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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Short Stories > The Plushie Pet

The Plushie Pet

by battlesunn

Stitchy was a handsome fire Lupe. He lived with his owner, Renard, who was incredibly rich and snobby, in a golden mansion in Faerieland. To most pets who saw Stitchy, he was the luckiest Lupe in the world. He wasn't. You see, Renard collected plushies, not just your basic, default colour plushies, but incredibly rare and beautiful marvels of craft work. In order to do this, Stitchy's owner, Renard, would spend hours at the toy shop. Awaiting the restocks.

Due to years of experience, Renard was very quick at grabbing the rare plushies as soon as they hit the shelves. A fire Eyrie plushie had barely touched the stands when Renard's hand would lash out and grab it. Renard had the biggest collection of plushies in the world.

Their NeoHome had twenty rooms, nineteen of them were made from gold and beautifully furnished. Ten of those golden rooms were used as the plushie display area, where Renard held gallery walks where rich, snobby pets and their owners could come and gaze at those mint condition plushies.

You'll recall that the house had twenty rooms, and that nineteen of them were gold and finely furnished. So what about the last room? That was Stitchy's room. It was out of cardboard, and furnished with a dung bed, a dung chair and a small table lamp. Stitchy only had one toy, a ripped, blue fuzzle. It had come from their newbie pack, Renard had turned his nose up to it. "Fuzzles will be the downfall of Neopia, they aren't fit to sit next to a decent plushie," he had said. Renard had actually thrown the fuzzle away, but Stitchy had retrieved it.

Renard hadn't painted Stitchy, he wouldn't have wasted money on that. Stitchy had snuck out to the rainbow fountain by himself, and had blessed himself the dazzling fire coat. Stitchy wasn't allowed outside of his room. Stitchy tried his hardest to make Renard like him, just like the other owners that he saw. One day, Stitchy had chanced to look out his streaky window. He had seen two pets, a blue Kacheek and a green Gelert. They were happily playing with their owner, Stitchy had watched them running around, playing tag. They looked pretty poor, but they were happy. Stitchy felt a stab of envy. "Why isn't my owner like that?" Renard would never go out and play with Stitchy. As you can probably see, Renard only kept Stitchy in order to stay in Neopia, and collect his beloved plushies. Other than that, Renard completely ignored Stitchy.

The next day Stitchy heard Renard raving about something he had read in the news.

"Yes! YES! New plushies! Magical Nimmo plushies! I must get down to the toy shop and add them to my collection."

Renard started towards the door, but paused to holler the regular warning to Stitchy.

"Stay in your room, Lupe! If I catch you in the gallery, you'll be spending the rest of your life in the pound!"

Stitchy sighed, like he would want to go and stare at Renard's dumb plushies. "I thought pets were supposed to be the ones who played with the plushies, not their owners!" he muttered to himself.

Stitchy had been sitting in his room for about ten minutes when he suddenly felt a pang of hunger. It had been awhile since he last ate, and the wheat flakes that Renard had shoved under his door hadn't been their filling. He decided to do what he had never done before, venture downstairs and get something to eat.

He carefully placed a paw on the richly carpeted stairs, expecting to hear alarms or feel a cage dropping onto him, but he didn't. His confidence reassured, Stitchy continued down the stairs and up the halls, until he saw it. The plushie room.

Stitchy had been here before, of course, when he owner wasn't so obsessed. He was a red Lupe then. He remembered that Renard had just started collecting, and he only had about twenty plushies. Now, as Stitchy stepped into the shining room, there were hundreds of plushies. His hunger forgotten, Stitchy continued down the rows and rows of display cases, each one featuring a different plushie. Electric Kau, ski lodge mutant, alien Aisha... they were beautiful.

Suddenly, Stitchy stopped. He had seen a plushie so intoxicating that it was unbearable. It was an angel Chia plushie. Pale pink, with feathery white wings sprouting from its back and a shining halo. It was topped of with a stupid grin stitched on to its soft, fabric face. Stitchy felt his Lupe instincts take over. His timid demeanor was being choked by the thought of ripping into the plushie's stuffing. It seemed to call to him, "Stitchy, Stitchy, where art thou, Stitchy?"

"No!" He said out loud. "No, I have to fight it... it's too powerful!" In a flash Stitchy was lunging for the plushie, knocking the glass case to the ground, and tearing into the plushie. It was sheer bliss, and it lasted for about a second. Just then, Renard came home, his hands full of magical Nimmo plushies. Renard, upon seeing the destruction, dropped the Nimmo plushies to the floor, and sank to his knees.

"Noooooooooooo!!! Do you know how long I spent in the toy shop? Waiting for one of those to come in?" Renard stood up. He pointed a shaky finger at Stitchy.

"You-are-going-to-the-pound!" With that, Renard grabbed Stitchy by the paw, and dragged him off to the pound. He was thrown into a cell without much compassion, and watched bitterly as Renard picked up a posh looking Kacheek and left with him. A new plushie pet. Stitchy couldn't help smiling among his sadness. At least he wouldn't have to live with a plushie maniac anymore! He looked up and saw a young girl approach him.

"Would you like to come home with me?" she asked him.

Stitchy heaved a sigh of relief. "As long as you don't collect plushies!"

The girl giggled. "Of course not, plushies are way out. I collect Usukis!"

The End

Author's note: All the characters in this story are fictional, purely from my imaginative mind. :) Anyway, the moral of this story is that while a nice, big gallery is nice, having a pet is even better. As xaboo so rightly put, "It's called Neopets, not Neoitems!" Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to Tdyans, who helped me edit this story so it sounded way better and for giving me some ideas on how to improve it.

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