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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 48 > Continuing Series > Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Five

Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Five

by writing_obsessor

The Brain Tree

"I THINK IT'S to the west," Gemini cried above the roaring noise, we took another step pushing against the fierce icy wind. It was terrible weather for the month of relaxing. We were huddled together trying to keep warm and make it to the Brain Tree without freezing to death. Lightening lit up our path through the Haunted Woods, for a split second then everything went dark again, thunder rumbled almost immediately after, the ground shook.

        "No... it's..." Gemini shouted, but she was drowned out by a ferocious high pitched roar that seemed to shake the earth, suddenly I could feel something pulling me backwards and the trees beside our path were bending over being sucked backward too. I screamed for Gemini, but the roar was to loud. I could feel an incredible power pulling at me and crawled to the nearest tree and grasped onto it with all my might, my hind legs flying out behind me, my hooves began to slip flicking off pieces of bark as they went and before I knew it I went flying off the tree backwards.

        All I saw was grey. I felt like I was in something that was spinning around and around, I felt things knock into me, plushie, petpets, rocks, pieces of bark. Suddenly I began to drop and then began bang against hard metal things, thought I was sure I was not in a room. The roaring sound pounded in my ears. I dropped violently and then something sucked me back, but before I see what it was it let go of me and I went flying through the air somersaulting, like I had been catapulted off a rubber band. Maybe I'm dead, I thought. I've already hit the ground, but my mind makes me think I'm still going. I thought I was wrong. The next second my mouth was full of dirt and my whole body was caked in dirt and very sore. If I hadn't fallen before, I had definitely fallen then. I sat up, total darkness and silence surrounded me. Gemini? Where's Gemini? I wondered looking around though it was no use. It was all pitch black.

        "Don't worry about Gemini... you're the chosen one, Bronzeya..." A large booming voice echoed out in the total darkness and rang in my ears. Lightening flashed and then seemed to stay frozen leaving the whole scene lighted. There in front of me, in all it's glory was the Brain Tree.

        "How do you know my name?" I cried out, "And what do you know about Gemini and me being the chosen one."

        "I know everything," The Brain Tree boomed.

        "Oh really..." I snorted.

        "Please remove your Scorchio costume, I want to see your real face," The Brain Tree ignored me. I hesitated and then looked at the Brain Tree's harsh red eyes glaring down at me, urging me. I slipped off my Scorchio mask and gloves and unzipped my Scorchio body piece and pulled it off.

        "I know you spent almost all your Neopoints on it, but it didn't fool me." The Brain Tree replied coolly. Does he know all about me? All about my past? EVERYTHING?

        "Yes..." The Brain Tree answered. You can read? I thought

        "Yes, of course I can read minds," The Brain Tree interrupted my thoughts, "You can't hide anything from the Brain Tree... I know what you've come for...." I nodded and decided to let him do all the talking.

        "It is quite risky for a Kau, but it can be done. Of course I cannot tell you exactly what will happen, that would take the fun out of it," The Brain Tree chuckled, "But I shall give you directions. From here you head to the Hidden Tower... to go to the Hidden Tower you climb to the tallest building and face the sun at exactly the time when the Faerie Queen eats her lunch and see where the evil twin of the sun creeps out and appears. Jump off the tallest tower in the direction of the evil twin of the sun, there you shall find the hidden tower. In the Hidden Tower you shall find something... that stands out and that will immediately send you to where you want to go... Good luck." The Brain tree began to shimmer and began to disappear.

        "WAIT!" I called, "You must answer one more of my questions!" I commanded. The Brain Tree seemed to straighten and appear back in it's regular form.

        "Well, hurry up I've got more customers...." Brain Tree rushed. I looked around me for customers and I saw none and gave him a puzzle look, "Oh never mind, just go on and quick now."

        "Where's Gemini? When can I see Gemini again?" I asked. The Brain tree began to shimmer away.

        "When the time is right...." The Brain Tree echoed slowly disappearing I reached out, but my hand caught air. Suddenly I felt a rush of wind in my face. I closed my eyes and shielded my face and suddenly it was gone and I opened my eyes and found myself on the path in the middle of the Haunted Woods town, everyone bustling around me. In the distance I saw the tallest tower, the Faerie Queen's bed chamber was at that very tippy top... and since I didn't have wings I had to find a way up there... some how. But first I had to get a taxi there... I felt through my pocket and pulled out thirty Neopoints, just about right for a taxi ride.


"There..." I said, giving the thirty Neopoints to the Acara taxi driver. She nodded and then zoomed off leaving me stranded in front of the gates at Faerieland. I walked up to them and I reached out to touch the soft pearl-like marble when they opened magically by themselves. I walked onto the soft cloud ground, I looked around amazed. Gorgina had been brought by Hanna millions of times to Faerieland, to have what Hanna called 'A Movie Star Vacation', but I had never went. I had only seen pictures of it in books. It was beautiful. Everything pink or light violet and wispy clouds were everywhere and then there before me was the gigantic Uber-Faerie Palace. I shaded my eyes since so much light reflected off the beautiful pink pearl marble of the palace. I looked up at the tallest tower and heaved a great sigh. This is where it all begins, I thought. I walked up slowly to the palace and noticed a line of school kids, around my age all lined up and a Light Faerie dressed in a tourist uniform leading them to the front door of the palace, obviously the class was about to go on the tour of the palace. BINGO! It was my ride. I galloped over and scooted right into the middle of all the others, all of them looked confused, but kept there mouth shut.

        "Good morning students and welcome to the Uber-Faerie Castle!" The Light Faerie smiled and her teeth twinkled like out of a commercial. We were led through the gigantic front doors and past big burly guards. I looked the big faerie Grundos up and down, I would never make it alive past those. We walked down a hall way filing after one another like a long Wadjet. The Light Faerie smiling and pointing off in directions. Then I saw my get-away. She pointed down at a door, which she said would lead to the Faerie's main meeting area where they had meetings about very special issues in Neopia. I took my chance.

        As the rest filed ahead I looked around to make sure the coast was clear then I opened the door a creak and slid in. I found myself in a dark hallway, I slowly crawled quietly down the hallway where I hit another door, or should I say crashed into unexpectedly. From the crack between the ground and the door some light stretched out. I creaked open the door so I could take one peek in. I stifled and quickly and quietly shut the door and took a deep breath.

To be continued...

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