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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 41 > Short Stories > Sauceman gets a NeoGarden

Sauceman gets a NeoGarden

by frayedknot

"Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz," Sauceman reaches over to his nightstand and shuts off his alarm. He looks at the clock and it says 7:00 a.m. He stretches and gives a great big yawn. Off to the kitchen he goes to get some breakfast. He sees that his Neo-mommy made him his favorite, scrambled neggs. Oh, he is real happy. He sits down to eat his breakfast. On the table he finds the latest edition of The Neopian Times.

"Hmmmm," he says, "I wonder if anything interesting is happening today." Sauceman sits there reading his paper and eating his breakfast. He turns the page of his paper and he sees a full-page ad.

"GET YOUR NEOGARDEN TODAY!" He reads on: "Do you want to be the talk of the town? Have you always wanted to have the best garden around? If you answered yes to these questions, then come on down. We can help you. Come down to Acara's Construction and get one today."

"Wow, this is what I want." Sauceman says to himself. He finishes his breakfast as fast as he can, then runs off to the shower. I am going to get the best NeoGarden around. Then, I am going to have a garden party to show it off. He thinks to himself. He gets out of the shower, gets dressed and runs off to Acara's Construction. All the way there he was singing to himself. "I'm gonna get a garden, I'm gonna get a garden"

Sauceman turns the corner and he is finally there. In big flashing lights he sees, "ACARA'S CONSTRUCTION." "Oh boy, oh boy...I am finally here." He runs across the street, throws open the door and goes inside. To Sauceman's surprise, he sees hundreds and hundreds of Neopets inside.

"Take a number," says the receptionist.

Sauceman says, "Oh, I don't need a number, I just want a NeoGarden." The room roars with laughter as the receptionist says "You and half a million others. Now take a number and sit down." She hands Sauceman number 3421. He finds a seat near the back wall. Someone comes out from the office saying, "Number 5, number 5... now serving number 5."

"Now serving number five?" Sauceman says to himself, "This will take all day." Sauceman waits.... and waits.... and waits some more.


Sauceman waits and waits. Finally he hears, "Number 3420, Number 3420... now serving number 3420."

"Oh boy, I am next," Sauceman says, all excited.

"Number 3421, number 3421.... now serving number 3421."

"THAT'S ME!" Sauceman jumps out of his chair and runs over to show them his number. "I am number 3421."

"Follow me," say the Acara.

"So what can I do for you today?"

Sauceman reaches in his pocket, pulls out the ad he saw in the morning paper, and hands it to the Acara. "I want one of these," he says.

The Acara hands him a very colorful brochure. "We have all different kinds and sizes."

Sauceman looks at the brochure. There are so many to pick from. "Gee, I don't know."

"Let me see if I can help you." says the Acara. "What do you plan on doing in your garden?"

"Oh, that is easy. I want to invite all my friends over so we can have a huge garden party."

"How many friends do you have?" says the Acara.

"I have tons of friends. My guild is full of Neofriends. So I guess I will say, ummm... 250 friends." said Sauceman.

"What do you want to do at this party?" replies the Acara.

"We can play Kacheek Seek, Gormball, and when it snows we can play Snow Wars," says Sauceman.

"Oh, I see... you need quite a huge garden. Did you want any flowers?" says the Acara.

"Oh yes. I love flowers; they are so pretty and smell nice. Yes I want plenty of flowers.," replies Sauceman.

The Acara is writing everything down. Then he says to Sauceman, "We have a new program that I can enter all your information into and you can see what your NeoGarden would look like. Do you want me to do this?"

Sauceman gets all excited. "Yes, oh yes, I want to see it."

The Acara goes to his computer and starts to type. Sauceman is getting all excited waiting as he watches the Acara.

Click Click Click.

"Okay, it should be coming out of the printer any second now," says the Acara. He reaches over and grabs the paper from the printer. "Here we go." He lays the picture on his desk facing Sauceman. "Here is what your garden will look like."

"Because you have lots of friends and want to have garden parties, I made this part of the garden with lots of shade trees. You don't want your Neofriends to get sunburned or too hot. You can also hang your garden lights on them when it gets dark." Sauceman gets a huge smile on his face.

"Now you said you like to play Kacheek Seek, Gormball and Snow Wars. For those games, you need lots of hiding spaces. So, in this area of the garden I will plant lots of different colorful bushes and place garden gnomes. They will make it look nice, and you can use them as shields too."

Sauceman is jumping up and down excited, "Yes oh yes, that is perfect," he said.

"The last thing you wanted for your garden was flowers, to look pretty and smell nice. So I made this section of your garden special for this. I made little paths you can walk on to enjoy the flowers. Every so often, I will place a small bench, so you and your friends can rest. Right in the middle, I placed a large Blumaroo Fountain for you and your friends to enjoy."

Sauceman is overjoyed. "Yes this is perfect. I want it!" he said.

The Acara hands him some forms, "I need these forms filled out and this contract signed first."

Sauceman reads the contract and signs it. Then he fills out the forms and hands them back to the Acara. "Here you go..."

The Acara reads over the information and says, "Everything looks good. All we need now is the deposit. Including the gnomes, plants and all the accesories, it will come to 25,381 NPs. We need a deposit of 5000 NPs, and when the work is done you can pay us the rest. Is this okay with you?, says the Acara.

Sauceman looks in his bankbook, and he is just a little bit short. "I have the deposit, but I am about 3000 NPs short. I will have to go to the Faerie Employment Agency and get a job for the rest. Is this okay?"

"As long as you have the it all when it is complete. We will start in the morning," said the Acara.

Sauceman gives the Acara the deposit and heads off to the Employment Agency. On the first try, he gets a job and earns more than enough to pay for his new garden. He goes home and goes to bed. In the morning, he is awakon by the sounds of his NeoGarden being built.

Sauceman calls all his friends and invites them to his very first garden party for that night. He goes outside sits quietly and watches his garden going in. He sat there for hours and hours, but he didn't care. He was having fun watching. Finally, the head Acara comes over and says that they are done. Sauceman hands him the balance that he owed, and then they leave. Just in time, too, because his friends had just rounded the corner for the party.

All of Sauceman's friends were there. They played Kacheek Seek and Gormball. There were plenty of places to hide. Sauceman showed off his flowers and the Blumaroo Fountain. Everyone had a great time. When the party was over, Sauceman overheard some of his friends say that Sauceman's garden was the best they have ever seen. Sauceman thought to himself It was worth every single NP as he was heading off to bed.

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