strategy involved to get those items I'd been drooling over.

What is that strategy, you ask? Well, with a little preparation and a cool head, you can make half-price day worth your while!


A week or so before half-price day, decide what items you really want. Do you want food? Books? Magical Potions? Battledome items? Whatever you decide, pick a few items and stick to your decisions!

Second, take a little time to find out which stores carry the items you want. THIS IS IMPERITAVE! When half-price day comes, you won't have time to slowly browse each store. Find the store that carries the item you want, and camp out there!

If you have some extra time, find out the average prices of the items you want. This way you'll know exactly how to budget your spending money.


Go to your bank and withdraw a substantial amount of money. You'll find that if you're constantly running back and forth to the bank on half-price day, you will miss out on a lot of good deals and items.


Before even hitting any of the stores, go to the bank, and collect your interest. If you didn't do it the night before, withdraw enough money to last you through buying at least 3-4 items.

When half-price day finally rolls around, open up 2 windows. In the first window, go to the store of your choice. Keep the second window open, so that you can visit the Healing Springs, spin the two Wheels, grab some Omelette, etc. in between restocks.

Refresh the first window every now and then to make sure you catch the restock.

When the shop restocks, BE QUICK! Be prepared for plenty of pushing and shoving with your fellow Neopians to get what you want!


Not all stores are created equal. Some stores are less popular than others, and therefore, easier to find things in.

If you're interested in just buying as much as you can, regardless of what the items are, stay away from the Main Shops (e.g. Book Shop, Food Shop, Magic Shop, etc.) and head directly to stores like Sutek's Scrolls, Lost Desert Battle Supplies, and the Slushie shop. I have found that Tyrannian Furniture almost always has a decent amount of items in stock.

If you go to a store, and find that there are A LOT of items in stock, and they don't seem to be disappearing very quickly, beware buying everything in sight. Compare the prices with what the Shop Wizard says. Sometimes, you may find that you are paying more than you should be, even though it's half-price day! Luckily, this doesn't happen TOO often.


Sorry, but the Hidden Tower's prices are still as expensive as ever! No discounts here!

Half-price day is a great day to get 50% off all the store items, but you'll also find that the stores stock 50% less (or at least it seems that way). Because of this, you won't have a lot of time to browse and pick and choose the things you want.

There are two ways to approach buying items.

1) Buy as much as you can.
2) Wait for that special item.

Personally, I try not to be too picky and just buy as much as I can. If you wait for that really good item, you might miss out on getting great deals on other items.

Try and see what works for you.

Ok, everyone knows that you should NEVER pay the exact amount the shopkeeper asks. Under normal circumstances, you can often get the shopkeeper to drop his prices just by haggling.

But don't forget, half-price day isn't normal circumstances!

If you see a rare or really good item, don't even bother to haggle! Just pay the price the shopkeeper asks! That way, another Neopian won't rush by and snatch that item away while you are haggling with the shopkeeper!

For any other items, don't haggle too much. If the price you offer isn't accepted the first try, head back to the shop and pick up another item. But remember, don't be stingy! You are already getting 50% off! Keep your haggles modest, and you'll be sure to get what you want!

If you plan on selling the items you buy on half-price day, I suggest that you hang on to them for a few days before selling them. Keep in mind that EVERYONE is trying to buy from the main Neopian stores, and therefore, fewer people will be checking out your non-discounted store.

Also, because of the huge number of people trying to buy and sell right away, the prices of items on the Shop Wizard are likely to be lower than usual. If you hold onto those items for a couple of days, the half-price frenzy will slowly tide over and you will be able to sell your items for better prices.

What, you don't have a super fast computer or modem? Every time you try to buy, it's sold out? Never fear. As I said in the previous section, many people will be out to get a quick profit and sell their items right after buying. Because of this, the prices on the Shop Wizard are likely to drop. might be able to find some great bargains in other people's shops.

So there you go, your guide to surviving and scoring on Half Price Day! I hope this guide will help you get those bargains you've been waiting for! Happy shopping everyone!

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