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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 48 > Articles > Abilities and Magic

Abilities and Magic

by nicely_don

BATTLEDOME - Hello, and welcome to the Neopian University. Thank you for being in this seminar and please take a seat. And take notes too! We are here to talk and teach about many abilities and magical spells that are known and present in the world of Neopia. And some that are unknown. Let us venture forth and uncover these abilities.

Almost every Neopet has at least learned about 1 ability. You gain an ability with a spell faerie and other ways such as neggs and random events. Abilities and magic is a powerful tool to possess. And shall only be used as emergencies in dire plights, or simply in the Battledome. Spell Faeries grant you the power to do specific actions and spells determined by the sphere of the faerie (or element) in which you saved and the current level of your pet.

But there are some things you should be notified with abilities. One, the faerie only gives you the ability to use it, not the wisdom and knowledge of using it. Two, use your magic and abilities only in the Battledome. Three, if out of the Battledome don't use it to harm, use it to help (in exception of your opponent in the Battledome). Four, to properly use these tools, you must understand it by comprehending the knowledge, that way, you can use it to your optimum advantage..

So I am here to teach you curious scholars about everything that there is to know about each and every ability and magic that a Neopet can possess (and a few that are hardly thought of.)

The Sphere of Light

The element of light is quite a powerful tool. It's energy is used in more of a passive way, though the caster may invoke it's energy to use as a clerical salubrion. The caster may also bend it to make it a defensive weapon as well as an offensive. However, it's best used as a barrier or a healer.

MagicTorch (Level 1): Not proven to be a very good ability unless your trapped in a dark cave. It seems that this action can illuminate any nook and cranny, and dispel any darkening spells. The light can whisk away the darkness, but be aware, it makes shadows.... The caster creates a magic torch simply by making a flammable object able to fuel a fire. The caster then unlocks a part of his or her mind and performs a psychic action. This particular action makes a "unspreadable" fire out of thin air that won't burn the caster. (Phew!) And also can be burned out at command. This psychic ability is called pyrokinesis. However it is not very known and is currently being researched.

Flash (4): Ahh, a useful item indeed. The caster creates a luminous, and searing light, supposedly stunning and surprising the opponent. It may cause seizures if used repeatedly, blind if bright enough, and give you some time since it may cause a stunning reaction..... How does the light come to be? When a Light Faerie gives the Neopet the ability flash, it leaves him or her a special energy that can be regained and used again. This energy is really an excess energy able to be expelled and used as a light form. Think of this flash as those flashing thingies on the cameras, except much, much stronger and the flashes length depends on the caster's will. It's a simple spell, with many uses.

Bless (7): A nice healing spell that works like those repair droids in "Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars". The enchantment causes speeded up regeneration and stronger muscles. Much like "roids" but positively done. (But please don't use "roids" if you don't have Bless.....) The higher level the ability is, the longer and stronger Bless becomes. It's quite a handy enchantment. : )

Sun Ray (10): Truly a defensive spell, but limited to only darkness attacks, and evil. A good barrier nonetheless. This can be a blessing when facing hordes of evil, but a energy if your opponent isn't evil and doesn't have darkness as his or her disposal. Handy to use when it is raining and you want to play. And to light a room up if there is no lamps. But it is powerful when your opponent happens to be evil and uses darkness as his or her arsenal.

Psychic Blast (13): Reaching into the caster's mind, the Neopet creates an invisible (yet quite detectable) wave of energy used as a force to push and pull, lift and let go. This is a defensive weapon and both an offensive weapon. I happen to think it's my favourite ability! The knowledge and cause of such a force is unknown. And the top Neopian researchers are flabbergasted on how this force can be made. This ability can alternate the pathway of a projectile, corrupt the mind of weak minded pets, perform telepathy, and hurt your opponent by flinging things that are around you. Also, you can move furniture around, or rest your hands by controlling a pencil without touching it when you write. This can become a fearful weapon if you happen to raise the level of the ability.

Mote Dance (17): This is a defensive spell, using motes as a physical barrier. Mote Dance is more of a summoning spell, because the caster calls little creatures to aid him or her. Once summoned, the motes circle around you absorbing any damage that may inflict you. The very motes you summon are kinda like the weaker version of the well-known motes such as the Supernova, or Darknova. You can also buy elemental motes such as ice and mud motes. A useful spell indeed, but not powerful so it's best to buy motes instead.

Restore (21): This regenerative ability is wonderful because it saves a many from buying a lot of potions. It also nullifies any negative effects bestowed upon the caster. However, I believe buying healing items may be better than restore.

Well, unfortunately, my time is up, and at least we get to go over the abilities of light. Well, next week, class will be about the other elemental spheres. And after the basic spells, maybe I shall review some 'special' spells.

Till next time, BUH-bye!

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