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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 43 > New Series > The Egg: Part One

The Egg: Part One

by omegajo90

In Neopia, there was an island called Krawk Island, on Krawk Island there was a house, in that house was a Shoyru. Not a pirate Shoyru, not a sailor Shoyru, just a simple Shoyru. Not of any fancy colour, just a simple yellow. This simple yellow Shoyru was called Kay. Kay was a quiet, shy Shoyru. This is Kay's story.

It was the Month of Hunting. Kay was sitting at a booth in the Golden Dubloon. A waitress came over to him, an Acara.

"So Kay, wadda you want today?" said the Acara.

"Just a soda, Judy."

"That's all? You need some meat on those bones, how about I throw in some bacon? It's a man's food, and you need it."

"I don't have the money."

"It's on the house then!"

"Thanks Judy."

"You're welcome, kid."

Judy walked away into the kitchen, she flashed a smile to him before she closed the door. Kay smiled back. Kay had a crush on Judy, yet, he was too shy to tell her. However, he planned to bring it up someday when he got his wits up. In the meanwhile, he just admired her. Soon, she came back with a plate of bacon and a soda. Kay smiled at her.

"Thanks, Judy."

"Aww, you're welcome!"

She gave him a quick hug and hurried away. Kay was lost in a daze, the hug made him so happy that he lost awareness for everything around him. When he recovered from that beautiful shock he picked up his soda and sipped at it until it was emptied. Next, he started on his bacon, he couldn't finish it all, but he did what he could. He left the money for the soda and an extra large tip for Judy. He exited the Golden Dubloon and strolled to the northern shore of the island.

He walked along the shoal in the warm May weather, occasionally seeing pieces of driftwood come up to the shore and lodge themselves in the sand. The Shoyru looked at the hoards of Neopets vacationing on the beach, he smiled. He became lost in a daydream about his future family with Judy when something hit his foot.


He looked down and saw a large rock with strange spots on it. It was about the size of his head. He picked it up and limped off to the Golden Dubloon. He threw open the doors and ran in. He ran to a table with an old Techo and asked him if he knew what the rock was. The Techo said no. Kay continued to do this at every table until he had hit all of them. No one knew what it was. Disappointed, he found Judy, who bandaged his foot. He left the building.

He trotted off to his home. He fumbled around for his keys. He found them and unlocked the door. He stepped inside.

"Hello!" said a Lenny sitting at Kay's table. Kay fainted. When he woke up, he found himself on his couch, the Lenny sitting beside him.

"Ready for me to talk?" asked the Lenny.

Kay was still a little dazed from the shock, but was together enough to reply.

"How in Neopia did you get in my house?!"

"Lennys do what they want, nothing can stop them from achieving what they want. Now, my I see that rock of yours?"

"No! And how do you know about it!? One more thing, what's your name?"

"Why can't you show it to me? I know about it because of the publicity you were giving it in the Golden Dubloon. And, my name is Wally Sands. I am a professional magician and wise man."

"Oh, well, okay, here it is." Kay handed the rock over to Wally.

"Thank you, call me Magister Wally." He toyed with the rock in his hands.

He blew on it and banged on it. He rolled it and bit it. Then, Magister Wally spoke.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Yes, a rock. How do you know my name?"

"I know your name because of what I heard at the Golden Dubloon. As for your answer, it's wrong."

"What do you mean, it's wrong?"

"This is an egg, not a rock."

"Huh? Magister Wally, this has to be a rock."

"No, it's an egg. A Grarrl egg."

"What is a Grarrl? I've never heard of one of those."

"Not many people have. You see, long ago they were quite common. They lived in the country of Tyrannia. When the Grarrl-Chomby wars happened they were nearly wiped out. I put up a magic barrier around Tyrannia to keep in the remaining Grarrls."

"Excuse me, Magister Wally, but why did you have to put up a barrier to keep in the last Grarrls?"

"They live to destroy, if one got out of Tyrannia..."

"Why can't we just break the egg?"

"Because Grarrl eggs are indestructible. And you'll take it to Tyrannia."

"Wha-what do you mean? Why me?"

"You found it, Kay, you're responsible for it. But you won't go alone."

"Who will come with me?"

"All right, umm. Only one of these people will accompany you to Tyrannia, but... Let's see. There's me, I'm only going to accompany you to the Lost Desert, I've got some business to take care of at Coltzan's Shrine. Then there's Butterwort, a Korbat. He's going with you until you reach the Haunted Woods. Brian, an Aisha, he will leave you at Terror Mountain. Jellybruan, a Chia, is also leaving you at Terror Mountain to fight in the Great War. And finally, Rowfort, a Techo, he will go into Tyrannia with you. Any questions?"

"When will we leave, and where do we go first?"

"We will leave tomorrow on a ship tomorrow. It will take us to the Lost Desert, since that is the closest land. There, I will part from you and you and your company will walk into the Haunted Woods. There, Butterwort will leave you. You will get snow gear there and enter the lands of Terror Mountain. Brian and Jellybruan will leave you there and you and Rowfort will enter Tyrannia. Get ready and say your goodbyes tonight."

Magister Wally ran out the door. Kay went to his room and started packing. Then, it hit him. He was going to leave, he wouldn't see Judy for what might be a very long time. He started to weep. He sat down on his bed and let the tears roll down his cheeks. When he finished crying, he finished his packing and ran out of his home. He ran and ran and came to the doors of the Golden Dubloon.

He entered the building and sought out Judy. He found the Acara waiting on a table. He waited for her to walk away, then he walked over to her.

"Oh, hello Kay!" said Judy.

"Hello, Judy. Listen, tomorrow I'm leaving for Tyrannia. I may not be back for a long while, so, I'd just like to say... I love you."

At first, Judy didn't say anything, then: "I-I'm speechless, Kay. But, I didn't know, I didn't suspect..." she slapped him. "You don't go telling people you love them right before you leave for a distant country!"

She stormed away into the kitchen, crying. Kay left and walked off to the Eastern Docks. He watched the sun set behind Mystery Island. The soft orange glow made the jungles seem to be on fire. It was beautiful to him, no where near as beautiful as Judy, he thought. When it got dark he went to his house. He made a quick dinner and went to bed. This would be his last night on Krawk Island.

The next morning, he washed up, got his luggage, and ran off to the docks. He found Magister Wally there with a small group of Neopets behind him. Kay walked up to him and waited for him to stop arguing with a Techo.

"Hello Kay! Let me introduce every one to you. This is Butterwort, Brian, Jellybruan, and Rowfort."

"Hello, everyone," said Kay. They heard the captain yell out: "Everyone on! We leave now!"

Just then, Kay heard a yell and turned around. Judy came running up to him and, without a word, kissed him.

"I love love you Kay! Stay safe!" she began to sob, then ran away. Kay began to cry to, and boarded the ship behind Butterwort. He found his room and unpacked. The voyage would take about three days. When he finished, he went onto the deck and saw Jellybruan. He walked up to him and began to talk.

"So, Jellybruan, you're going to Terror Mountain?"

"Yes, I'm going to fight in the Great War and help liberate Terror Mountain. Terror Mountain is ours, we were there first and are ready to fight for it."

Together, they watched the Sun rise in the distance. They were joined by the rest of their companions.

To be continued...

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