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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Sleeping, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 46 > Short Stories > Sloth's Vacation

Sloth's Vacation

by battlesunn

Dr. Frank Sloth leaned back in his chair. His hands folded, he surveyed the construction of the super ray that would render Neopia helpless underneath his wrath. He smiled, soon he would have all the Neopets as his slaves...

A young, brown Grundo approached him, worriedly wringing his lab coat between his hands.

"Sir, I have bad news. The ray is not operational, and we cannot locate the problem!"

Dr. Sloth stood up angrily. "This is an outrage! You said that your Grundos would have it finished by now!"

The Grundo wilted under Sloth's glare. "I'm terribly sorry sir, but this was beyond our control. I have reason to believe that the ray was deactivated by the enemy..."

Just then, a band of cheering Neopets charged through the room and into the escape pods. Led by a Grarrl, the pets were the ones who had terminated the ray.

Sloth sat back down, there was no point in chasing them. He ran his fingers through his greying antennae. It wasn't that easy being an evil genius of crime.

He glanced back at the Grundo. "Tell Captain Flurp that I have need of him, I want him to accompany me on secret mission."

The Grundo bowed. "Yes, sir."

Soon the Grundo had returned with Flurp, a shadowed Grundo. He was Sloth's most trusted advisor, so he had been distinguished from the other Grundo with a special colour. He bowed low in front of Sloth, then quietly stood up, facing his master. "What is your bidding, lord Sloth?"

Sloth smiled. "I want you to accompany me on a visit to Neopia. I need you to pose as my... pet."

Whatever Flurp was expecting, it wasn't that. "Uh, master, I do not understand the purpose of this mission..."

Sloth bared his yellowing teeth. "Are you questioning my authority?"

Flurp gulped. "No, master."

"Good. Go prepare yourself for our journey to Neopia, and put this on." Sloth threw him a studded collar. "I want you to look convincing."

After Flurp left, Sloth swiveled around his chair, and faced the stars. He smiled blissfully. "Ahh... This will do me good. I was in need of a vacation!"


Sloth and Flurp boarded a shuttle, it was going to take them to the outskirts of Tyrannia, where they would catch a bus to mystery island. Flurp looked very depressed in his studded collar and rather ugly red bandanna, while Sloth looked quite ridiculous in his rubber "owner mask" and suit. To hide his green skin, he had put on thick gardening gloves, and the result made him look like the weirdest owner in the world.

By now, Flurp new that their "mission" was actually just a holiday for Sloth, and that in order to disband any suspicion, Flurp had to be dragged along to pretend to be Sloth's "pet."

The shuttle was quick to arrive in Tyrannia, and soon Sloth and Flurp were making their way to the bus stop, attracting allot of attention as they passed.

"Master, I do believe that we are arousing some suspicion."

"Nonsense. All those people are probably only looking at us because they are secretly complimenting my good taste in attire," said Sloth, straightening his pork pie hat.

Flurp sighed, he had never felt so humiliated. When they got on the bus, they were given a wide berth by the other passengers. Sloth considered this to be some form of gift.

"Why look! They're giving us more legroom," said Sloth.

Flurp just mumbled something. The bus ride passed uneventfully, and soon they were on mystery isle, and the beach.

The beach was very empty. There were only a few people on the beach. Two Bruces and their owner, a disco Acara, a Shoyru and a sunbathing Peophin. And of course, a lifeguard.

The lifeguard's name was minnie, and she was a purple Kyrii with a nose for trouble. As soon as Sloth and Flurp stepped onto the beach, she smelled trouble! She made a mental note to keep an eye on those two, as the owner's face seemed to be falling off.

Sloth laid down a beach towel, it was a simple, blue colour. He decided to leave his towel with the picture of Neopia in his hand at home, he didn't want to attract any authorities. Flurp plunked miserably down beside him, morosely picking at the sand.

Sloth lay down on the towel and closed his eyes, unaware of the affects that the hot sun were having on his mask...

Now, minnie had been watching Sloth the whole time, and had come to two conclusions. Either this guy was a really lousy owner or he was an evil emperor. Either way, Minnie had to go and make sure that he wasn't causing any trouble. Minnie grinned, yelling at rule breakers was her favourite pastime. She swaggered up to Sloth, who was fast asleep, and looked at Flurp.

"What's your name, little Grundo?"

Flurp looked down at the sand, choosing to make up a name. "Uh... Flurt." Oh great fake name, he thought angrily to himself.

Minnie glanced at Sloth. "Shouldn't you tell your owner that his face is melting?"

Flurp jumped up, shaking Sloth awake. "Sir! Sir! Wake up! Your mas- I mean, face is melting!"

It was too late. Sloth stood up amid puddles of cheap, Grundo brand rubber.

"AhHA!" Minnie screeched. "I knew it! You're Dr. Sloth, the most hated guy in the universe, enslaver of Grundos, impersonator of owners and the harbinger of doom for all Neopia! Well I only have one thing to say to YOU buster!" Minnie stood up to her full height, about two feet.


Sloth gulped and speedily left. In his hurry, he left Flurp behind. Tearing off his collar, Flurp grinned up at Minnie.

"Aww... would you look at that? Another family vacation ruined!"

The End

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