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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Articles > Ghost Lupe Says All

Ghost Lupe Says All

by sweetchocomato

MYSTERY ISLAND - Sweetchocomato's strongest and only pet, Chocokato, was the only bravest amongst all his friends to even meet and talk to the intrepid Ghost Lupe... to find out about his secrets, and his past life before he was killed. As the others waited and watched him advance towards the rocky deep shores of the island (with their camera hiding in bush) just before the moon fully came up upon the dark sky, he stood there motionlessly, feeling and sensing every movement of the wind.

No Neopians had ever come face-to-face with this hideous Lupe. Still, Chocokato wasn't scared at all, in fact happy (that little fella) that he had such a GREAT chance to talk to the dead and that he met it. The Ghost Lupe only appears at night after midnight (NST), (not since these days he's been entering the Battledome to test his skills). He died many centuries ago, and there's A LOT more to explain...

Chocokato: Erm, you there...

Ghost Lupe: Silence!!! Well... seems like you ARE a worthy opponent. We shall have the battle of the night, the night of your arrival!

Chocokato: No sir, I mean Lupe warrior, I've come today just for a moment so I could have a chat with you. Would you mind me having that?

Ghost Lupe: What kind of nonsense are you? I can give you a little aid and then you can leave at once! Battle me if you wish to succeed in having a merely conversation.

Ghost Lupe: Ahhh, long time, no combat.

Chocokato: If it's a battle then fine, you're on. I really wouldn't want to do this, I'm asking you one favour and battling is all you think of? What kind of dead dog or wolf are you?

Ghost Lupe: What did you just call me?! You, you... that's it! You're GONE!!!

Chocokato: Oh, we'll see about that all right!

Friends In Bush: No way! Sweetchocomato, I think your pet is already in a fight!!! Why don't you go out there and stop him? He may get hurt.

Sweetchocomato: Don't worry; he knows what he's doing.

Ghost Lupe: Hehe, ha! This battle WILL BE MINE! FINALLY!!!

As the fight was about to start in the Mystery Island shores, they both got themselves into the Battledome Island Arena as the battle raged furiously. Many Neopians came to watch, including the strongest ones to see how well their abilities both pet possessed and techniques they used. The fight had started. The Ghost Lupe leapt at Chocokato, shot a Grand Lightning Beam and fiercely attacked him. Chocokato used a Hypno Helmet, froze him for one Neo-minute and threw two Caustic Potions at him, damaging and gaining back HP. After defrosted and back with a surprising move, the Ghost Lupe had thrown a Super Lupurus Tooth, sharply pinned his opponent. Laughing and cackling the Ghost Lupe was, Chocokato was never to give up and never even close to utter defeat, used Bronze Scorchstone (healed 15) and had blasted him off with two moves, Tiki Bomb and Popsicle Of Doom (Ghost Lupe tried eating the popsicle as he thought it was yummy, bad choice...) And the win was all Chocokato's.

After the Ghost Lupe aided himself and as everyone else were fine, they restlessly went back to the sandy shores, both without speaking or looking at each other. Finally, Chocokato spoke out the first few words.

Chocokato: Will you now tell me?

Ghost Lupe: [Speaking to himself in mind] How could I lose? No wonder I could not even handle the tribes in the past. I am weak, was weak, always weak. Useless. I failed you, my beautiful bride :(

Chocokato: It looks like you're a bit depressed, whatever is wrong. You should speak it out. (Friends in bush sleeping still left camera on.)

Ghost Lupe: Okay, but it's useless, I was always a depressed Lupe, never have I succeeded in life, although battling was a concept of my life and I was good at it, that's why I wanted to battle others in the Battledome to test my skill, that I knew I was brave and if I could win now then I should have in the past. It all started when I was still only a baby Lupe, a cute one I was then, my parents went hunting out in the woods and all of a sudden they got attacked by a pack of fierce, huge Grarrls, they didn't survive. My ancestors told me that because they too, were out there and were lucky enough to escape while still holding in their mouth, wild red berries and brought back to me to feed on.

