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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Articles > Splashgold's Koi Day and What You Should Do on Your Pets Day

Splashgold's Koi Day and What You Should Do on Your Pets Day

by epk

OMARA BAY - May 24th & May 25th was when Koi Day(s) was celebrated this year. As always, I spoiled my own personal Koi on this day. His name is splashgold, with a lowercase. My first thing to do was to enroll him in the Cap'n Threelegs Training Academy, since for 2 DAYS it was free. (Take that you stinkin' 1 day Lupes! Mwa ha ha ha!) Bur however, I was enrolled at Mystery Island so I had to pay there for my first stat of the day. It cost about 5,200 NP.

Not much later, splashgold came down with the evil disease, Cricky Neck. So my next expense was to find a Neck Brace... however... I thought maybe... I could take a short way out of it...

I went to the Fruit Machine and Tombola, lost the Fruit Machine, and the Tombola was closed. My next visit was Tyrannia, and the Wheel of Mediocrity got all my NeoPets a big heapin' stash of fireballs. However, the other Wheel in Faerieland gave me 500 NP. The Healing Water Faerie healed all my pets, meaning the Fireballs and Cricky Neck were both GONE. Hahaha!

Later, I checked splashgold's position in the Beauty Contest. Bah... 11th place, only 4 votes. Man I stink. I was also waiting for the Pet Spotlight to come out, because I entered splashgold in that. To wait, I checked out probably the best... or 2nd best... site spotlight I'd ever seen. (I wasn't #1, mine was! Okay, mine stunk like Dr. Sloth's armpits) Well, whatever it is, it was a Koi-Based Spotlight, and I really have to admire AquaMarine1717's storytelling ability.

When splashgold was visiting his friends for us to take a little break before venturing outside again, I talked to tidegold his yellow Catamara. I told him the today's Koi day, and all he had to say back is 'Bloop! Bloop!' Although there is nothing exciting there, I just thought you may of wanted to know.

I logged off at 6:45 AM NST... knowing I should return to see Koi-Related Battledome items... and trust me... if they are anything like they were last year, they should be good.

When I got back at 3:42 AM NST, I saw a few updates. Of course, I got splashgold enrolled with Cap'n Threelegs for Defence. I then went and played Volcano Run. After about 40 minutes, I got a extremely high score... I even beat the fabled lazybones Adam! Later, Starski the Evil Starfish took 2 of my items. If you don't know who Starski is, he's a a starfish that is rarer then the Pant Devil and steals 2 items. Why he isn't in the Gallery of Evil, I dunno. But this is the second time in 1.5 years I saw him, and on Koi Day? He is a star'fish', after all.

Another cool update was the new Koi Battledome items, like the Koi Battle Gloves. Also 4 Books and 3 Food Items, plus magical plushies! I saw the Pet Spotlight, and I lost to Yoga_1988. Was it because I didn't enter a picture? Was it because splashgold already has the Site Spotlight? Why? Why? And also, I don't mean to be a critic Yoga_1988, but a WHIRLPOOL blew Maraqua away, not a storm. Just needed to clear that up... Mr. Bigshot. (And don't worry if someone with a Wand of Nova is stalking your house tonight... they're just making sure your... safe.) (Wait... your Pet Spotlight says you don't have a NeoHome?)

In other news, a big fat Blumaroo entered the Battledome, the Soup Faerie and Jhudora Dolls went on sale, and Goldfish (another fish?) gives out twice the Neopoints.

I also took splashgold to see Coltzan's Shrine, but nothing good happened. I then gave him a TIKI TOUR, for only 50 Neopoints. And also we saw the Island Mystic, and all he had to say was You will find a Paintbrush in the Ice Caves. Splashgold instantly begged to go to the Ice Caves... so we did. However, the Neggery was closed, the Snowager awoken, the Ice Crystal Shop nearly empty, the Kiosk made me waste 600 NP, the last places was A) The Ice Caves Game, which wouldn't have a single item to it's name, and the Ice Arena. I checked the Arena of Ice and found... absolute nothingness. So the Island Mystic scammed me... but I can't wait till he appears in the Battledome. (OK, he probably won't even leave his hut, but I SO BADLY WANT TO BEAT HIM UP... well, next to Lupes of course.)

One thing I had ignored caught my eye, by the name of: Koi Squirt, Koi Flight and Koi Bubble. NEW KOI BATTLEDOME MOVES! YAH! I gave splashgold a Coral Orb, 2 Koi Tridents, a Rainbow Frost Cannon, 2 Caustic Potions, Radioactive Snow, and Red Scorchstone. His first battle, the Flaming Meerca! I taunted him in the battle: Today's Koi Day you Meerca Loser! After a little while I froze him. I use my two potions and Koi Squirt, in honour of Koi Day. I do major damage to the Meerca, and heal a little bit. I used the scorchstone, trident, and another squirt and got him down to 2 HP. The final blow: Koi Bubble, Coral Orb, and Trident. Surprised to discover Koi Bubble was a DEFENSIVE move, I was happy to find out I beat the Flaming Meerca.

Although I still didn't get my greedy... err... generous little hands on the new Koi Battledome Items, I was still waiting for anymore updates, if any. I was awaiting one or more of the following:

We have increased the Koi Population!
Something mysterious has been discovered near the ruins of Maraqua...
Get the new Baby Koi! (I'm hoping this one doesn't come anytime soon.) (I wouldn't be surprised if the 1st pirate one was coming, or another sort of paintbrush for the Koi.)

Well, I put my wait to a hold, I needed another break. When I logged back on, Adam had updated his hi-score, but I was still beating him by 40! (MWA HA HA HA!) However, when I logged back on, nothing had happened.

The next part of my article is how you should celebrate your NeoPet's Day.

Cap'n Threelegs
This one here is so obvious, if your pet has all the levels under 40, why not get a free stat or two? I was lucky and got an extra day, but you may not be so lucky with your pet. I'd like to mention the next day, however, splashgold got a thing called a SUPER BONUS and gained 2 Defence Points, instead of one.

Tiki Tours
Okay, this is a daft one, but you should give your pet a Tiki Tour at Mystery Island for 50 NP. Although it's pretty useless, it's kind of fun.

Pet/Site Spotlight
Before your pets day, you can always enter in Pet or Site Spotlight. I did, and lost to someone who is confusing whirlpools and storms. (I just wanted to clear that up) ALSO: Poetry and Art Galleries!

This is the perfect day to test out your NeoPet's abilities with 3 extra moves! I did a one-player opponent, but you can do a two-player opponent also.

New Items
If they release a new book, weapon, toy, or etc. why not buy some? Don't buy them from the Shop Wizard, and second of all, only buy if you got a hi-speed connection, which I sadly don't. Otherwise it will be a waste of your time, and don't go for weapons, because those two shops are always full of junk. Just check the weapons shop on occasion.

Well, this concludes my article. It took me an entire 24 hours, and it's going to take me 6 languages to say bye, but I only know one. Bye in six different languages until next time!

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