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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Articles > Top Ten Forgotten Shops of Neopia

Top Ten Forgotten Shops of Neopia

by marshmallow21840

NEOPIA CENTRAL - There are a lot of articles in The Neopian Times about the main stores in Neopia, such as the Bookstore, Food Shop, and Chocolate Factory. And the two latest ones are in the Lost Desert: Osiri's Pottery and the Battle Supplies shop. At almost any time now you could go in there and there would be absolutely nothing (although once I saw some Cobrall Daggers). The main shops are hard to get anything valuable unless you're there exactly at the restock time and have a fast connection. But there are certain shops and places that have generally been forgotten by the majority of players. They're the ones I go to first. To remind you that they're still there and that they do restock things that are worth something, I've made a list of the top ten forgotten shops.

10. Usukiland - Usukis are great play toys! They're colourful and pretty, and have plenty of accessories to use with them. I've read a lot of articles about collectors items, and Usukis are almost always mentioned in there.

9. Neopian Furniture - A great place to buy things for your NeoHome. If you think stone to hard, straw too flimsy, and dung too smelly for your NeoHome, this is the place to go for all your furniture needs. Elegance and casualness can be found in that shop, and the prices are usually decent enough. For a great save, buy furniture on Half Price Day.

8. Krawk Island Nippers - How adorable! Here you can buy many different types of Pirate Petpets with Dubloons. The most sought after Pirate petpet is, of course, the Krawk. But if you can't get one, that's okay, since there's usually a pretty wide selection for you to choose from. It's not like you have to buy a 150 Dubloon Weewoo; a nice Narwhool for only a few Dubloons is fine too, according to your tastes.

7. Slushie Shop - If you ever visit Happy Valley, this is the place to go. There's a lot of tastyrific favours of slushie there, and colourful ones, too. I bet your Neopet would be delighted to get one of these as a treat when he or she is good. The best thing about slushies? They're created so your pet won't get brain freeze when it drinks one.

6. Pharmacy - I remember when I used to only go to the Pharmacy to restock my shop. Now I go to other shops, but this is still a good store. If your pet ever gets sick, most cures will usually be stocked in here. I wouldn't really call this one forgotten, but it has experienced a decline in business.

5. Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe - A nice place to relax after visiting the creative section of Neopets. There's always a cup of tea or coffee there to drink, and some food to nibble on while reading your latest issue of The Neopian Times.

4. Tropical Food Shop - The coolest food in Neopia. Ever since Gadgadsbogen, I've liked to come here and see the new selection of fruit. There's not only all that funky fruit, but Maraquan food is sold there too. And even better, a lot of the old fruits are now Gourmet Foods, so stock up these while you can. Lemaniac?

3. Smoothie Shop - This is a shop that definitely needs more attention. What could be better than a healthy, tasty, wonderful smoothie on a hot day? And a few of them are Gourmet Foods too. My favourite things to buy there are bottles of Krawkade. So far I have Orangeberry Krawkade and Cherryberry Krawkade (bought today). I almost got a Limeberry Krawkade, but unfortunately my sister was haggling for me, and it sold just as I was about to get it. To get these refreshing beverages today, go to the Smoothie Shop!

2. Golden Dubloon - Remember when this restaurant first came out? I had to practically fight to get in there, and eventually I'd get thrown out again; and that was after-hours. Now there's hardly anyone in there. When I went in the daytime, when the most players would be on, the most I saw in there was five people, and they left soon after I went in there. I don't understand why everyone stopped going there. But there's still a lot of food there, although like everything else on Krawk Island it must be paid for in Dubloons. I don't know if they really do box up food for you, but it is kind of likely.

1. Back To School Shop!!! - My now favourite shop! Although Neopets hasn't started Neoschools yet, you'd best start stocking up on supplies now to avoid the mad rush to get things when school does start. There are people that shop here, I know, but not near as many that should. There are some rare things I see in there; once I saw a compass, globe, and rainbow notebook there all at once! Quoting the shopkeeper, "Sending your Neopet to school? Oh... I suggest you buy as much stuff as possible!!!!" You really should, since they may start schools in September. I'm trying to get four of everything, since I have four pets. The only thing I don't advise you to buy there is a Sloth Ruler, since it's cheaper to buy it in the marketplace. Because there is still no picture link to the Back To School Shop, you should go to the provided link and bookmark it.

You don't have to go to all of these shops, just the ones you're interested in buying from. If we keep going to all of the shops, then there won't be any more shops that shut down like the Apothecary because they'll have a lot of business. As for the new shops, wait a few months and then come back to them because most people will forget about them by then. What to do with the things you buy? Anything you want. I like to hoard things, which is why my SDB is full of useless things. So get out there and go to the forgotten stores of Neopia!

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