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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 48 > New Series > The War of the Egg: Part One

The War of the Egg: Part One

by omegajo90

THE SIMPLE YELLOW Shoyru known as Kay walked into Terror Mountain's capital. They walked through the streets, Lupes stared at the group with a sort of hankering to say, here's the next execution bunch. Kay looked forward and saw a large building looming over all the others. Bars lined the windows, the fence was at least twenty feet high with barbed wire along the upper rim. It was a jail, not only made obvious by the setup, but also by the sign at the entrance that said JAIL. They walked into the jail. Brian and Kay looked around at the cells, all filled to the brim with crying Chias. Women, children, men, most of them starved to the point where their bones were clearly all there was, hardly any meat or muscle, just bone. They walked into another hallway and up to an empty cell. One of the Lupe pushed the pair into it and closed and locked the heavy door. Stepping inside, the pair felt an immediate cool breeze and a moldy dampness. That was in justice, because the stone cell was dripping water and had green mold growing on the walls, with some moss too. As for the cool breeze, they had an open window in the cell, with cool dew dripping into the cell from it. Brian turned to Kay, his face was scrunched up and he was crying.

        "Kay, why? Why did we have to get thrown into this awful place and have this terrible fate become our destiny?"

        "I don't know, but you can thank Rowfort for all of this. If only we had kept an eye on him that night right before we reached the summit. I suspected that he would betray us in some way along the road, but not what he did. That was like committing treason. I hope he never returns from Tyrannia."

        "Likewise." Brian looked down at the floor. "How long do you think it will be until they take us to be publicly--"

        "Don't even mention it. We shouldn't be thinking about that right now. What we should be worrying about is if they get the egg to Tyrannia and into the Lair of the Beast before it hatches. Ya know what I mean?"

        "Yeah." Brian looked up again. "I wonder when they let us go to the bathroom?"

        Kay laughed and said, "Brian, sometimes you're a riot, you know that. But if you really do wonder, as I do to, probably after each meal and right before bed time."

        "Do they expect us to sleep on the floor? If they do, then we could sue them for cruel and unusual punishment."

        "Providing we live and get back home."

        "Right. But, isn't it sort of selfish to look towards the future, when we are sure that there won't be one for us?"

        "Yeah, Brian, you're right."

        Kay sat down on the floor, then laid down. He pretended that it was comfortable and smiled. "It isn't all that bad."

        A bland, blue Lupe came to the door with to paper bags, with something inside of them.

        "Dinner time," he said and tossed the bags into the cell.

        Brian ran up to the bags and opened one as the Lupe walked away. Inside it were some meager rations. A roll, a little water bottle, and a peanut butter sandwich. The bag that Kay opened contained the same. They ate their food greedily, drooling with each bite.

        "It's not the best, but I guess it's all we'll get," said Kay sadly.

        "Yeah, but at least we won't die before the..." Brian began to sniffle, then just let all of his stress out in an hour long cry with terrible words of hate mixed in. Soon, it was eight o'clock and the pair were allowed to relieve themselves in a terrible restroom. Then, they were forced to go to bed. Before going to sleep, the Lupe who had led them there came to their cell door and prepared to speak. A young Lupe introduced him as General Benjamen Dorg.

        "We have decided a date for your execution," said Dorg. He grinned and said, "You will be taken to the stadium tomorrow morning at ten for your public hanging."

        "I see..." said Kay glumly.

        "Yes, well, go to sleep. I don't want you tired for your last breakfast." Dorg walked away.

        "Well, this is our last sleep," said Brian.

        "Yes, I guess so. Ohh! I hate Rowfort for this!" May the faeries bring him down!"

        "Calm down and go to sleep, Kay. No need to be angry on your last night."

        "Yeah," said Kay. "You're right. Goodnight then."

        "Goodnight, for the last time."

        Sunlight streamed in through the window and into the damp, cold cell. Kay blinked and was grabbed by a pair of furry paws. Lupe paws.

        "Glad to see you awake," said the Lupe holding him. He could see another Lupe holding his Aisha friend. "We'll be going to the stadium now."

        They walked into a large stadium. Kay and Brian saw the seats were full with many a Lupe and even a few Grundos. They were taken up onto a pedestal and they're necks were tied into loops. The loops were tightened. Dorg walked onto the platform and nodded his head. Two Lupes got ready to let the floor go and let the pair of heroes hang. Dorg mouthed, "Let them go" just as a boom was heard in the South. A guard at the top of the stadium looked into that direction and yelled, "It's the Chias!" There was another boom. "They have rainbow frost cannons!"

        Dorg sneered and said, "ALL TO BATTLE!" The seats cleared as all the onlookers headed out of the stadium and onto the soon to be battle field. Dorg looked at Kay and said, "You're lucky." Then he ran off to join in the coming battle. Kay and Brian untied themselves and escaped. They ran off to the battle also.

        Kay turned to Brian as they ran and said, "And so starts the War of the Egg."

To be continued...

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