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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Short Stories > The Blue Kacheek Group - Their Story

The Blue Kacheek Group - Their Story

by berriez123

It all started when Sid, one of the Kacheeks, kicked the trash-can by Soup Alley in Neopia Central, the place where poor people well, hangout, scrounging, asking for NP, but not getting a single Neopoint. The only faerie that ever blessed them was the soup faerie, although all she did was work for the Money Tree, a few blocks away. Anyway, Sid was banging on the trash can when Mitch asked to hear the ear-piercing sound one more time.

Kling, Kling, Kling, Ka-Ching, Rattle, Rattle, Rattle, Rattle, POW, POW, Bang, Bang, Bang.

The noise was heard from all over the neighbourhood. But this time, everyone perked up their ears to listen, and nobody honked their horns. Actually, the whole town was silent except for the Kacheeks.

Pretty soon Bobby (one of the Kacheeks) was rapping, "I'm sitting here banging on the trash cans when some lady walks up to me and says 'Put a shirt on' I just keep on banging, she just keeps on swearing and what do you know, she's gone." Now the Kacheeks were not the only ones singing, but faeries, Neopets, owners, and even the staff was cheering. And before you know it they're swimming in piles of Neopoints, and being distracted by the prettiest chicks in Neopia, the Aisha Sisters.

"Hey Hotties, now that your all rich and everything, how 'bout you and I go spend a couple of dubloons at The Golden Dubloon and grab a bite to eat?" one of them asked. "Yeah, and guess who will be serving you? Us!" said the others. And the two go off with the boys in their Neobile making their way to Krawk Island.

After they ate, the Kacheeks told them that they needed a place to stay for the night. The two sisters looked at each other and one said, "Well, I guess you could stay at our place with us" Bobby said with a low, deep voice, "Man, Dat would be da bom' girls!" And everyone gave each other a high five.

Not a while after, oh, let's say a few months, did The Blue Kacheek Group not only have their own mansion, but became the richest, best-selling group in Neopia. They have signed over a million autographs, have performed in a hundred different concerts around Neopia, and have been in more than twenty films.

This kept on until, M*YNCI came to town.

Bobby caught one of the Aisha sisters signing one of their songs:Hi, Hi, Hi. Sid caught the other practising in front of the mirror like she was going on a date with one of the Myncis from M*YNCI. Mitch was the one who found out that their safe where they kept all their money was EMPTY.

"I don't get it." said Mitch. Yesterday we were as rich as all the money in Neopia. And now we haven't even got half of a Neopoint."

"Unless--" Sid started.

"Could it be?" Bobby gasped. And a second later everyone was racing to the phone and call the police, since their security guard quit to work for M*YNCI. "Yes, Police? It's Bobby. Bobby from the Blue Kacheek Group. Someone has stole all our money. Yeah. Yes. No. I'm not sure. OK. Bye" After he hung up he caught a glimpse of a Mynci carrying a heavy, black suitcase through the bay window, which was... broken??!

"Hey, I thought I got that fixed a few days ago... hey Mitch? Were you banging trash cans again? Mitch? Mitch where are you? Mitch!" Mitch was over at the bay window investigating it. 'Oh there you are! Anyway, uh, Mitch what are you doing?"

"This isn't no accident," said Mitch. "The hole in it is a perfect circle!"

"Wait a minute...." Bobby started. "Wasn't that Mynci carrying a chain saw?" And it all came to them. That was where all the money went. Into the suitcase of the Mynci.

"How are we going to get proof?" Sid asked.

"Easy. Tell the police officers to come and investigate and before you know it M*YNCI will be behind bars like monkeys in a zoo," Mitch explained. But finding out the culprit wasn't all that easy as Mitch had planned it to be. The police didn't find any fingerprints in the safe.

"Arf! Arf!" Pugsy, their Puppyblew, was trying to tell them something.

"What is it Pugsy, old boy?" asked Sid, who could speak dog. Sid listened and nodded his head. "Uh Huh... mhmm, tell me more, Yes."

"Well, what did he say?" the police asked.

"He said that the culprit was wearing gloves, so that's why there are no fingerprints," Sid began. "And he also said that he knows all this because he saw it last night. He said that he was for sure it was Mynci and explained that he had kissy marks all over his face like he was from M*YNCI and..."

"That's all the information we need to know," the police said pushing his notebook back into his pocket. "We will come back tomorrow with more information."

The next day, the Chia Police had come again and told them that M*YNCI had stolen 72,000,000 NP from the safe. "I thought we had more than that," Mitch said. "Sid, did you buy ANOTHER fish negg?"

"Hey, I was hungry!"

"No time for arguments right now," said the police. "Our mission now is to go out and find them." When they found M*YNCI they arrested them and took them into the Neopian Jail.

A few days later, the Blue Kacheek Group came up with a new song called, "Just got the blues, baby" and they were back in business, that is until, Chomby and The Fungus Balls came to town!

The End

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