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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 45 > New Series > The Dark World: Part One

The Dark World: Part One

by anela2003

A pair of hummingbirds were beautifully singing their tunes next to the squeaky porch, where Lenvin and Emiranda were sitting. Emiranda rocked her chair back and forth, in an attempt to lose herself in the endless beauty of a typical Neopian summer. Her husband, Lenvin, carefully examined his children's moves while they were playing in front of his eyes.

"Daddy, it's hot. We can't play without ice cream."

Elilah, Lenvin's daughter, came up to the porch with a sad expression on her face. "Do you want to go to a shop and buy some ice cream?" her father asked, smiling friendly. Elilah nodded and her father gave her a couple of Neopoints. Elilah called her brother, Dilsen, and the two siblings were gone immediately.

"Come on, Dilsen," Elilah shouted angrily, "I don't think they will have any ice cream by the time we get there. Why are you always so slow?" Dilsen followed her, mimicking her angry words silently. "I'm coming," he answered, and caught up with his sister.

Dilsen and Elilah were a strange combination of brother and sister. Even though they were both little children, Elilah was very ladylike and knew what she wanted. She was very stubborn, spoiled, and everything had to be her way. No wonder her brother was rather quiet and shy.

The two children entered a nearby shop. Elilah walked up to the counter. Barely even seen behind the big counter, she clearly said "Two strawberry ice creams, please." Her eyes were peeking and she was making sure she would get the right change. She gave one ice cream to her brother and kept one for herself. Clearly, the bigger one.

"Elilah, but your ice cream is bigger," Dilsen commented with a disappointed facial expression.

"What?" his sister asked.

"Your ice cream is bigger," he repeated.

"So?" Elilah just didn't seem to care. "Just be quiet, will you? I'm a girl. Shame on you, trying to do that to a lady. Real guys don't do that," she added.

Afraid of his sister, Dilsen obeyed her and kept walking. They walked back to their house, but their parents were not sitting on the porch anymore.

"Ding Dong!" Elilah stood on her toes to reach the bell. After waiting a little she rang the bell again. "Ding Dong, Ding, Dong!"

"Mum, dad, we're home, open the door!" Elilah shouted.

"That's strange," Dilsen said, "maybe we should break into the house."

Elilah looked at him strangely. "You really have no idea about anything, do you?"

"Ding, Dong!" Elilah rang the bell while still talking to Dilsen.

"You should be smart enough to know you're not supposed to break into your own house!"

"Ding Dong!" she rang the bell again.

"On the other hand, get the ladder, Dilsen," Elilah ordered her brother.

Dilsen ran to the back of their house to get the ladder. Elilah sat down on the porch thinking where their parents may be. Suddenly she heard her brother shout.

"Elilah, come here! Hurry up!"

She ran to the back of their house furiously. "How dare you shout my name like that? This is a neighbourhood, not a zoo. Will you ever stop embarra...." she stopped all of a sudden and started screaming in a squeaky voice. Dilsen grabbed her and put his hand on her mouth.

" quiet. You don't want to embarrass ME, do you?" Dilsen said.

"Don't make me start talking about how you're an embarrassment to this family!" Elilah said in an insensitive manner. Dilsen looked at her seriously and she blushed.

"Anyway, why are our windows broken?" she asked.

"Maybe we need to go in and check," Dilsen answered in a silent tone.

"OK, I'll wait here. If you don't come back in five minutes, I'm going to the pound. If you ever see me on the street, we don't know each other," Elilah sat down on a rock and took out her purse. Dilsen looked at her for a long while.

"What do you think you're doing?" Dilsen looked at her strangely.

"Don't you see? This sunshine is making me sweat. I'm fixing my make-up," she said while she was applying blush on her cheeks.

"Fixing your make-up?" Dilsen still looked at her with a small smile on his face.

"Yes," Elilah answered. "See? I already look much better. Only the lipstick and eye shadow, and I'm done."

"Lipstick and eye shadow?" Dilsen was still looking at her, now rather more sceptically.

"Yeah. You can go in, don't worry about me. I'll wait." She smiled and looked at him.

"Sure, I'll go in," he said.

He took her purse and threw it in a puddle of mud.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt something THAT important. You can still get it out of there." Dilsen smiled sweetly at his sister. Elilah gave him a vicious look and started walking away.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"I need a shovel to get my purse out!" she shouted from the distance.

"You know what, Elilah?" her brother asked.

"What?" Elilah replied while still walking.

"You're the stupidest person I've ever seen!" Dilsen shouted all across the neighbourhood, so that everybody could hear it. Elilah turned around and walked up to him furiously.

"I knew how to get you to come back." He smiled.

"So you didn't really mean what you just said, not even a little bit?" she asked in a relieved manner.

"Nah, not even a little bit. A lot! " Dilsen burst into laughter, and Elilah started walking away for a second time.

"You really are stupid. Your purse and your make-up are more important to you than our parents. I bet you don't even like your parents. If you liked them, you would walk back right now and help me find them, but NOOO, all you care about is yourself, Elilah!" Dilsen shouted, this time even louder than ever before. Elilah came back again.

"I love my parents!" she yelled.

"You just love them because you're daddy's little girl. You get anything you want, you're their only child. You're spoiled," Dilsen said.

"No, I'm not spoiled!!!" she yelled again. "Wait a minute, their only child? What are you talking about?" She seemed interested.

"An old lady visited me on the playground yesterday and told me my real mum wants to see me. When I told her I had a mum, she told me I was adopted." Dilsen replied.

Both children were silent for a long time. All of a sudden, Elilah burst into laughter.

"I think you read too many books. Let's go in." She walked into her house, and Dilsen followed her trying to convince her he's telling the truth.

"Um, Dilsen, look at this. Hello? Neopia calling Dilsen..." Elilah tried to get his attention while he was still talking about the old lady. Suddenly, when he actually paid attention, he screamed in a loud tone.

"Um, Dilsen, you may want to change your tone. You're a guy, remember." Elilah looked at him.

"What happened here? Look at my Fuzzy Bear. It's broken." He held his toy and sadly looked at it.

"Cool, I've been trying to break that toy for months," Elilah said cheerfully.

"Why would you do that?" Dilsen seemed to be confused.

"Well, one reason is that some broken toys cost a lot, and another reason...well, it's your favourite toy." Elilah giggled.

Dilsen ignored her and kept looking. He went to every room and came back, shrugging his shoulders.

"What's that supposed to mean?" his sister asked.

"They're not here," Dilsen said. He stared at the fireplace for a long while.

"No, Dilsen, Santa did not kidnap them. Christmas is in six months," his sister said.

Dilsen went to the fireplace and picked up a note saying:

Hello, son. I knew you'd read this. I've been looking for you everywhere. Finally, I found you. I'm really sorry I wasn't there for you, but I will explain. Come to the Dark Tower tonight, I'll be waiting.


The Dark Faerie (your mother)

Dilsen stared into the distance.

"What is it, Dilsen?" Is everything OK?" Elilah tried to make conversation. After an unsuccessful attempt to try to find out, Elilah looked at her brother. Barely audible, he said:

"The Dark Faerie is my mother."

To be continued...

(NOTE: All the main characters exist. However, this story may not necessarily be true, and their personalities may have been modified a bit.)
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