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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Running, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Articles > Zeke Speaks: Thoughts from a Library Legend - Review VI

Zeke Speaks: Thoughts from a Library Legend - Review VI

by missphd

LENNY LIBRARY - New books have been springing up left and right in the Magical Book Shop and in Faerieland lately… it's enough to keep even the most serious book hunter on their toes! I thought reviews on some of the latest books available would be a great place to start this week!

Nimmo Anger Management
Never being one to have trouble controlling my temper, I was skeptical about the value of reading this book. However, seeing as how I have met many cool Nimmos in my day, I thought reading this book might help me figure out how they keep calm even when their lily pads are being over run with pesky little siblings and needy petpets.

The book is basically a guide for "situational" responses. Faced with a certain situation, it provides a specific technique for either rising about the mess or at least not letting anyone know how bothered you really are by it! It details responses appropriate for casual social gatherings, business meetings, situations at home and even ones for dealing with that special someone in your life who alternates between making you love them and making you want to choke the gooseberries out of them!

The really remarkable thing is that these techniques seem to be able to be used by anyone…not just the sweetly smiling Nimmo species! When my petpet Lilly would NOT get ready on time to go to the book shop with me, I employed one of the simple techniques in the book, and was amazed at how peaceful and patient I became in just minutes!

So, if you have ever thought that anger was an issue for you or someone you know, pick this book up today! (And read it FAST, because the price on it is enough to make you blow your top!)

Overall, my rating for Nimmo Anger Management is: 4 stars

When I first read in the NEWS that new Faerie books were going on sale at the Faerie Book Shop, I was so giddy I could barely wait for Missphd to get home so we could go straight away to Faerieland! Everyone knows how much I like those pretty little creatures and I love books about them (especially ones with pictures) even more! However, once I had my big claws on the pretty cover of the book and began leafing through it, my giddiness turned to confusion and then to disappointment.

Now, don't get me wrong…I read the book! You bet I did! And I read it in one afternoon, too! But, I was actually somewhat disappointed in the book for a few reasons. The first was that this book was supposed to be one big volume on faeries….kind of a one-stop-shop for info on those lovely creatures. But, when I compared the information contained in this one book to the 6-volume set on faeries and the other faerie books that had previously been released, I found this new book was lacking in some areas.

I also thought that the book was a bit "lop-sided" in its coverage of the faeries, tending to focus more on the common faeries (and the Faerie Queen of course!) and less on the lesser-known faeries like Jhudora and the Snow Faerie. And would you believe it, there was only one little chapter on the Negg Faerie and she is one of my personal faves!! So being inclusive was not a strong point for this book to say the least!

On the up side, the book did provide some new information about faeries that I did not know, and NEW PICTURES!!!! I am always pleased to see new pictures of the faeries, and this book outdid itself in this area.

So, pairing the new info and pictures with the lack of some information and the neglect of some faeries, I would say this book comes out about half and half. But, if you haven't read any of the other faerie books, then this book might actually be a good place for you to start, but please don't stop here…get them all! You won't regret it!

Overall, my rating for Faeries is: 2.5 stars

Caring For Your Ill Kau
Have you ever found yourself in the position where you NEED to read a book, but you really don't want to? Like in school or when you really need to find out about something and no one else knows the answer? Well, that is how I stumbled upon this book. I didn't even realize it had come out until I HAD to find a book on sick Kaus.

You see, my owner (Missphd) has foster babies that she takes care of. I guess you could call them siblings, because I doubt she will ever send them away or let anyone else take care of them. They do have a separate place that they live, but they come over to visit all the time and since I am the oldest (and wisest!!), I am usually in charge of watching kansaskaus (that's her!)

The last time she was here to visit, I noticed she started looking kind of funny and making odd little sounds that didn't resemble any kind of "moo" I had ever heard before. I found out she had bribed one of the shop keepers for a piece of Thistleberry Pie on the way over, even though many Kaus are allergic to Thistleberry. (Found that fact out in the book!) She had big pink spots all in her mouth and this book really helped me out in a bind! Did you know that buying a bottle of Green Mouthwash will clear those spots right up? Neither did I until I read this book!

And that's why this book was such a great surprise! Not only did I learn a lot about Kaus, but I also learned a lot of home remedies that work on lots of pets! It was very easy to read and divided into very helpful sections on Prevention, Illnesses, Hospitalization, Cures and After Care. The language was very simple and the pictures really help pin point specific problems in your Kau!

So if you want to just be more well-rounded in terms of caring for different pets, then this book might be good for you. But, if you own a Kau, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Run, don't walk to the shop and grab it up!

Overall, my rating for Caring For Your Ill Kau is: 5 stars

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