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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Articles > Fact or Fiction: Fruit Machine A Stealer?

Fact or Fiction: Fruit Machine A Stealer?

by ritz_3

This is a mystery series by me. My last article "Fact Or Fiction: Tombola A Cheat?" was about Tombola. Read it to find out! If you want to know what the feature articles will be about, they are: The Hidden Tower, The Wheels, Snowager, Making A Krawk, The Brain Tree and Faerie Quest. After that, I'll have a wrap-up on all of them. Hope you enjoy them!

THE LOST DESERT - I've been to the Lost Desert almost everyday like other Neopians but I don't go to the Shrine, I go to the Fruit Machine. I hardly ever see Neopians here but it makes spinning easier. I won many times and sometimes got PetPets and 10,000 NP! The one question that bothers me is where they get all their items. If you wonder this too, here's the article for you!

As usual, I traveled to the Lost Desert. Everyone rushed to the Shrine and I just shrugged. It didn't seem so important to me. I got my spin and won another PetPet. This time it was a Mallard. I counted my PetPets-- 20. I made over 100,000 NP from playing, too.

As I was leaving, I got a feeling to go to the Shrine for the first time. I went up to it and then, a huge head came out of the Shrine. I was a bit scared at first and then I went up and asked for a blessing. Baby_pink_poogle01 grew to level 12. I was surprised he had this power. I went to play a few games to get more Neopoints. I was trying to save up for a baby paint brush or a hidden tower item. I played pyramid and won again.

Then the question came to me. Where was the Fruit Machine getting the PetPets and Neopoints. I knew my life was going to get a bit crazy with all these quests. I ran to the Tug-O-War stall and asked the desert Elephante.

"Hi Ms. Elephante. Can you help me? I was wondering..." I started.

"Let me guess, you want the passwords for free, eh? Well no. You have to beat me in Tug-O-War to get them," she interrupted.

"Hold on missy! I don't wanna play, I might be weak but that doesn't my Poogle ain't! I just wanna know if you know where the Fruit Machine gets its PetPets!" I yelled.

"That's all? Oh, very sorry for being so rude! Well, I don't know but check Sutek at Sutek's Scrolls. He is a wise one my friend. Oh, and before you leave, take this with you. It might help," she said as she handed me a piece of paper.

I didn't want to be rude so I didn't read it. I finally made it to Sutek's Scrolls and the first thing he said was "The Wisdom of Ancient is contained upon these scrolls!" I wasn't scared so I decided to give him the sheet.

"Ohh! You are the special child I've been waiting for. Take this book and don't come back. Thank you. Please never return!" he said as he pushed me put.

"Funny..." I said. I opened the book to find in the middle all the secrets to the Lost Desert. I tried to find the Fruit Machine but it was ripped out. Only half was ripped and on the other half was the name Peopatra.

I knew that the Lost Desert PetPet owner was Peopatra so I dragged myself to her shop. I wanted a new PetPet for my gallery so I bought a Horus. She said in a different language, "Dert Fnds ak a neet mle!" I figured she couldn't talk straight so I used my new Horus to translate. I asked her about the book and she told me about how she sold the page to the Shrine. It was used to make the crown of King Coltzan the third. I thanked her, and my Horus and I left to the Shrine.

He glared at me when he saw me. He yelled, "ONLY ONCE PER DAY! GO AWAY OR BE ZAPPED!"

"Hold it old guy!" I started, "I just wanna see your crown. There is a piece of paper I need. About the Fruit Machine."

"Oh this?" he asked.

"Yeah! Thanks!" I said thanking him.

"Now, don't come back ever again," he said.

"Don't worry, I wont," I said, leaving and waving.

I jogged back to the Fruit Machine. There were people there so I found a rock (luckily it wasn't a PetPet rock) and sad on it. I started to read and it said that Kind Coltzan the first, second and third had donated all the PetPets to it. It seems that they used their power to make new PetPets. I found this interesting. I checked again and then in the side of my eye, I saw it. In small print it said, "Thank You Fruit Machine for helping us rule the Lost Desert!"

I was shocked. I thought that the Fruit Machine was a good thing but it wasn't! The Kings only made PetPets to help repay the Fruit Machine. I looked on the back of the book (the one Sutek gave me) and it said in big letters, "IN THE MONTH OF SWIMMING, YEAR 4, WE WILL TEAM UP AND DESTROY THE FRUIT MACHINE! THEY MIGHT HAVE HELPED US BUT WE ARE THE STRONGEST! MUHAHAHAHA!" It seemed the Kings were the cheat, not the Fruit Machine!

I ran to the Fruit Machine as fast as I could. When I got there, they were about to close but I stopped them. "Hey, it's PetPet boy! Wad do ya want?" they asked.

"Check this out! Read this! The shrine is going to destroy you!" I said a bit sad.

They just laughed and they told me the story. It seems that the Shrine did destroy them once and that was Year 4 B.N. (before Neopets).

They managed to get back up and the Kings were sent to jail. They had made a promise that they would support buying/making PetPets for another 10,000 years. Already, 5,000 already past. I was happy to hear my Fruit Machine was safe for another 5,000 years. I was just made at the Kings and that was the reason why he didn't want me to come back.

It seems that the Fruit Machine is a Chia, not cheat so be proud when you spin the Fruit Machine because they went through a lot of evil to get this just for you!

This story is 95% true and 5% fictional. The Shrine doesn't donate and it never destroyed the Fruit Machine. Check out next week for insight on the Hidden Tower.

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