Chocokato: Your parents and ancestors must've really cared for you.

Ghost Lupe: Yes, indeed they did care for me and respected me, I was their only cub, and they had to rely on me when I grew up. You see, that unfortunately didn't happen and I wasn't dependant after a few years later. I knew how to hunt (especially the Grarrls 'cause my power only unleashes from menacing anger.) That's why now my anger can easily be directed at those who disturb me, so steer very clear from me if I were you...

Chocokato: Ohhh, then how come I beat you in the battle?

Ghost Lupe: Because my anger level wasn't strong enough. I guess if something extremely wrong has happened and that I have that mad feeling towards the object, I really shoot out to the high point, still, it wasn't a match then when I couldn't rescue my bride from those terrible tribes... my revenge will be accomplished! Now, I apologise that I don't have enough time to talk to you, but thanks again for what I've said, and that you are the one who really knows about me. Farewell as I'll be back someday, just wait until I beat everyone in the Battledome, that should settle me down a little but lately I've been losing to top fighters because of that stupid and horrible 'Defenders Of Neopia' quest! Grrr... I will get them, I assume that. If we ever meet again, we shall have a rematch and luck on your way. Remember, being strong ain't the key and you've got to remember that, you still have a lot to learn and no one knows what's really out there, you're destined for your destiny, I shall have mine. You still have a long way to go, young one. Show your true abilities, what you could do and share amongst your partner. Even though I was a miserable Lupe, don't hold back until what you think about the future is what lies in the fate of your hands. Grrr... now, time for me to go back to the Island Mystic once more to see if luck is in me for a change... and don't forget that my spirit still lies in this island, so whatever happens, I'll be there for anything, fight for peace for a change! HA! (My evil will prevail once more... NO ONE SHALL STOP ME!!! HA! HA! HA!!!)

He then vanished, no one can stop him whatever he'll do now, and his anger WILL disperse in many ways (oh and to think Hubrid the Chia would like to know about him eh? Both bad, both evil denizens of Neopia)

Chocokato: *YAWN* Okie-Dokie, thanks a lot, gee and what a creep, I learnt a lot, and wowser wasn't I ~lucky~ to have beaten that Lupe before?! And may the force be within me... for eternity!

The next morning after the well and comfortable sleep, Chocokato told the others what he had mentioned a bit of his past life and they still couldn't believe he was brave enough to go up to him all alone. The camera that they had with last night viewed everything that they had said and did. Other Neopians now know he was good enough to have a chance like that with the Ghost Lupe. They also saw the grave lying in the sand near the shores of his, still remaining after hundreds of years. Even though they both had met and now know each other, they'll lead themselves in separate paths and aim for their goal.

Sweetchocomato: OK!!! Back to 24/7 training time again, come on Chocokato! Would you for once stop eating those fattening Dark Chocolate Chias for once! OMG, you've had it, Air Faerie (in bottle), go out there and blow away all Chocokato's chocolate!

Air Faerie (released from bottle): Before telling me what to do, why don't you have a think about others' feelings first? Even though you hate to see your pet eat so much chocolate, he's happy about that. You should please him, give him as much as he want...


Air Faerie: I understand... yes I'm sorry, shouldn't spoil any Neopet like that! OK that's it...


Whoosh! It released a huge hurricane and blew away all the Dark Chocolate Chias to Faerieland, one big gulp and a tiny, red Zumagorn ate it flew away hopelessly.

Chocokato: Waaa!!!!! No fair, I want chocolate back! Waa! Waa! Waa!!!!! ***BURP***

Sweetchocomato: * Sigh* Don't worry, you'll learn someday how to behave... hey, time for some MORE Sausage Omelette when I get back home! Hehe o_O (I know, I'll tell Chocokato to eat chocolates from his own chocolate spots, that Chokato Chia, hay, hay, ho!)

Friends: How much longer do we have to wait for until the article comes to an end???

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