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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Continuing Series > Pride of the Pirates: Part Three

Pride of the Pirates: Part Three

by xyvandar

The Sealing of the Gates

Garth Von Lupe, Xynzar the Nimmo, and Sephiroth_Slayer the Shoyru all dashed toward their canoe.

"We have to find that Chia! We can only hope it has returned to Krawk Island, for it is much too dangerous to return to Mystery Island! The Flaming Shoyru Pirates would crush us!" said Garth as he ran. They continued to run until they saw the shoreline and their canoe. Quickly, they hauled it into the water and started their trek to Krawk Island.

As they took turns rowing, they sung songs. They sung ancient Krawk Island songs, old pirate tunes, and Mystery Island tribal songs. After a while, they fell silent until Xynzar piped up.

"You know, I was thinking," he said.

'That's a surprise!" said Sephiroth_Slayer, and he and Garth Von Lupe broke out in laughter.

"Ha ha," said Xynzar. "Actually, I'm quite intelligent. But anyway, I was thinking. Why don't we close the gates to our pirate hideout when we get there? The Flaming Shoyru Pirates won't be able to get in, but we can fire our cannons to sink their ships! Then we won't have to worry about them any more!"

"That sounds like a plan," replied Garth.

The three continued to sail until they had the shores of Krawk Island in their sight.

"Land ho!" shouted Sephiroth_Slayer, pointing to the shore where their pirate hideout lay. The entrance was shaped like a skull. It was made of stone, and a steel gate could be closed to protect the fortress. The eyes of the skull concealed large cannons used for defending the fortress from rival pirates. The three Neopets canoed into the fortress and shut the gates, then docked their boat. Inside the fortress, they were greeted by a pleasant surprise.

"Edwin! Edwin!" shouted Garth, dashing toward the standing Chia, with Xynzar and Sephiroth_Slayer following at his heels.

"Garth Von Lupe! Am I glad to see you! The Flaming Shoyru Pirates were looking for you! Tyrius Von Inferno was questioning me. And, what do you know, it looks like the fleet is coming now!"

"WHAT!?!??" yelled Garth. He dashed to the fortress gates and peered out. Indeed, the Flaming Shoyru fleet led by the Burning Blaze was approaching, and at the helm of the ship stood Tyrius Von Inferno, sword drawn.

Battle of the Homeland

As the Burning Blaze and the other ships of the Flaming Shoyru Pirates approached, it seemed more and more clear that their doom was at hand, and a swift and fiery doom at that.

"We have to act quickly!" said Garth Von Lupe. "Xynzar! Man the right-eye cannon! Sephiroth_Slayer! You take the left-eye cannon! Edwin! You and me will attempt a take-over of the Burning Blaze! Use that Pirate Sword I gave you! Now come on!"

Quickly, all of the Neopets got into their position, and before long, cannons were fired and the battle began. The eye cannon shots hit the Burning Blaze squarely, and before long it turned for a retreat. But the other ships of the fleet bombarded the fortress with shots. The other rogue pirates on the Krawk Island shores threw Stone Snowballs and Nimmo Apple Bombs at the ships, and sunk a good number. Most others were sunk by the shots of the eye cannons, and some retreated.

But Garth did not intend to let the Burning Blaze escape. He and Edwin dashed to the shore and leaped to the side of the ship and climbed up to the deck. Quickly, they drew their swords and began to battle the Shoyru warriors that approached. They were slowly drawn back towards the plank of the ship. Sharks seemed to circle in the water below, waiting for food. But Edwin, thinking quickly, grabbed a rope from the side of the ship and threw it down to a waiting Krawk on the shoreline. He jumped, and swung on the rope like a vine, hitting the ground with a "THUD". Garth decided he would not retreat, however, and leaped from the plank onto a dangling lifeboat. He hoisted himself back onto the deck, and raced into the captain's cabin.

Bursting into the room, he shouted, "Where are ye, filthy scalawag? Come on out, or I'll nip ye!"

"I'm right here!" shouted Tyrius, and he jumped from the ceiling, landing in front of the Lupe. He drew his blade.

"I am Tyrius Von Inferno!" he said. "I do not intend to lose to the likes of a scoundrel such as yourself! En garde, ye knave!"

A sword fight ensued, with both pirates parrying each other's blows. But it was not long before Tyrius darted out of the cabin. He grabbed a rope and dashed to the plank, followed by Garth Von Lupe, who chased with his sword.

"You'll never get me!" the Shoyru screamed. He tied one end the rope to a wooden bolt, and one end of the rope to his feet. Then, he leaped off the plank. The rope tightened, and Tyrius was left hanging on the rope. "You can not touch me, Lupe!" he screamed, cackling.

Garth sighed and shook his head. "Alas, stupidity has cost you your life. Well, never matter, my creativity has saved mine." And with that, Garth took his sword and cut the rope loose.

Tyrius screamed as he fell into the water, where he was promptly grabbed and pulled underwater by the sharks. Garth, smiling, jumped back onto shore, and congratulated Edwin. All of a sudden, Tyrius burst out of water, gasping for breath.

"And now!" he said, gasping for air. "You will all be destroyed at the hands of my Giant Mega Shoyru Apple Bomb!" He grabbed the bomb out of his wings.

"Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!" screamed Edwin, and he lunged and the Shoyru. Tyrius was knocked backwards, and both he and the bomb plunged into the water, where sharks once again ate him. Tyrius never returned to the surface. Garth Von Lupe and his heroic crew saved their homeland. And that is the legend of the Pride of the Pirates.

The End

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