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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Articles > Forgotten Shopkeeper... The Tropical Food Shopkeeper

Forgotten Shopkeeper... The Tropical Food Shopkeeper

by moonandsun211

MYSTERY ISLAND - Our next adventure started on the day The Neopian Times came out. May, who had run all the way to the Art Centre to pick up the lasted edition of The Neopian Times, had come home screaming and leaping and yelling, "Moon! We did it! Yes! MOOOOONNNNN!"

After realising what my little cloud Kau meant by we did it, I ran out on our lawn as May threw the latest copy in my direction, I tore through it... I wanted to scream when I saw what was written under articles:

Forgotten Shopkeeper… Owner of the Slushie Shop

Then a picture of Ice, the shopkeeper May and I had met in Happy Valley. And under it was what I had been waiting for: by moonandsun211. I was so happy, I wanted to scream or run around the NeoHomes, I wanted to do something. But then my Neopet brought me back down to Neopia.

"I have an idea," May began confidently, "we should do another one! Like a series, please Moon? It would be so cool, wouldn't it?" She smiled and I nodded, my brain was racing for a shopkeeper to do an article on, but, as it was supposed to be a forgotten shopkeeper, I couldn't think of one. I forgot.


It was that night at dinner I figured out what shopkeeper we should do our next story on. I handed May her favourite dessert, a golden juppie, and she replied, "Thanks Moon, I wonder where, where… um… I wonder where that Tropical Food Shopkeeper gets these juppies, they're great!" May quickly gobbled down the golden Juppie.

I was suddenly hit with another idea "May! You are a genius!"

May smiled, "Well, you do spend a lot on books every month. I mean--" but I cut her off.

"No, I mean, we should do our next article on the Tropical Food Shopkeeper," I explained and May agreed, so it was decided, tomorrow we would pack our bags and travel to Mystery Island.


Upon arrival to the island May and I were greeted by a group of Kougras in all different colours. They waved and smiled. I must say it was a nice change from our rather chilly visit to Happy Valley. May and I marveled at the palm trees, played the Tombola (we lost, if you really wanted to know), and had a rather pleasant Tiki Tour.

Finally we decided to get down to business, so we asked a couple of natives where the The Tropical Food Shop was, naturally assuming that the shopkeeper was there. They pointed to a little straw hut that May could have easily blown over.

As May and I approached the hut we observed the little vegetable garden growing juppies, mellows, and some sardplants. They looked delicious. Even I was tempted to go over and pick a cocoa juppie (my favourite) but I knew what we came for so May and I headed into the hut. But, strangely, he could not be found so we asked the island Lupe at the front desk where was the owner of the shop. The Lupe pointed to another little shack next to the garden. The Lupe nodded and returned to work.

The hut was even smaller than the shop; I wasn't quite sure if May, me, and the shopkeeper could fit so I called out from the dirt path: "Hello? Um, Mr. Tropical Food Shopkeeper, are you there?"

Suddenly a blue Techo with a grass skirt and colourful markings walked out of the open archway, which was the hut's door. He glared at us and pointed to the shop (do these natives ever talk?).

I wondered why he looked so angry. "You no get lower prices! They cheap, you buy or leave… Now!"

I could tell May was surprised at the anger of the funny blue Techo He seemed to be getting angrier by the minute so I guessed I had better say something.

"Um, sir, we are writing an article for Neopian Times and we want it to be about you? Would you mind that?" I was afraid he was going yell again but instead he showed a big grin.

"Yazya!" he smiled and shook my hand very hard. "Finally, my brother's always complaining. Oh! I hate my job. He thinks that it bad; I wish I could be like you he say, that be nice! It make me angry, see, he get many articles on him, all the time. But no story about me."

I smiled and strained to understand he's funny ascent and way of speaking. "See I was a smart little Techo I worked hard outside. I grew many things when my brother stayed inside. When little he boring, he take care of all his petpets. Not like Yazya, I always busy feeding people, but it makes me happy!

I assumed Yazya was his name, but I was trying to think who his brother could be, "What's your brother's name?" I asked curiously.

"Oh! Him," he replied, "everyone call him Dr_Death, I think, he work at pound. He always seems happy to get away. But he does not visit me often; I do not go there either. He comes here for the holiday of Gadgadsbogen, we have much fun then! Oh yes! Anyway, I love feeding others; I have a big plant area full of juppies and many fruits on the other side of the island, so I never run out!"

"How do you feel about the new release the new Mystery Island Paint Brush?" May asked in her most official voice.

The Techo thought awhile, then replied, "I don't care... it okay, I mean all other lands get paint brush, so now we get one. It fair."

May nodded. "Okay…well…" I could tell my Kau was trying hard to think of questions. "Um, what's your favourite fruit that you sell?"

The Techo laughed and smiled. "I have no favourite, I like all. I like because they healthy and just right. Do you like a certain fruit best?" he asked to May.

"Well," May began, "I am rather fond of the golden juppie."

The Techo bent over, picked a golden juppie up and handed it to May. "Thank you for writing article about me!" he said.

We started to make our way down the dirt path away from the shop, May happily eating her golden juppie. "I can't believe," I told May, "that Yazya is Dr_Death's brother!"

May nodded as we arrived at the harbour...

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