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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Articles > Games Pets Play

Games Pets Play

by shidi

Image by thephoenixofeio

GAMES ROOM - In the rush to make tons of Neopoints, people often forget about their Neopets. You know... those guys in Pet Central? Your pet would just love to get some exercise and go out to play with you! Let's take a look at some of the great games that Neopets and owners can play together.


No, we're not suggesting you play dishonestly! This is a great card game, with some shrewd opponents such as Brucey B and Princess Fernypoo. Your pet will need to use all his intelligence to beat this game of cunning, strategy, and just plain bluffing. This game charges 50 NP to get into, but you'll make it back by catching those cheaters if you're clever, and by winning rounds. As an added bonus, you receive a shiny trophy for your cabinet for beating the third, fifth and seventh rounds. Read the rules carefully if you're not sure how to play. You can even search The Neopian Times for articles that have been written on the game.


In this version of the classic hangman game, your object is to keep the Tuskaninny from falling to his painful horrible demise off the end of a rather steep cliff. Every wrong letter you guess, he gets closer to his fate. Using brain power to solve these puzzles is good for your pet, and he will sometimes gain an intelligence point from all he's learned while playing. This game only costs 15 NP, and has three difficulty levels to choose from. Considering that it's a fun and challenging way to use his brain, and that you get NP when you win, your pet is sure to love Cliffhanger. Be careful when you type in the solution to the puzzle, however - one mistake, and it's all over for the poor Tuskaninny.

Poogle Solitaire

In this game, the object is to get the cute little blue Poogles to jump over each other in such a way that leaves as few as possible. Trying to puzzle through this is great for your pet's intelligence, and will sometimes cause him to gain a point. If you play a particularly fast game, your pet can gain a point of speed, due to the dexterity this requires. And as an added bonus, you can sometimes receive a loveable plushy Poogle toy. Poogle toys are great for chewing on, playing with, or hiding under a sibling's bed in your NeoHome. The cost to play is 15 NP, but if you have six or fewer Poogles remaining, you can win NP once per day. Your pet may grow tired of playing Poogle Solitaire after playing it for a while, particularly if you do very well - then he'd much rather play something else. In a few days or a week, he may feel up to playing this game again, though.

Go! Go! Go!

Don't let the Tyrannian crowd fool you--this game is Tough! Tough! Tough! But with a careful read of the rules, your pet can join in the fun and start playing against famous Tyrannians to win NP and a shiny new trophy. Be sure to read the rules carefully. You can find several articles that have been written on the subject of this game in The Neopian Times if you need more in depth guidance. Costs 50 NP to play.

Guess the Card

Does your pet have psychic powers? Find out by playing this cute little game! You pick one of six cards, and your pet tries to guess which card you are thinking of. It costs ten NP to play, but you get 50 if you win. One of the most amusing parts of this simple game is getting to see the things your pet says as she tries to guess the card. Some of my favourites were "I see a city in the clouds" and "Fear me, the master of all things psychic". This game has been around Neopets for quite some time- it was already here when I joined in May of 2000, so it has the added bonus of history.

Jubjub Blackjack

Jubjubs are the dealers in this version of the classic 21 game. You play against your active pet - each of you is dealt a hand, and play is handled the same way as in a traditional blackjack game. You'll enjoy both winning and losing in this game, because your pet looks so cute and happy when he wins, how can you be mad? Another nice feature is that the picture on the back of the card deck changes from time to time for variety. The fact that you can bet from 1 to 400 NP per hand makes this an affordable family game for pets and owners of any income level.

Kacheek Seek

Pets, especially young ones, love to play hide and seek! And kids, especially little ones, love to find their pets! This is a great game to let a younger child play, because it involves simple mouse clicking and an easy to understand goal. But don't think only kids can have fun with this--owners of all ages will enjoy chasing their pet around Neopia. There are many locations to choose from, including the Pirate Ship (Easy Peasy) and Ice Caves (Quite Hard). This game costs nothing to play, and will earn you a small amount of NP for finding your pet. Kacheek Seek is a classic that's been around a very long time. Your pet will eventually get tired of hiding and being found, so try another pet, or just come back tomorrow when this happens.


This version of poker is somewhat disappointingly simplified. For example, one pair is one pair, with no consideration given to whether it's a pair of jacks, or a pair of threes. Still, you can have some fun playing your hand against your active pet's hand. The cost is three NP per hand, and you can win from 5 NP for a simple pair to more lucrative rewards for better hands, up to 10,000 for a Royal Flush (which you will probably never see, just like when you're playing poker in real life). Just like with Jubjub Blackjack, the card backs change giving you a bit of variety in artwork.


Somewhat irritatingly, this game is unavailable at the times you'd most like to play it. However, if you can find time in your schedule to play it when the game is actually up, NeoQuest can be fun for those who enjoy the role-playing style of video games. Your pet takes on the role of a brave Lupe, fights a lot of beasts, and takes up immense amounts of your free time. If you manage to have the patience to play this game all the way through to the end, you can receive a trophy for it. You've probably lost a good portion of your sanity along the way, but the trophy is nice and shiny and looks good in your cabinet.

Defenders of Neopia

This great game involves your pet being a super hero and fighting the forces of evil in Neopia for the benefit of pet-kind (and a sweet trophy for your cabinet). You read the story, figure out where to find the bad guy, get him as a Battledome challenger, and fight in the dome until he's defeated. Then you go back to the Defenders, get a pat on the back and a don't call us, we'll call you from Judge Hog the leader- along with a trophy for completing the mission. A lot of fun, but once you've defeated the current bad guys available to defeat, you have to wait around for more to be added. Also, if your pet isn't up to fighting the forces of evil, you have to do some training before attempting this game.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the games you can play along with your pet. If there's any I've missed, feel free to discover them on your own and spend some quality time with your pets playing them! Now stop reading, and get out there and play with your pets! Feel free to Neomail me with any questions and commentary.

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