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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 41 > New Series > Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part One

Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part One

by fire_faerie_8080

We stood beside each other, both of us panting from exertion. We foolishly had taken on the biggest bullies in school. We had decided on a two on two match at the Space Arena.

“Amy, why were we doing this again?” I asked my best friend, amy3460.

“To prove we aren’t wimps and to liberate the school of those bullies, of course. How could you forget that Luna?!?” cried out Amy to me Luna_8080 in indignation.

“I forgot about it when they knocked the stuffing out of me on that last attack!” I cried rubbing my bruises.

On the last attack we had healed, and for this attack our Petpets showed up to give us a hand. My pet is Solar the Anubis, and Amy’s pet is Angie the Angelpuss. A while ago I had wanted an Angelpuss, but I decided I liked my Anubis better. We steadied ourselves for the next attack. Amy decided to use Gelert lightning speed boots and her Gelert wand, and I decided to use my green frost cannon and my sword of domar. The bullies had so far underestimated us and were using feeble weapons and attacks.

“Double team!” we cried together. We charged weapons at full blast. Amy courageously used her Gelert lightning speed boots to speed around her opponent and get him from behind. I parried my opponent's attack with my sword of domar, and then froze him with my green frost cannon. They had lost all of their hit points, and we had won! A cheer went up from the whole school, being the victors of the battle.

“Great job, Luna!” congratulated my mum, fire_faerie_8080.

“Spectacular!” cried out Air_Faerie_8080, and then there were similar remarks from my other sisters Chloe52589 and cherish808.

“That was a great battle,” congratulated Amy’s mum sweety3602 to me and to Amy.

We were both presented with small trophies and we went to Pizzaroo to celebrate.

We left the Pizzaroo and made it home without incident. When we arrived at my house, the sight shocked us. I could have sworn the Dark Faerie had been at our house again, but of course I knew that was impossible since she had been stripped of her powers. It was a complete mess. Curtains were ripped, things were tipped over, plushies had been beheaded... it was a total disaster.

“What happened?!?” I cried out, fingering my silver Shoyru plushie that was completely ruined.

The arms and legs had been stuffed down the sink, and the head seemed to have clogged the toilet. Air_Faerie_8080, more favorably called just plain Air Faerie, found her old blue Shoyru plushie intact. She liked it so much, because it reminded her of when she was just a plain blue Shoyru. Cherish808, better known as just Cherish, sighed as she tried to replace the stuffing that had been ripped out of her purple Poogle plushie when the head had been partially ripped off. Chloe52589, or just Chloe for short, sighed as she watched the hair that had been ripped out of her magical hair Usuki grow back into place. Amy just gasped in horror.

“Who...who...” began Fire_faerie_8080, but she couldn’t finish... she just sat down on a chair that hadn’t been knocked over.

“I don’t know who did this, but I am going to find out!” fumed Air Faerie.

“Look, footprints!” cried Chloe.

“Yeah, but unfortunately, most of them overlap each other, so we might not be able to tell who or what did it,” commented Cherish dispiritedly.

“You mean to tell me there isn’t one footprint in this whole house that hasn’t been disfigured?!?” exclaimed Amy angrily.

“I guess not,” said Luna, plunger in one hand and the head of her plushie in the other. While they'd been talking to each other, I had busied myself trying to unclog the toilet, which had been clogged when the robbers or whoever had ripped the head of my plushie off and flushed down the toilet.

“I thought we deserved some R & R (rest and relaxation) after that last ordeal we just went through a few months before... I thought we were finally safe. I don’t think anything was stolen. I think somebody or something was looking for something or someone!” exclaimed Air Faerie half heartily kicking a chair.

“Air Faerie, please calm down. There is no need to have wild speculation about a break in to your house,” commented sweety3602.

Air Faerie grumbled as she slammed the door to her room to set things straight.

"Air Faerie! Wait!” cried out fire_faerie_8080 in dismay as she cautiously followed after Air Faerie. Then, if you listened closely, you could hear a low murmur of voices coming from the room. I was worried... I mean, Air Faerie was just now beginning to lead a normal life. I didn’t want that to be ruined, though I am afraid it already happened. I saw the look on her face a bit after the initial shock wore off a bit. It was the same twisted, painful, wary look that she used to have about her, until after the Dark Faerie had been stripped of her powers and we began to lead a more normal life. I mean, fire_faerie_8080 went back to work at her guild. It was a beautiful building; sometimes it was busy, and at other times it was quite vacant, but it still was a lot of work. Plus, now our shop was doubling as the guild's official shop, which meant more store work for us. Now all of the good that happened was jeopardized by this disaster.

To be continued...

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