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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 48 > Articles > Forgotten Shopkeeper... Owner of the Space Weapons Shop

Forgotten Shopkeeper... Owner of the Space Weapons Shop

by moonandsun211

VIRTUPETS SPACE STATION - After our trips to Happy Valley and Mystery Island to search for those not so famous shopkeepers, May and I were doing a bit of resting. May was snoring and mumbling and my eyelids were drooping when a Neomail was slipped under our door. I sat down and told May to get it, she snored in reply. So, I stumbled to the door and took the letter.

I sat back down and opened the letter. It told me that they loved my article on the tropical fruit shopkeeper and that I should write another one. "Heh, fan mail," I told May happily. She sat up smiled, then settled back down into the large sofa.

Then it hit me, the letter was referring to our trip to Mystery Island. I got up and went over to where May was snoring. "Wake Up!" I told her loudly, May jumped and looked at me angrily,

"What! What was that for! You know Moon... that wasn't very nice!"

She glared, then sighed, "OK, I'm awake... what was so important?!" She raised an eyebrow, doubtful that anything could be as important as her beauty sleep.

"May..." I began trying to hold in my excitement, "We did it! We're in the Neopian Times again!" May's large eyes lit up and her smiled widened. "We did it!" I yelled as May yelled along with me. Suddenly May stopped.

She told me to get my notepad and a pen. "We're leaving!" she announced "On our next quest to reveal those forgotten shop keepers!" May said in her most official and heroic tone. I laughed and asked her where we were going. In her official voice, May said, "All will be revealed, Moon!"


I looked around a little queasy from the ride to the station, May looked pretty sick but she smiled anyway. I looked around the VirtuPets Station--little Grundos rushed around. The space station had never been my vacation of choice. It was all metal, gray and rather ugly. I sighed and looked at May, who seemed to have the same thoughts as I did.

"May," I asked doubtfully, "tell me again why we are here? You know I don't like it here!" I looked around hoping to find an interesting place to visit. I finally gave up and wandered into Grundo's Café for a bite to eat. May trotted slowly behind me. I could tell she was slightly scared of the large Mutant Grundo that stood before us. I turned back and whispered to May, "It's okay, May, I don't think we'll do an article on him."

May seemed quite relieved. We tried to find something to eat but May and I aren't quite fond of whatever it is they serve at Grundo's Café. Hungry, we turned back, deciding to find a forgotten shopkeeper.

Suddenly I saw the perfect place--The Space Weapons Shop. May must have been thinking the same thing as she ran quickly to the metal door. The door had an array of weapons painted across it and also had a large sign that read SPACE WEAPONS!

At first we were puzzled at the metal door. No handle or knob was in sight, but after watching a shadow Grundo enter we understood how it was done. When we finally did get in we were greeted by I rather puny yellow Grundo wearing what appeared to be a purple sash. He smiled and waved us in, the many Grundos stared for a second then went back to their business.

May turned to the little yellow Grundo and asked, "Um, have you heard of The Neopian Times?" We were both hoping that he didn't have an accent like the tropical fruit shopkeeper. But he spoke clearly and confidently for such a little Grundo

"Yes," he answered, "we have the latest copy of The Neopian Times if you would like to read."

"No," I replied, "but what would you think of having an article on you?"

The Grundo looked at me questioningly, but answered with a frown, "I'm not that exciting." He looked around, "Oh well, I guess..."

May smiled. "Good! Then what's your name?" Suddenly the Grundo looked uncomfortable and looked around.

"The are, well, too many Neopets around... come in here." He walked into a dusty storage room full of slave collars and space bashers. May and I sat on a cold metal bench as the yellow Grundo paced around the tiny room. "Well, I better explain," he started. "I am Rupert, the own-"

But my Kau interrupted loudly, "Rupert?!?!? Isn't that a little plain? You know, for a Grundo here?"

The Grundo gave us a sad, depressed look. "Alas, it is! See, I'm not a real Grundo. It started a while ago... I lived in Neopia Central, my owner fed me and took care of me very well, but then it happened... the accident." He shivered a bit but continued, "I was a beautiful blue Uni, I loved to fly. It was great. Then... then my owner gave me a potion. She thought it was to turn me into a yellow Uni. So I drank it quickly. But... but I became a yellow Grundo Well, my owner wanted her Uni back but had spent all her money on the Yellow Grundo morphing potion.

Suddenly I wasn't important anymore, so I was sent away. I was so upset. I decided to try to find a new life. I knew that after Dr. Sloth was defeated many Grundos lived at the VirtuPets Station. So, Here I am trying to save up the money for a yellow Uni potion. I want to go back to my owner and show her that I am successful. But I think I'll stay here. I sell weapons to everyone now," the Grundo finished and May and I stood up. We thanked him for his time.

"And you said you were boring!" May told him, making him laugh.

We made our way out of the cold steel doors. "What a day!" I told May, "This will make a great article!" but May had already run ahead to the exit. "What a day," I told myself....

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